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  • Guest Blog: Mat Oxley - Blue on blue   2 weeks 22 hours ago

    The tires wouldn't last that long. That's why the riders come back in for new tires halfway through.

  • 2015 Misano World Superbike FP4 Results: Giugliano Flies The Flag   2 weeks 1 day ago

    Normal service resuming? We'll see after Superpole.

  • 2015 Misano World Superbike FP3 Results: Torres Takes Over   2 weeks 1 day ago

    If this had been FP1, I guess we all would have been impressed by Biaggi's 8th place.
    Superpole is going to be interesting for sure!
    Sykes having to go through SP1 is like Marquez having to go through Q1... Remarkable weekend.

  • Guest Blog: Mat Oxley - Blue on blue   2 weeks 1 day ago

    Well said David. Thank you for the clarity.

    My apologies for the role I played in escalating the situation.

  • 2015 Barcelona Sunday MotoGP Round Up: The Stuff Champions Are Made Of   2 weeks 1 day ago

    The bikes are heavier at the start. The bigger effect is this makes them more wheelie prone, limiting acceleration.

  • 2015 Misano World Superbike FP1 Results: Biaggi Means Business   2 weeks 1 day ago

    ...that could actually happen Jared- was just trying to be wistfully retro...

  • 2015 Misano World Superbike FP2 Results: Biaggi Tops Red Flagged Session   2 weeks 1 day ago

    This story is newsworthy BECAUSE it is a surprise that Biaggi is still this fast. It doesn't make doubts about Stoner's ability to hang with the best of the best (which WSBK aint, BTW), silly at all. And I'm a Stoner fan, who would root for him if he returned.
    But yeah, I do think it is silly to EXPECT that Stoner could replicate in MotoGP what Biaggi has just done in WSBK.

  • 2015 Misano World Superbike FP2 Results: Biaggi Tops Red Flagged Session   2 weeks 1 day ago

    Being a Rossi fan it's easy to say I've never been into Biaggi, but RESPECT!

  • 2015 Misano World Superbike FP2 Results: Biaggi Tops Red Flagged Session   2 weeks 1 day ago

    Is this really a trial run for Max to make a comeback? Melandri will be sacked from Moto GP (unfortunately) Haslam could be transferred across to GP in an attempt to make Aprillia more competitive and get better feedback. Max can come back and keep them competitve in WSBK. Thoughts?

  • Guest Blog: Mat Oxley - Blue on blue   2 weeks 1 day ago

    option and the lack of use, that is interesting.

    Obviously this is probably an impossible situation, however would it not be interesting to see 2 or 3 added carcass/construction options to the supply? And is there anything coming from Michelin in regards to possibly addressing some of these issues?

    What makes top class racing great is the contrasting styles of the riders and machines, its a shame to see certain styles penalized at certain rounds due to a lack of workable options.

  • 2015 Misano World Superbike FP2 Results: Biaggi Tops Red Flagged Session   2 weeks 1 day ago

    is all I can say!

  • Guest Blog: Mat Oxley - Blue on blue   2 weeks 1 day ago

    The real difference in tires, especially between Lorenzo, Rossi and Marquez is the front. Lorenzo can run the medium, whereas Rossi and Marquez need the hard to support their braking style. Part of the Honda's problem is that with engine braking limited, Marquez is relying more on the front tire, and the hard is not proving hard enough.

  • 2015 Misano World Superbike FP2 Results: Biaggi Tops Red Flagged Session   2 weeks 1 day ago

    Big question whether Max can maintain this sort of pace over race distance, but I'm blown away by his speed. Makes the argument that Stoner couldn't compete anymore seem a bit silly

  • Guest Blog: Mat Oxley - Blue on blue   2 weeks 1 day ago

    The medium option was the only viable option for almost all of 2014. Indianapolis and Argentina were the only tracks where the hard rear was used, though Marc Marquez also used the hard at Qatar and Austin. You can see the tire choices made by each rider at each round on Bridgestone's race info sheets on their website. The 2014 race sheets are here.

