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Videopass - "chaseplay"

Posted: Tue Apr 06, 2021 11:26 am
by breganzane
Hi Folks,
I've been on limited bandwidth internet for the longest time (rural bliss) and looks like I may finally get onto a decent speed unlimited connection soon. I've had to have Foxtel to watch the bikes but may now be able to get by with only a Motogp videopass. I'm wondering how it works with regard to 'catching up' with real time. I am typically busy during each day and leave my IQ3 to record all practice, qualy and race sessions. For normal timezone euro races it usually works well to start watching moto3 around dinner time, skim through all the fluff and just watch the race, same for moto2 and usually I have caught up to 'real time' by the time motogp is rolling. But often I am still say 20 mins 'behind' real time when I start watching motogp, so I often watch it with some 'time-slip'.
With an IQ3 this works fine and I rarely miss anything or have any results given away. This looks harder just using videopass though. My impression is that you can either watch the session live, or you have to wait for it to be over and perhaps 10-30mins after they will post the 'full session' on the videopass.
For the habit I've gotten used to, this doesn't really work as I have to either be ready to watch it live before it starts, or wait until well after the race has finished to be able to start (too late at night). Worst case (1st world problem) I can just drop Moto2 some way through and make sure I'm good to go for watching motogp live, but it would be nice to have the flexibility to still watch it as I do now.
Does anyone used to watching on videopass have any more info on how it works?

Re: Videopass - "chaseplay"

Posted: Tue Apr 06, 2021 12:00 pm
by MiniNinjaMk5
Yes you're correct unfortunately, Videopass is good but you don't have the flexibility that a Tivo or HD record device will have.

You need to either watch live or wait until the race has been uploaded (I have defaulted my home screen on Videopass to 'no spoilers' which is useful in this regard). Like you say this is usually 30 mins or so after the race and coverage has finished.

You can pause the live stream then unpause when you are ready, but I have found this a dangerous game to play for more than 5 mins - every now and again the stream can 'hiccup' and it jumps forward to the point in the race which is currently live. So nothing like as stable as an HD record device.

It's good coverage though, Matt Birt and Steve Day are pretty good commentators on the English language feed if you get that version.

Re: Videopass - "chaseplay"

Posted: Tue Apr 06, 2021 1:21 pm
by breganzane
Thanks for the confirmation. Moto2 has historically been a snoozefest, so can often be skipped to make the main race run live. But this year I'm rather gunning for Remy and would like to follow it. Just have to down-tools earlier on a Sunday I guess, or carry on with Fox.
Fox is a pain with their charging model, punishing the long term customers and making you have to ring up every half a year and threaten to disconnect else you end up ripped off (which I have been). Also, it would appear they have dropped their local panel and are now just showing the normal Dorna feed. Although I often just skipped through it, I appreciated the contributions of Magoo & Vermuellen, and compares Chris Stubbs and Tara Rushton. Rushton was a revelation last year, far from just a nod to equity & diversity, she was ace and brought the best out in the guys and a different vibe to the show. If they have indeed dropped the local panel then it's another reason not to bother since you're just watching the Dorna feed anyway.
Bummer about the time slip though, I do appreciate just letting the box record everything and watching it whenever suits.

Re: Videopass - "chaseplay"

Posted: Tue Apr 06, 2021 5:14 pm
by MiniNinjaMk5
Yes I was in exactly the same boat.

I don't know if it's the same in the States but in the UK you can't split out the sports you want to watch you have to pay for a whole package. So this is BT Sport, which has football (soccer) and as a result its ridiculously expensive - the money for the player salaries has to come from somewhere right? But I've got very little interest other than the occasional rugby premier league game so its just not cost effective.

Same too I would love to watch Indycar - but you have to buy the full ''F1 sky sports' package, which includes the F1 racing that I have very little interest in these days.

If you're not getting the panel discussion or anything else over the Dorna world feed (other than adverts I guess?) it sounds like the pass makes a lot more sense. I've used with both Apple and Android devices and the service has got a lot smoother and more reliable over recent years, the very very occasional internet blip now.

Re: Videopass - "chaseplay"

Posted: Tue Apr 06, 2021 8:39 pm
by hdot
I had 2 very annoying drop offs during the live race this weekend.... it all kind of is what it is I guess, but yea I don't mind the videopass overall.

Re: Videopass - "chaseplay"

Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2021 4:55 am
by breganzane
Thanks guys, I'll keep my foxtel for the moment but test out the videopass next round and see how it goes with a view to giving fox the heave-ho. I'm onto unlimited data internet now (let's see how it performs) so assuming it's reliable I won't have to worry about how much I stream anymore.

Regarding pay tv here in Oz you have to buy the base package (which is useless) and add-on packages of which sport is one (even costs extra for "HD" so you can actually read the lap time info). The sport package includes all the other rubbish I don't watch also. I very, very occasionally watch a small amount of footy or cricket if I'm really avoiding doing something useful, and I watch WRC when I realise I have a round recorded on the IQ3 but other than that absolutely nothing on Foxtel. The base entertainment package is trashy reruns interspersed with as many ads as commercial free-to-air. I don't think I even turned the Fox box on this year between Portimao and Qatar, so it's a real waste of money.