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Welcome To The MotoGPMatters Forum - The Rules

Posted: Tue May 20, 2008 9:44 pm
by Kropotkin
Welcome to the Forum!

Please feel free to post, discuss and debate about all aspects of motorcycle racing, but bear the following rules in mind: is all about intelligent debate. The comments on the stories on are of a very high quality, and the aim is to keep up that level of debate here. We're all intelligent adults here.

Disagreements are fine, we all have our own opinions on things, but it's important that any statements are backed up by arguments. You're free to tell people just how much you think a rider / bike / team sucks, but you'd better be able to back this up with reasons. As a rule: "Rossi/Stoner/Pedrosa sucks!" will not be regarded well, while "Rossi/Stoner/Pedrosa sucks because he's an overblown showboater/is a whiner who only smiles when he's winning/is under complete mind control by his personal svengali" is more acceptable.

This forum is about motorcycle racing, and to a lesser extent, all things motorcycles. Politics, religion and other forms of sport are not welcome here, unless they impact directly on motorcycle racing. So if the High Priestess of Wicca pronounces a curse on all World Supersport riders, we can talk about it. Otherwise, there's a million other places on the Internet where it's more appropriate.

A word about quotes: The internet makes it incredibly easy to cut and paste quotes from other sources. I know this because people do it with the articles on Although it is not best practice, I can accept cutting and pasting stories from elsewhere, as long as you add a link to the original story, and the place you took it from. That way, the attribution stays in place.

The one thing that will not be accepted is POSTING RESULTS IN THREAD TITLES! This will be frowned on deeply, and be treated harshly.

Otherwise, go ahead and talk about motorcycles and motorcycle racing!