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    Thanks Steve English. " it's crucial to get turns four through six linked up " I must agree. Looking at live timing some riders are loosing a lot of time in sector two. On paper it seems fairly simple, turn four, turn five and off towards six. Where are they loosing a second or more ? I guess the exit from 3 effects the run into 4, & like you say it gets tight on the exit of turn 3. there is that little kink between 4 & 5 that seems like you can straight line it IF you get the exit of turn 4 correct.

    Some were loosing time down from the top of the hill, other riders were making up time in the last sector.

    Yes dannyboy, I agree, Casey Stoner, those big moves in turn one. Laguna Seca back on the calendar !

    Some riders put in lots of laps. Some did 25% less than most of the field, I think it shows how motivated they are.

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    It’s fun to hear from some of the older fans here. I think my first time spectating at Laguna was at the AMA  National in 1972, when we had factory teams from all the major big-bore manufacturers except Honda: Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha (350’s!), HD, Triumph, BSA and Norton. Gary Nixon, Yvon DuHamel, Roberts, Triumph and BSA Triples and of course the John Player Nortons. My last time there was to watch Márquez win in 1993. It’s obviously a wonderful track to ride, but I will say that over the years the spectating has gotten worse and worse, as more and more fences, structures, and advertisements block views of the track. And though I’ve stopped attending the last few years of WSBK, I certainly appreciate that a world-class event comes to my backyard. 

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    of producing sufficient HP to be considered useful to "train" riders ready for MotoGP is presumably greatly reduced if you can run a larger displacement, multi cylinder engine instead of a mid size engine or large Vtwin in a higher state of tune.  The 600s seem to be just below what they are after and making them more powerful while maintaining reliability seems to be a factor and it looks like Honda were not that enthusiastic.  The next size up for a mass produced engine is either going to be the 765 triple or suzuki's 750 (if indeed that is still around).  Am quite looking forward to the triumph cup myself.


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    Maybe she is too hot for her own good. Don't forget Stephane Mertens on the Ducati 888 superbike at P.I. in 1992

    Aprilia have flaming hot bikes to, remember Colin Edwards on the Cube 990 back in the early noughties 2002 or 2003

    Was it a hare rather than a rabbit at Mugello.

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    Thanks for the update Jared. How is the crowd ? I hear of people driving from Illinios, seems like a long road trip. They are bringing their bikes with them so I assume there will be some riding, maybe a track day after the race meeeting is finished?

    Yes Team Punkass it is good to see Josh Herrin do well as a wildcard. He & Michael van der Mark went a fraction slower in FP2 but Alex Lowes went a little faster. I will be watching fp3.

    Hoping for some good racing. Planning to get to the track in person next year.