What Makes Thomas Run?

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What Makes Thomas Run?

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Been watching Luthi race for a long time. He had some impressive moments back on the 250 Aprilia days, but overall he's been pretty inconsistent. I'm always hearing about how the Moto2 class gets short shrift in terms of accommodations at the track, and how from time to time teams fall away from lack of sponsorship. So I can't help wondering, given his relative lack of results, what kind of financial remuneration a rider like Luthi ends up with at the end of the day. The guy is 34 and you would think, he has to be considering his future, which, as a racer can't be over-long. It's not as if he can realistically believe that he's got any potential to move up in the sport. That ship has sailed. Of course - like any rider he competes because he loves the sport, but it has to be a bit humiliating to be regularly beaten by riders nearly half his age. Has to be said, he's really fortunate to be in the sport this long without any serious injuries, which I suppose helps to deaden the fear-factor on-track like a younger rider. Also - I wonder what will be the deciding factor for him re: when to retire. Let me say lastly, this post is written genuinely out curiosity, not out of any negativity towards Luthi. I've always liked to support the underdog. I used to cheer him on riding for Aprila in the 250 races. Oh...and Kalio on the KTM too.

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Re: What Makes Thomas Run?

Post by MiniNinjaMk5 »

Yeah that's an interesting point. I'm not sure what's happened to Luthi but he seems to have lost his mojo (and I guess that was why he lost his ride in the Liqui Moly team). Checking back to last year he got a couple of reasonable results (two 5th places) but this was a big step down on what he got in 2019- a win, 5 podiums and 3rd in the championships. He only got 15th in the race yesterday but I don't know if something happened right at the end, he was running with a fairly good group 10-14th for most of the race.

I'm a firm believer that capability in the middleweight class should be enough to have a good career. Not everything has to be aimed at getting into MotoGP (perhaps I'm a bit old fashioned in that regard, remembering all the tremendous class specialists you used to get in the small and intermediate classes!). So if someone like Lowes or even Luthi (if he gets his mojo back) can get multiple Moto2 WCs why not? It's up the younger guys coming through to beat them. Rather than do something like Rabat, who was a tremendous Moto2 rider, but seemed to be content riding around in last place in MotoGP for the last 3 years.

Will be interesting what happens to Luthi - I'm not sure at what point he lost his speed, usually it's a big crash or something but nothing comes to mind?

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