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    It is worth pointing out that all of the scores for all of the riders are questionable. They are my best assessment of each rider, but assigning a number to that assessment is always hard, and always subjective. Rating should be taken with a pinch of salt. Season to taste, as the cookbooks say...

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    For anyone who hasn't yet ordered get too it, mine has just arrived and it is as fabulous as ever, the photos are great and the birthdays of a lot of the riders past and present make an interesting aside, can't see Marquez enjoying  bithday cheers with Valentino  any time soon

    Thanks heaps

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    was his behaviour after his bike took Dovi out.  Inside that tiny body there is a very big man.

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    half way between the mouth also know as Foggy and the other (somewhat amusing and overall good guy) mouth known as Edwards.  The difference was that Cal generally seemed to believe what he was saying which I always admired.  This year Cal demonstrated that he also knew what he was talking about.  I rate his dry/cold win as THE most outsanding win of the season and that alone (IMO) is worth the 8.  The extra 0.5 comes from two wins on a non factory bike and the second half of the season turn around :-).  Yep, I wish he would stop crashing and over the years I have lost count of how many podiums he has crashed out of late in the race - but he always comes back next week.