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    Just thinking if there are more European manufacturers in MotoGp perhaps Honda won't have it all their own way.

    Honda once held all the power in the MSMA, now with KTM & Aprilia as well as Ducati I am hoping that may change! If we had one more Euro brand for example BMW or MV Agusta then the balance of power may shift from Japan towards Europe. Not sure if I want the Italians to have all the influence. A change might be good.

    What do you reckon David?

    Yes Motoshrink I am in the "I want two strokes" camp. That is what I grew up with. The smell of two stroke exhaust is the smell of Grand prix racing to me. surely 2T in one class is possible, they are cheap to run, maintain & repair.

    Yes, this is a REALLY cool era, this to shall pass.

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    Funny thought.

    Methinks we are about to see a flurry of testing on increasingly sized aero fairings for next year, and a rule change (AGAIN) after Dorna and a few manufacturers struggle with it. Likely Honda vs Ducati w a handful of Dorna staff in the crossfire.

    Last time Ducati lost out. For a half season? The crafty fast moving buggers are back on top (and "out at the bounds?") now and will certainly get a response soon from Honda.

    My favorite thing about this aero movement (in addition to it being visible, understandable, and easily heisted) is the structural change of power in the series that continues. Yamaha is copying KTM, Honda is on it's back foot, and Dorna is not held by the bullocks by Honda. This tech is more accessible to smaller teams since it can be replicated relatively easily. Honda has Marquez. But they don't have the whole series by the balls.

    I don't think I will want to be a part of the commentary two-step here that follows. We all knew how we felt about the electronics doing turn by turn. The torqueductor. The overnight special tires. Here come the same folks with the same basic two frames of reference re pure prototype or "better racing." Then we get to enjoy the tech geek folks here, some are REALLY gifted and insightful re the engineering (thanks!). Criticism of Dorna with armchair marketing geniuses that have pet engine preferences (yes, I am one too re the triple we just got for Moto2). Then come "we need tire wars" followed by "we need 2 strokes" until the discussion fizzles not without personal attacks, fan boyisms, and accusations of such usually by them.

    (Sigh) This is a REALLY cool era. And SO much to see, appreciate and consider that we aren't likely to slip back into shoddy shite in the comments here again. It was a sign of the times. Look, a pure prototype journalism and online community!
    The war never ends.

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    That is a good point. Is this an interview? Neil Morrison and I went down to talk to Joe Roberts after the race. I originally intended to post it as a Q&A style interview, but I found myself adding so much background that it didn't make sense to do so. So is this an interview? Probably more a feature. But a feature that consists almost entirely of rider quotes.

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    I was more interested in his impressions so far, so this article was great for my purposes. In the end we learned that this is a big chance for him and if it doesn't go well, he knows he might be finished. And we also learned that while his showing at Brno was stellar, he admits he is still pretty far off the pace in a dry race. He says 2 seconds isn't so bad, but so far he has started around 4 seconds off the pace and closes it up to 2 seconds by warm-up. That suggest to me that at this level he's not close yet. Hopefully he can improve enough to have a shot at 2018 full time. I'm pulling for him, but most of my hopes are with PJ Jacobsen, who is very competitive in WSS despite the technical problems his MV seems to suffer.

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    ... I'm not sure if I can share this here, but actually this is the reason I asked -