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    Can someone explain, without trolling me, how locking the rear prevents losing the front? I obviously do not have the testicular fortitude to do it and i can't think through it. 

    That last lap was simply jaw dropping. Two different styles on two different bikes fighting for the fastest way around. I think i have watched the last few laps at least a dozen times already  


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    It will be very interesting to see the useage pattern of the new engine Lorenzo used for the race.  If the higher rev ceiling rumour is true, then his new engine might also have taken loads that might shorten it's lifetime.  I'll be curious to see whether they use that engine in a race again, I'd suspect they might try to use it as much as possible in Friday and Saturday.  Is this information publically available anywhere?

    But what an absorbing race weekend, utterly brilliant.  A superb track great weather, some twists and turns in the plot, and exciting finishes in all three classes.  There's plenty more to come for the season and I for one have written nobody off, especially not Rossi.  Lorenzo has yet to get through his mid-season bogey tracks - especially Assen and Sachsenring.  If he can get through those without ceding too many points then he's looking much stronger, but all these guys are but one little slip up away from losing 25 or 50 points - as we saw on the weekend.  With the silly season finally all but out of the way (unless Marquez goes to Suzuki, wouldn't that be great!) we can finally get on with enjoying 2016!

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    Hi David. This following post isn't related at all to Mat's article, but didn't know where else to write it.

    I was wondering if at some point you could do a write up on the finanical aspect of MotoGP. It can range from various things. Such as, how much prize money gets distributed between all the teams? What is a team like Yamaha likely to receive? Do any teams have any special bonus clauses from Dorna? What kinda of budget does a team need to run a healthy team across the three classes? Do the teams in Moto2 and Moto 3 get any sort of prize money? Money would certainly be harder to achieve in the smaller classes.

    Over the years I've seen various reports on budgets and prize money handed out in F1 and currently how hugely unbalanced it costs to run a team and what each team gets is far from fair from top to bottom.

    I've not really ever seen an article like this for MotoGP. If one has been written on here before, please feel free to point it in my direction. But if not, I think it would be a really interesting topic to uncover!


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    I don't get it, because you appear to be rambling incoherently.

    >> When it comes to Rossi everyone finds time, unless it happens to undercut his story of being cheated by other riders.

    No they don't. Very few journalists from English-speaking outlets understand Spanish or Italian, and so few stay to listen. Rossi's comments didn't get picked up by the English-speaking press because nobody heard them or understood them. And there was more than enough to be writing about than to go and check through every utterance of Rossi in English and Italian.

    Every race weekend, I come away feeling I have utterly failed. I have reported perhaps 5% of what I know, and about 0.5% of what happened. Editors have to make selections, and when we do, we fail our readers. The worst thing is that readers then take only what they read from the press as having happened (understandably) and construct a reality around it. As with all constructed realities, the truth is a billion times more complex and nuanced than fans of the sport perceive. And 100 million times more complex and nuanced than even those of us in the midst of the sport see it.

    Frankly, I, and probably some of my colleagues, are growing bored with the entire booing/rider misbehavior story. Fans have decided to boo, and on occasion, act like utter idiots. If they want to behave like utter morons, it's up to them. If they want to invent incidents to fuel their hatred (as the many photoshopped pictures of Lorenzo which are doing the rounds show), then it's up to them. I am sorely tempted just to close comments down altogether for a month or so. I have already started blocking a lot of people on Twitter, far more than I ever have in the past. 

    People need to get over themselves. It's only motorcycle racing, a pastime in which people compete to see who can go fastest in a circle on a motorized two-wheeler. In the grand scheme of things, it is utterly insignificant. That does not mean that we can't be deeply and utterly passionate about it. It doesn't mean that we won't make sacrifices to be a part of it (my life would be a lot easier, and I would be a lot more financially comfortable if I did something other than write about motorcycle racing), but it needs to be seen in perspective.

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    Oh, I just love Mat Oxley, this article is no exception. I own most of his books. My favorites are Stealing Speed, Mick Doohan's biography (Mighty Mick is my hero) and An Age of Superheroes.