Is the original “alien” the GOAT?

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Is the original “alien” the GOAT?

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I remember a magazine article (I think) quite a few years ago - before the term “the aliens” was used in MotoGP. The article talked about possibly Jeremy McGrath, Rick Johnson, and Chad Reed (I think) riding together in a race and the writer being blown away with the talent and said they were “the best riders in the world”.

With a nice dramatic pause... then goes on: ~”Because Ricky Carmichael is an alien from another planet”.

It was quite a well written and memorable article. Had to be Racer X, or maybe online, but I can’t recall. Does anyone happen to remember this article, or have a better contender for the original use of the phrase “alien(s)” as used in 2 wheel motorsport? I’m sure it was used before.

Every time announcers reference “the aliens” I get jittery and want to get up and go Google – yet again – to try and find that article.


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Re: Is the original “alien” the GOAT?

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Yeah.... first time I had ever heard anybody called the "GOAT" was RC and it was quite a while before Rossi became a legend.
I always thought Stefan Everts was the real "GOAT" though :D jmo.
Yamaha... Japanese for "Two dog's - One steak"- Japh the wise.

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