    I think you are also reading too much into the tire situation at Mugello last year. Lorenzo's performance at the start of 2014 was affected by a number of factors, the tires being perhaps the least significant. First of all, he turned up at the Sepang tests badly out of shape and about 5kg too heavy, having not trained sufficiently over the winter. He did not do a single really long run at the tests, where normally he does at least one full race simulation, usually in the hottest part of the day. It took him the first part of the year to get back into shape, the early flyaways (Qatar, Austin, Argentina) making training hard. By Mugello, he was close to 100%.

    Another significant factor was how the Yamaha dealt with having a liter less fuel. At the Sepang tests, the engine was very rough, making it hard to be smooth on the first touch of the throttle. That was why Lorenzo suggested Yamaha switch to the Open class like Ducati. It took Yamaha a few months to sort the throttle response out, by Mugello they had made huge steps forward.

    The tires were a factor, but it was not so much about the compound as about the nature of Mugello. The heat resistant tires had been used at a couple of tracks in 2013, including Mugello, in an attempt to avoid a repeat of the problems some of the riders had had at Assen the year before. For 2014, Bridgestone started adding the heat resistant layer to their tires at all of the races, as the changing nature of the bikes - improvements in electronics, mainly - had meant that tires were showing more internal heating rather than surface heating. Electronics were improving traction, meaning less spinning. Traction and drive heats the carcass of the tire, spinning heats the surface. 

    In the early part of 2014, the edge compounds erred on the hard side. Mugello was the first race where Bridgestone had data from the year before, and they basically brought the same compound, which they knew worked. That meant Lorenzo had at tire under him which he understood, and felt comfortable on.

    As 2014 progressed, Lorenzo got fitter, Yamaha got better - they made a step at the Barcelona test, then another one at Brno - and Bridgestone went slightly softer on the edge of the tire, as they gained more data, and as electronics improved yet further. Most of Lorenzo's improvement in the second half of 2014 was down to his fitness and improvement with the Yamaha. The tires were a factor, but only a small one.

    The interplay between electronics and tires is an interesting one. I have an interview with Shinji Aoki of Bridgestone I need to type up, it was very interesting. Basically, as Bridgestone have improved, so the factory electronics people have been able to use even more grip, reduce spin even more, requiring more changes to the tires. There is more internal stress, dealt with by the heat resistant layer, and less on the surface, which means that compounds can be softer. Softer compounds mean even more grip, which means even better electronics, and so the vicious circle continues.

    Now, can everyone please tone down their posts? Debate is good, argument is less attractive, name-calling (which is what this is starting to descend into) is unacceptable. I don't care who started it, I just want it to stop.

    Edited to add: going through the previous years' Bridgestone tire sheets, it's surprising to me how very rarely the hard tire is used. It's a lot less than I thought.

  • 2015 Misano World Superbike FP1 Results: Biaggi Means Business   2 weeks 1 day ago

    Casey Stoner?

  • Guest Blog: Mat Oxley - Blue on blue   2 weeks 1 day ago

    at all, the construction and compound of the 2015 rubber differs from the 2014 rubber, Regardless of the heat resistant layer. What is so far evident though is that the Hard and Extra Hard do not agree with Jorge.

    Yes the M1 has improved, and the Honda it seems has not or is not gelling too well with the Medium this season. The M1's progression was evident instantly at Qatar-not with Jorge though, Rossi somehow still beat the Ducati which was ridiculously fast on the straight and also worked in the corners. COTA is an anomaly anyway, however Jorge was far far away from looking dominant there despite the virus he had-which I'm sure a good cold and flu tablet would have remedied at least for a podium shot on race day.
    And Argentina was again spectacularly won by Rossi on the Extra Hard, chasing down an incredible margin to Marquez.
    Then back to Europe and the run of Mediums.

    What is now also striking for me is Dovi, how he was a true championship contender up until Jerez and the run of mediums.

    Whilst being a financial impossibility without competition in tyre supply again, my preference would be to see more options available and the removal of the soft qualifiers for the slower teams.

  • Guest Blog: Mat Oxley - Blue on blue   2 weeks 1 day ago

    Like you are the one getting your toes stepped on, and responding with an aggressive, belligerent and belittling tone, this drastically reduces the quality of any debate, far more than any conspiracy theory. If anything attitudes like yours enhance the points your arguing against and detracts from your argument, even if there is any merit in your point.

