Help Wanted Subscription Payment

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Help Wanted Subscription Payment

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Hi, I have attempted to subscribe to on several occasions each time payment has been requested using Paypal. Due to to living in the Far East with credit cards registered in the UK Paypal will not accept payment.
I have experienced this problem with Paypal for the past 5 years and have written to the Paypal regional office in Singapore on several occasions and have been unable to resolve the issue. Needless to say I do not use Paypal or eBay.

I have written to on 3 occasions and have never received a reply.

I appreciate all of the effort that goes into producing this excellent website and would like to subscribe.

Any worthwhile suggestions would be appreciated.


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Re: Help Wanted Subscription Payment

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Sorry I haven't replied. I keep putting you on a todo list (along with hundreds of others) and not getting to you.

Firstly, I really appreciate you wanting to become a site supporter. The subscribers are the backbone of the website.

An alternative might be to got to the Gofundme page and donate there. Then create an account on, and email me, and I can manually create a subscription for you.

Cheers, and my apologies once again,

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