Moto Gymkhana. Very Cool.

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Moto Gymkhana. Very Cool.

Post by phil »

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Re: Moto Gymkhana. Very Cool.

Post by RatsMC »

I love this stuff. I've been practicing a bit and have found new levels of control I didn't realize possible. This is one of the rare times where I can feel myself getting better and know exactly where the next step is. I still suck though :lol:

The county sherriffs department out here offers a regular course for civilians on low speed control. I'll be taking that next and then the Lee Parks course.


Re: Moto Gymkhana. Very Cool.

Post by phil »

Great stuff Rats. I can see the attraction.
There's some impressive stuff on youtube of police doing courses in fully dressed harleys and BM's and the like.
I think maybe the Lee Parks course you speak of.
Keep us updated on how you get on yes? :D
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Re: Moto Gymkhana. Very Cool.

Post by Richo »

Very cool phil, lots of skills on display there

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Re: Moto Gymkhana. Very Cool.

Post by Faster1 »

I'm amazed that it's all an open class and it seems that there is no clear-cut bike advantage,, I would have picked a KTM style moto singles to be the favorite, but there were some amazing full sized inline 4's being thrown around just as effectively.

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Re: Moto Gymkhana. Very Cool.

Post by Desmo44 »

Faster1 wrote:there is no clear-cut bike advantage
It's all about rider skill. Look at what can be done on a Harley dresser: just search Police Motorcycle Competition on you tube. Not the same as a Gymkhana, but their control is phenomenal.

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