Latest Toni Bou video. Amazing suff!

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Latest Toni Bou video. Amazing suff!

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Re: Latest Toni Bou video. Amazing suff!

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+1 Cam-er... absurdly great!

,,hope I can put this right ~ :|

when some of us are on our sport-bikes carving up a canyon road or enjoying a track day, we can get an (extremely) vague idea of what a pro racer does (obviously not on that level).. But THIS trials style riding is so beyond comprehension as far as ability and technique.,, sublime, surreal, physics bending etc... If you cut open Toni's chest , I am certain that you find a gyro from a Jet -Ranger helicopter in there, in full operational status.

,, kind of sucks that we (US) can fill an arena for a monster-truck fiasco, but we can't generate enough interest to have these two-wheeled "godz" come here on a regular basis for a show...

great stuff

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Re: Latest Toni Bou video. Amazing suff!

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Great stunts with this bike. Really amazing stuff in this video. Want to ride this bike.

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