Design fixed for 1,000mph car

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Re: Design fixed for 1,000mph car

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I got to meet and talk with Craig Breedlove who held numerous land speed records in jet engined cars, namely his Spirit of America car. He had sold it to Steve Fossett, just before Steve went missing. Fossett loved to go after any kind of record. Fosset's brother-in-law was a longtime house contractor here in town that I worked for. I was able to sit and talk with Fossett a few times. A damned interesting individual who loved to to do unusual stuff. If you didn't know how wealthy he was, you would have never guessed it by his demeanor. Just another maxxed out speed and adrenaline junkie :) 'cept he had the $$s to finance some very fun things. In fact, he was looking for areas to test the the new version of the Spirit of America when his plane went down. He'd rebadged it the Spirit of America Sonic Arrow and never got the chance to take a go at it. Godspeed Steve,
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Re: Design fixed for 1,000mph car

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It would be a amazing experiences to see this car in action. As I check this news and found that it was announced last year. I wanna to know that had they break their own record. I like its name “Bloodhound ”

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