Triumphant debut in Moto2?

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Triumphant debut in Moto2?

Post by Tourn46 »

What are everyone's initial thoughts on the new formula with the Triumph engines?

I thought they seemed more like race bikes, they sounded better, looked like they had more power for the riders to exploit different lines... I think it looks like a very positive change. Hopefully it continues as we see them across more tracks.

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Re: Triumphant debut in Moto2?

Post by herbs »

The racing was good so it's a thumbs up for me at this stage. They certainly sound better than the Honda.

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Re: Triumphant debut in Moto2?

Post by Fingernails »

I must admit that I didn't notice much difference. :)

It was an exciting race, but that's not too unusual for Moto2.

It could be that the biggest benefit that additional power may prepare the riders better for MotoGP. Not that that has been a problem given how quickly some riders have adapted.

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Re: Triumphant debut in Moto2?

Post by kenup283 »

I liked the way they looked and liked that I could see a rear tire kick out here or there or Luthi pulling a wheelie btwn transitions from right to left in the pursuit of the lead at the end.

So the extra torque seems to be working and is giving us more a chance to see the bike responding and moving around, that is at least until they begin to unleash the potential of the electronics and start putting in turn by turn parameters and the rest of it, till that happens though I think was a very positive and good first race.

Can’t comment much on noise just yet, but hopefully should be able too in a month or so :) I am probably alone though that I liked the 600s sound but waiting for some first hand exposure to judge the triumphs.

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