Sideburn Dirt Quake 2012

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Sideburn Dirt Quake 2012

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This is just so cool, should be rounds at every GP
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Re: Sideburn Dirt Quake 2012

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That is the coolest thing I have seen in a long time. We need to add that to the Dirtbag Challenge

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Re: Sideburn Dirt Quake 2012

Post by Richo »

Now that is great racing, absolutely defines the ride what you brought philosophy.

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Re: Sideburn Dirt Quake 2012

Post by ieism »

I think those are the same guys that organized the rollerburn. That's basically chicks on rollerskates pulled by motorcycles racing. Can't post a link from my phone, but you'll find it if you google for "side burn rollerburn".
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