Mugello 2019

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Mugello 2019

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Hi, Finally made it here...I raised a question about things to do at Mugello this year on the main site, which Apical suggested we continue over here....with work and getting registered I have only just made it. Any suggestions welcome.

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Re: Mugello 2019

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Hello again Motomann. There is a Mugello 2019 topic in here already, Board index ‹ MotoGP Series ‹ MotoGP Class

Doesn't really matter which way we go. the important thing is to spend my kids' inheritance having a good time.

I will be spending a few days in Firenze/Florence. Art, culture, history, food, coffee, wine etc, etc. Must visit the Uffizi gallery, that bridge, the Ponte Vecchio, the Duomo. Could spend weeks in the area.

Also planning to visit Bologna for the Ducati museum & factory tour. Apparently it is open & free for a few days either side of MotoGp at Mugello.

Seems all the men in Florence are well dressed, handsome & well groomed, I hope they can make an exception for me.

Mugello is a circuit I have wanted to visit since the first time I saw bikes racing there. So fast! Beautiful scenery.

That long "straight" with a crest & over 330km/h kink, corners with names. Some up and down, downhill corner entries, fast flip-flops or pif-paf if you prefer.

My highest priority now is Mugello. Decided I could organize it myself with some help from a travel agent. Now I know why a package costs so much!
It has been a big challenge. Italian websites, shonky ticket sellers, conflicting advice, a bit of a nightmare. Some people say the public transport is good on Friday & Saturday, then no public transport on race day. Go figure?

Motomann, I will be in Florence on the Thursday before the Mugello Motogp. Staying in a B&B much closer to the circuit for the races. I have heard that getting home from the circuit after the races on the Sunday can be chaotic. I can walk back to the B&B if necessary.

Found this website that is useful,

Official Mugello website not much use, although it seems to have been updated recently,
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