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    Both Josh and Karl are out. Hope Josh gets another shot in WSBK as he's very fast. Think of the championship we'd have in Sykes never got another shot after his dismal display on the Yamaha. 

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    On a noteworthy day. Many happy returns.

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    They want to get people interested in the series and the racing, but have an abysmally bad live video subscription service.

    Ok, the main races are covered (sort of) live on-line, albeit with a couple of cameras and amateurish commentating that is truly cringe-worthy at times.

    However, practice sessions (often the more interesting and revealing) are only covered live by timing, and a pathetic "highlights" package, usually posted the next day.

    Clearly, the broadcasters are not interested in SBK, so Dorna need to step up and bring the video subscription service into line with the content provided by the MotoGP service, and use the expertise they already have developed for MGP.

    Obviously it will need to be cheaper that the MotoGP service, to attract subscribers, but it's just another form of promotion spend, and another way to get people interested in SBK.

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    Don't worry mate... Attending a MotoGP race for 5 days at Silverstone is not just about the racing. My 10th year this year from Thursday to Monday. Last year it rained on race day. Didn't matter. Most UK people don't care, we still enjoyed our weekend cheering on the best in the world! 

    Weather forecast is good so far, but hey, doesn't matter! Have a good time... We always do!

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    Marquez and Rossi came home safely and in shape, this was no accident. Dovi said he put too much on the front wheel in an effort to deal with the rear, Iannone simply rode as fast as he could, paid little attention to the dry line vs. the cooler wet line(which is what Marquez credited with bringing him home)..Lorenzo once again pprovides a mental puzzler by not giving any indication to anyone there there was a problem with his front, which considering his past theatrical performances in making his problems know, was rather out of place....and on and on....Crutchlow looked around and played them like fools, just as Marquez did when he went to slicks at Assen.....Call it luck all day long if it makes you feel better....Sorry Crutchlow missed the meeting about who was supposed to win, he was huiddled with the Michelin reps, I assume...