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    and then I'll rest my case : what pisses me off the most (besides the events themselves, on which I have a strong point of view ) is that basically everyone defending MM is no better than the yellow blinded fans. I mean : on which planet it is ok to admit that yes MM interfered with and messed up VR race in Sepang ( given the nature of paint swapping that took place in those  laps  i think "messing " doesn't even start to depict the viciousness of what went on) but it's absolutely acceptable because VR should have shut up ? what's the message you're promoting here ? If you feel insulted, do not discuss it, do not dismiss it by saying the guy is a lunatic, do not prove your worth winning... NO! just go and mess the other guy's race. How can you possibly condone that and not lower yourself to the same level of the "yellow fans" that you so much despise?  How can you say you love the sport when its true nature was denied there and then in front of millions? I'm fed up of hearing VR got what he deserved and people cheering about it, because that specific statement is an insult to the nature of the sport. and is as moronic as morons cheering when MM falls. Nothwithstanding that MM falling is always his own doing, VR losing it in Sepang was someone else's doing.

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    "... was it wise or un-wise for his championship for Rossi ..."

    "Rossi goes and creates a situation where there didn't need to be."

    It's astounding to me that you use this tripe to make excuses for MM's actions in Sepang (for which there is nearly universal agreement that MM was WAY out of line). How can you even BEGIN to compare some unpleasant words to messing with someone during a race?!? The more you make excuses for him, the more MM is gonna act like a spoiled brat.

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    Rossi out of contention for championship, but fighting Lorenzo (on his way to become WC) tooth and nail. How was that any different?

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    I don't mind the garage shot either. But I do when it deprives us from seeing last corner battles / overtakes. And could do without all the race start replays, too.

    Maybe some garage shot replays a couple of minutes after the race would do the trick :)

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    So will I, best site anywhere and if it occasionally takes a wander into the long grass then I'm sure David will fix it-as he just did! Remember, it was the author of this thread that mentioned Trumpton-crikey as a Brit fed up with the wall to wall coverage we have to suffer of this over-long, over-expensive feeding frenzy I should have been ranting but it was all in the context of the thread! MSS 58 think again, don't cut your nose off to spite your face-imagine having to suffer FB & Bitter without this!!!