Who's who thread?

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Who's who thread?

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I am fairly new here and find the quality of the conversation and the information to be really good which obviously leads me to the conclusion that there are some well informed members of this forum. Being fairly new, it would be nice to have a perspective on where people are coming from to put conversations in context. There doesn't seem to be any introductions thread. I do understand the desire or need for anonymity, but it is nice to be able to put things in context in conversation.

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Re: Who's who thread?

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Well, I might be the least anonymous person here since I sort of share pretty much everything.

I'm no one special, I just started following David Emmett in 2006 before this place existed. He was a breath of fresh air compared to the typical commentary I'd been seeing. At the time, I'd moved to Phoenix from Oakland and had no community and certainly no other race fans to talk with. Taking part in the conversations that followed David's race reviews and analysis, I found myself tracking down all sorts of obscure facts in order to support my points. Realizing the amount of work I was doing, I started compiling those stats into a spreadsheet. This because more and more difficult to manage so I built a database for them. This became MotoTheory.com.

Aside from following racing, I mostly spend my time when I'm not hanging out with my wife and dogs, hanging out with the East Bay Rats working on custom bikes, riding, and drinking beer.

That's pretty much it.

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