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    it also gives us a look at real telemetry data in which there is a lot to study there.

    those critical obviuosly forgot the title of the report which is analyzing the crash not the consequences.

    what I did find intresting in the report was the remark about the clip on.

    looking at the photo I do not like the way the twisting action of the clip on is secured.

    the question not answered is what if the bar came loose before the crash rather than as a result of it.  Would the data have supported this.?

    Thinking about the twisting action of the throttle return spring, if the bar was loose it could slip back to a part throttle postion even with the riders hand stayed in the same position

    then when the rider goes to close the throttle his hand would go to the closed position and it would hit the thottle stop and the rotate the bar again

    once realizing this and the disruption it would have caused it would be enough go off line

    then when grabbing for the brake the lever, which may have roatated and be where expected, causing further delay in applying the brakes and doing so smoothly.

    the result a more akward application of the brake later than normal and the bike getting upset, which is the finding of the investigation, and what we can see in the brake pressure signal and the correspinding front and rear suspension undulations

    for me the learing is securment of controls are safety critical. I will be sure to check mine more often.  



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    And how useless these questions: we know why they look into the cause of the crash and avoid like hell the reason of his death.
    It's called to lawyer up. We can say with fair certainty that had the gravel.been there trajectories and the impact would have been different. The minute the organisers admit to that they open.up to a law suit. So it's much much easier to point all attention to why he crashed and divert the attention from a basic fact: had the gravel been there Salom might be alive. What's appalling is that for years all riders have stressed that tarmac should be replaced by gravel. And now we have to hear that because that's an unusual place to crash, nobody thought about it? If Salom family decided to sue they would have a big chance of winning. And they should to make an example. The gravel wasn't there because it would cost too much money to put it and then clean up for F1. This is a conduct dictated by profit not concern about safety. And what about next race? Stoner Rossi Lorenzo Redding all voiced some concern about safety.... but I bet that nothing will be done about it

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    After his crash Stoner could have criticized the Michelins (lost the front before full lean). Or the bike set up. Or parts he was testing and how they matched up with the package. Or the track. NOPE.

    “It's the first time I've put a soft tyre in for many years. The corner before I had more chance of crashing probably, because I went in there and was ready for it. Everything went well. Then I went into the next corner and the front just closed on me. 

    “For sure I had maybe a little bit more speed, but because we arrive on the limiter you can't really go faster into that corner. The limiter just arrives earlier because you have more grip. 

    “So it was a little bit strange for me, but anyway clearly because of the soft tyre. We've been running the hard tyre all day for the last two days. So we probably had a little more weight coming from the rear onto the front and just wasn't ready for it. 

    “It was just on the way to Turn 6. I didn't even get to maximum angle. It was disappointing but at the same time it's been good; four years without basically making a mistake - it had to come to an end sometime!”

    Btw, yes he had the full Red Baron wings fitted.

    Re a wild card at this track he said "it's not going to happen." On a twitter post about the crash he ended it with #leaveittothepros

    I like this guy. Even way back when, when he was a bit off put by the media while racing. I always appreciate his manner of speaking, even when he wasn't saying what I preferred he would. Now Casey, for the record you still are a pro! A pro tester. Sometimes they do wildcards. Especially at their home tracks...

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    Different note -
    Anyone else amused/charmed/curious when Crutchlow passed Redding on the outside entering a right (great battle!) and he (semi-voluntary?) did a kicking motion with his right foot just before he planted it on the peg for turn in? Almost a counter-Iannone's ghost twitch.

    Also when Rins went down, notice his bike do an unusual pirouette?

    Just bits and ends from the re-watch. Cheers

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    . . . has argued for years that asphalt run-offs are dangerous. How sad his warnings are ignored.