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Will BMW deliver with Van Der Mark?

Posted: Sat Mar 06, 2021 10:06 pm
by Corbekink
Can’t wait for the start of the new season.

Michael van der Mark decided to go for a new adventure and signed with BMW for 2021. As a Dutchy, obviously I immediately checked wiki for all the results that the BMW racingteam has achieved in the past years. 2011 and 2012 where their most successful seasons by far. Melandri and Haslam were a strong rider duo and celebrated many victories. Back then, BMW put a lot of money in development and had the most powerful engine and awesome electronics. But.. after a budgetcap the results started getting worse. The last six years were simply very poor, most seasons they weren’t even able to get on the podium. Torres did a decent job, had two very steady seasons and got real close to a podium finish. But that was basically the last high note. So what will 2021 bring. I wish I could have an insight. I wish I knew how BMW handles management this season and how much money will be put in this years product. I praise Michael for taking this risky move. There is something to be said for his brave choice of adventure. There is a lot of honor still to be gained at BMW. They have still yet to win their first world championship. But before we can even start dreaming about that, things will have to change. Like I said, can’t wait wait to see what magic ‘MagicMichael’ can produce here. I, for one, will be closely watching and hoping for the tide to turn. They deserve it!

Yours truly, racing fan from Holland. ;)

Re: Will BMW deliver with Van Der Mark?

Posted: Sun Mar 07, 2021 12:42 am
by Schwantz34
I really hope he does well, I like him and BMW although I'm fairly disappointed with their effort over the last two years. Poor effort with the top speed meaning Sykes, Reiterberger and Laverty really had no chance. I think van der Mark is a better rider than all three of them though

Re: Will BMW deliver with Van Der Mark?

Posted: Mon Mar 08, 2021 11:38 am
by bikermike
I think BMW are caught in a bit of a dilemma
They introduced the sports bike to well and truly blow away the "pipe-and-slippers" rep of the (bike) brand. And they went racing to show what the bike could do.

But the bike market has shifted (less sportsbikes being sold, insurance, price point, usability, enviro regs, ageing demographic - take your pick), so looking fast and dangerous isn't top of the priority list any more. If anything, I'd imagine they'd be trying to get Ewan (and Charlie if they have to) back to another long way round/up/down/sideways, as adventure bikes are where it's at.

Plus, they are there or thereabouts every year in WSBK, so keep getting mentioned, keep getting some publicity etc. To go further forward will cost a lot of money, with no guarantee of return, and possible loss of face. Laverty/Sykes etc are good riders, but not the absolute top, nobody is asking why they aren't on the top step of the podium every week, and fit that mould.

That being said, Van der Mark is (or certainly was), a rider on the move, so great things are expected of him.

Hopefully, there is enough motor-racing blood in BMW that the hire of Van Der Mark is a step-change, and they are going to take a risk to go forwards.

Which is a very long-winded way of say "don't know", but the bell-weathers will be in how the rest of the team is set up and how HQ treat it.

Re: Will BMW deliver with Van Der Mark?

Posted: Mon Mar 08, 2021 4:10 pm
by Corbekink
It’s going to be a ‘make or break’ year for sure. I also just read a column at, where they try to make a prediction on the coming WSB season and the main contenders. They clearly do not see Van Der Mark as a threat, unfortunately..

Re: Will BMW deliver with Van Der Mark?

Posted: Tue Mar 09, 2021 6:50 am
by kenup283
In WSBK it’s as much about the teams who run the teams as everything else. BMW entered the scene as Ducati was stepping out their factory backing, and BMW promptly scooped up Feel Motorsports who ran the Ducati effort. Few years later as BMW had reached their corporate goals and was on their way out Ducati picked back up that outfit to run their team again. BWM took the well support privateers attitude and without the backing to keep top tier operators they’ve slide down the tier of outfits running their show. I like vandermark and really enjoyed seeing him in Supersports. I’ll be honest I lost the plot as WSBK went to this three race thing and started moving their rule book all over the place from downgrades to Superstock mixed in with homologation specials. I suspect factories especially those as skittish as BMW would have lost the plot as well. I still follow it, lightly, but can’t keep up and don’t watch the races like use too. Long form of saying BMW interests in vandermark are to keep him out of the competitions hands where he was coming into his own on the Yamaha. He’s a good rider, down to earth and think he’ll find his groove again in time.

Re: Will BMW deliver with Van Der Mark?

Posted: Tue Mar 09, 2021 12:51 pm
by bikermike
I'm not sure the article in found anyone to be up there.
The heading was "can anybody beat Rea?"
and as one of the comments said "that's a very long way of saying "no""

I think WSBK has gone through a lot of flux. I'm don't agree that it's all a bad idea - BSB seems to deliver good racing on a simpler (presumably cheaper) spec, but for a long time now WSBK seems to be a formula that one manufacturer gets right and stays on top until it changes.

Re: Will BMW deliver with Van Der Mark?

Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2021 3:11 pm
by MiniNinjaMk5
I was gonna say WSBK seems to be that formula where Ducati finds a way to cheat and then stays on top until it changes (or Mr Rea beats them anyway :D )

I would like the racing to go back more towards stock. Use the BSB formula of limiting electronics and upgrades, which has been super successful in producing close racing (although again the Dukes have been dominant) - then have a homogenisation of rules with national championships so every round has the strong local wildcards, which was always one of the great appeals of WSBK.

Oh and on the same vein (thinking of wildcards) have a race in Japan again, I know they are trying to cut costs but come on.