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    Wheelie control and traction on acceleration is their most noted trait. And I agree with you on the consideration of the braking forces.

    No one is in here but a couple of us, but popping in anyway. If for keeping the bike planted during acceleration rather than cutting power to keep the front end down things are a bit different. It isn't feasible to get much wing on a front fender. Might be that straightforward.

    Btw it isn't making the bike easier to ride having that aero downforce. You have to fight it. Riders may be happy to see those come off next yr. Even Duc.

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    "Not only that, but Crutchlow has now matched Dani's win tally in all-but-4 (out of 10) seasons at Repsol Honda."

    Maybe I'm not understanding you correctly but are you saying because Cal has now won 2 races this season, that is somehow equal to Dani because Dani "only" had 2 wins in all but 4 seasons????  You realize Dani had those 2 wins a season in 5 separate seasons....and has won at least 1 race every year of his 10-year career (incl 7 wins in one season)....and has 29 total premier class wins (51 wins in his entire GP career).....and averages more wins a season in MotoGP than Cal's had in his entire 6-year career combined???  I really hope I just misunderstood your statement.

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    This particular comparison reminds me why I Loved and Hated my Zook SV650 at various track days. Loved making inline 600s and 1000s look the fool passing on the inside or even better, por fuera. 

    Hated being passed on the straights only to have to pass them again, and again until they finally would figure maybe they should give up. 

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    Just because he is on a "Factory Spec" machine doesn't mean that his team has anything like the resources of the factory guys. Nor does a non-factory rider have another team working to get the machine to work the way that he wants. The fact that all the major factories have test riders who they can put up in the event of the number 1/2 having a bad day at the office tells it all. Nor do the factories allow much in the way of the sort of changes that factory riders do. Nor do they have the sheer number of people available to do the job. That doesn't necessarily mean improved performances (just take a look at the "Old" Ducati team) but, with good management a factory team clearly has a much better chance of winning races. It isn't just some coincidence that the last time a non-factory rider won a MotoGP race was 10 years ago. If it was, do you think that the factories would really go to the sort of expense entailed if there was no financial benefit from having a factory team?


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    All grid penalties were re-applied for the second race start, you can check the official grid positions for Race 2 on on the results page from Race 1:

    You can see that the black info strip on the bottom even notes the 3 place penalties for Bastianini and McPhee, although they've obviously not been on the grid anymore.

    It appears that grid penalties are applied to the race in any circumstance, even if it's a re-run. I don't remember the restart situation happening before when grid penalties were given previously, so this might simply have been the first time anyone noticed due to Quartararo being all the way at the back again.