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Need a help

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As Jonathan Rea extends his contract with Kawasaki for another 2 years, they are good to dominate the championship for a few more years.

I am seeing the same thing with Marc Marquez domination in motoGP this year ... not good for race fans.

While answering the WorldSBK recent survey, I suggested that for the sake of keeping the championship competitive, the FIM could create a rule to limit a racer to ride with the same manufacturer to a maximum of 4 years.

As usual, as a neophyte, I don't know the implications of such a would-be rule.
If that is too hard to implement, could the FIM limit such rule to the top 5, or top 10 of the championship ? Those who are out of the top 5 or 10 would be allowed to stay more than 4 years to develop the bike to be competitive ? A sort of concession granted to the Suzuki motoGP team in 2017-2018 ?

What do you folks think ?


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