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    It seems that Iannone is still in a lot of pain and I can believe that, given the nature of the injury. I guess that at that level of competition the most effective painkiller is sheer motivation and I don't think that AI has any reason whatsoever to be overly motivated. He won a race so is forever in the heart of Ducati fans and books and I assume he feels he was dumped: he's not gonna make the extra effort for the people who sacked him. Plus he needs to be fit for the Valencia test . In this respect I see a similarity with JL performance of late: he clearly lost confidence on the front tyre and cannot afford an injury that might prevent him to test in Valencia his future Ducati. And who could blame him? My guess is that if he can fight he'll do it but I don't think he'll put the extra effort and take chances. On a side note I still think that Ducati should have taken Marquez. Or stick with the 2 Andreas and then bring in a young talent from the lower classes. They did try but I don't know why the negotiation failed....: maybe you have infos about it David?
    As for Dani....has he ever had a season without injuries? I cannot even fathom the strength and willpower it takes to overcome again and again all those broken bones. So much talent so little luck. Or better none! Whatever he decides to do he deserves all the respect from us.
    On a side note: where was Stoner? Why wasn't he in PI ? I can understand why he did not take Iannone place but as a Ducati ambassador to not show up in his garden..... I'm puzzled

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    You missed the point.    I never made excuses for MM behavior in Sepang.

    The point is MM's reaction was foreseeable given his tempermant and past and Rossi's public statements after PI.

    I don't recall which broadcast it was (probably Eurosport) or which session, but one of the broadcasters said prior to the start of Sepang race (paraphrasing)  "well if MM wasn't going to be gunning for Rossi before,  he is now".   

    Again... Rossi made a bad choice in how/where/when to air his grievances.   He would have done much better to vent at Marquez in private, and perhaps in public after the season was over.

    Again... his strategy backfired on him and where did it get him... the back of the grid in Valencia.

    And finally... nothing MM did was illegal or dangerous... it was unsportsmanlike, and limited to Sepang (in my opinion).

    Rossi really tied his own noose.

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    That broken metatarsal would be one painful (and debilitating) injury for a MotoGP rider. No wonder he's not coming back yet.

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    ...amazing, even on my phone

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    In 2010 Lorenzo could have ceeded his position in the race with virtually no damage damage to his runaway championship lead whilst Rossi was still fighting for 2/3/4 position in the championship with the race winner and also had the guy 5th in the championship being 2nd in the race.