Why does the /forum banner icon still have “gp”?

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Why does the /forum banner icon still have “gp”?

Post by ipso »

Just curious why that’s still hanging around after the site name was changed so long ago. (For posterity, when was the site name changed?)

Image vs. Image

At this point I’m obsessing; tried to ignore it but can’t let it go; struggling with the possibilities.

I’m hoping for something esoteric and complex – like consistency as a key driver to historical datamining/search algorithms – something fun.

But regardless, Rossi (I think) on a Repsol might be updated. (And we've go Scott Jones now!)

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Re: Why does the /forum banner icon still have “gp”?

Post by Kropotkin »

Ermmmm.... Laziness? I need to revamp the forum theme, which I may get around to in the winter. And BTW, that's Hayden, not Rossi, but it's still a long time ago since Nicky rode a Honda ...
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