Moto2 Triumph motor

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Moto2 Triumph motor

Post by inkeyjohn »

If a manufacturer such as MV, for one possible example, have to use a spec Triumph Motor in Moto2, what does that do for marketing their brand? Just curious.

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Re: Moto2 Triumph motor

Post by JanBros »

KTM doesn't seem to be bothered about the current Honda engine, so ???

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Re: Moto2 Triumph motor

Post by Fingernails »

I very rarely hear the name 'Honda' said during Moto2 races/coverage/discussion. It's always the chassis supplier that is mentioned as the engines are all the same.

They also get to advertise the constructor's brand on the bike, and can leave the word 'Honda' off.

As JanBros says, it doesn't seem to cause issues.

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Re: Moto2 Triumph motor

Post by Mikesbytes »

Aprilla sold a lot of 250cc 2 stroke road bikes that used Suzuki engines. There was a little bit of customisation but it was still a Suzuki engine. While I'm not anticipating anyone selling a road bike with a Triumph engine, never say never
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Re: Moto2 Triumph motor

Post by bikermike »

Norton run a bike at the TT with an Aprillia engine in it, so it's one-all in Italo-British engine-sharing

Plenty of bikes have Rotax engines in them, Aprillia had all the RS bikes with (Suzuki (RG) engines in them), and the Raptors that had Suzuki engines in them.

I'm not sure if Bimota helps or hinders the point...

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