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    Not sure if this is just inexperience with the rules or fanciful thought but it would be in the interest of the factories to design the tires (or lend a hand in it to the tire manufacturer's) however with a spec tire formula that just isn't the case. The likelyhood that happens anytime soon is basically nil from my understanding. 

    Have a read over and you'll see that this sort of thing has happened but it's one way to somewhat 'level the playing field' 


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    Another great article David, I've listened to every episode of your Paddock Pass Podcast over the last three months! I'm looking forward to seeing how Lorenzo manges the apparent lack of corner speed of the Ducati...

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    Laverty forgets how to ride GP bike quick. I really hope he's able to end his career with a Championship in hand

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    The numbers put up by Marc and Mav have been crunched. Clearly after eight days of testing, Valencia, Sepang and Phillip Island, two riders have emerged as the pre-season favorites and Yamaha and Honda are the bikes to have. It is difficult to imagine any sustained challenge coming from Ducati although there probably will be days when the stars align. There are four riders on full-factory, winning machines now and Crutchlow, who won two GPs last year, could also be a factor, but the big question is whether this will be a battle between the two young Spaniards or whether Rossi, after a frustrating run in Australia, will once again find the pace. One thing to remember about Valentino is that he is coming off two very frustrating seasons. He still feels that he was the victim of skullduggery in 2015 and he is painfully aware that he made too many mistakes in 2016.

    If he gets back on the pace, he will be hoping that his young teammate will upset Marc enough to provoke the kind of mistakes that Marc was prone to in 2015. Then it will be up to Rossi, riding equal machinery, to deal, once again as in the past when Jorge joined the team, with a younger and very fast, perhaps even faster, teammate.

    Will this be another season with many winners, some unexpected, or are we looking toward a year that may be more like 1983? In 1983, three times World Champion Kenny Roberts, who, like Marc, won the title in his first season in the premier class (in fact, he won it his first three seasons, something that no one else has done), was thrown into a one-on-one battle with an upstart from his own country, a rider only in his second full season and who had already shown himself to be a winner. Switch the brands…Marc in the Roberts role (younger but with more experience that Roberts had after three premier class titles) is on the Honda. Maverick, the fellow countryman on the way up, is on the Yamaha.

             Back in 1983 Roberts and Spencer won all the races. Lawson was there as Roberts teammate on Yamaha, Katayama and Lucchinelli were also on works-supported Hondas, Roberts and Spencer each won 6 races. Spencer had 7 poles, Roberts 5. Roberts had fastest lap 7 times, Spencer three times (one each for Katayama and Mamola…Randy on the Suzuki). Roberts won three of the last four races, including the last one, but lost the title by two points in the most exciting season since, say, 1967.

             That was a 12-race season with two winners. Last year we had an 18-race season with 9 winners.

             Surely the likes of Pedrosa, Lorenzo and maybe Crutchlow and Dovizioso, will prevent a two-rider sweep, and, of course, the guy who could change all that is Rossi.

             Maybe this will all change after the Losail tests and race, but, at this point anyway, this upcoming season seems like it just might be a lot more like 1983 than 2016. 

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    Rea's chances of winning a third straight title are made tougher by a very strong field of riders in WSBK. Chaz Davies appears the biggest threat based on his triple double to end last season, but he's not the only one in with a chance of upsetting Rea's plans.  It's a challenge Rea is well-equipped to tackle, though.  He has a poise on a bike that through innate skill, sheer enthusiastic trying, or a combination of both, seems to allow him to ride over, around, and through problems and be there or thereabouts at the end of races.  Will this consistency and ability to recover in races lead him to a third title? A whole pile of talented riders on well-prepped machines will be finding out in just about a week.