    The facts are as I pointed out at the start, that Bridgestone brought a new compound option to Mugello in 2014 which wasn't made available previously that year, whether it was from 2009, 2013 or some type of special, makes no difference-it was a new compound for 2014.

    Jorge's result at Mugello in 2014 was a MASSIVE improvement on where he had been previously, he was fighting for victory the entire race and nearly won it, for my eyes this was a dramatic turnaround- maybe I'm the only one who witnessed this?
    At no point have I suggested any conspiracy or fowl play, as you seem to be accusing me of.
    My point is, once again, that the tyres and lack of options under the current supplier and regulations, have a huge influence over the results-which seldom gets the mention it deserves in commentary and reports.

    And once again, the medium option this year is a perfect fit for Jorge- and this is for me, the biggest factor in his rejuvenation in 2015 as it's been the ONLY option for most of the top riders for the past 4 rounds. The example of 2014 was to highlight this.

  • 2015 Misano World Superbike FP1 Results: Biaggi Means Business   2 weeks 1 day ago continue Jared's thread- our dog's called Muttley as well, it's great! In fact the more I think about this, the more I feel it's engineered- for all the right reasons. When GP machinery was available over, admittedly, a fairly exotic counter, you could traipse off to your local GP or international and see wild cards all the time. You could also see Fast Freddie, Steady Eddie, Rainey, Schwantz et al turn up for the Transatlantic until Freddie got hurt in '84 at Donington and Honda said 'that's enough-GPs only from now on'
    So we've pretty much been starved of this kind of irresponsible behaviour, was it really over five years ago that Simoncelli nerfed team leader Maximus Naughtius out of the final hairpin at Imola? So, here's my wildcard requests for the near future...

    MOTO 3 Alessandro Gramigni
    MOTO 2 Manual Poggialli
    MOTOGP Sete Gibernau
    WSS Stephane Chambon (Bon)
    WSB Already sorted this weekend but I'll have Chili, Merkel, Roche or Phyllis whenever please.
    BSB Gregorio Lavilla or Chris Walker- oops, sorry, he's still there!
    BSS John Crawford

    Right, I'm off for a sit in my leather chair with my smoking jacket and glass of tawny port...

  • 2015 Misano World Superbike FP2 Results: Biaggi Tops Red Flagged Session   2 weeks 1 day ago

    Great job Dorna!! This is EXACTLY what this series needed. I hope you're taking good care of him.

  • 2015 Barcelona MotoGP Test Notes: Honda's 2014/2015 Hybrid, And The Frustration Of Weather   2 weeks 1 day ago

    I forgot Gabbarini left at the end of 2013. However, we still have to see if he can develop the RCV into what it needs to be. Difficult in the days of limited testing, but we'll see.

  • 2015 Misano World Superbike FP2 Results: Biaggi Tops Red Flagged Session   2 weeks 1 day ago

    Been reading some strange things on some other sites. No, this is NOT a cheater Aprilia. Melandri also did 274 last year and is about the same size and weight as Max.

    Like Rossi said when he turned 30 and thought he was old…."Old chickens make good soup" Max turns 44 next friday.

  • 2015 Misano World Superbike FP2 Results: Biaggi Tops Red Flagged Session   2 weeks 1 day ago

    Optimistic for Biaggi but I won't get my panties in a wad until Superpole starts. :)

  • 2015 Misano World Superbike FP2 Results: Biaggi Tops Red Flagged Session   2 weeks 1 day ago

    Maybe it's time to tell Giacomo to get out his ass out of the La-Z-Boy, slip into his leathers, kick-start one of the MVs in his garage and head down to Misano. These old 'uns are good 'uns.

  • 2015 Misano World Superbike FP2 Results: Biaggi Tops Red Flagged Session   2 weeks 1 day ago

    2012 Misano World Superbike Results:

    Race 1
    1. Max Biaggi (Aprilia Racing Team) RSV-4 38’58.471
    2. Carlos Checa (Althea Ducati) 1198R +0.305 seconds
    3. Davide Giugliano (Althea Ducati) 1198R +4.503
    4. Tom Sykes (Kawasaki Racing) ZX-10R +8.858
    5. Jonathan Rea (Honda World Superbike) CBR1000RR +11.627
    6. Chaz Davies (ParkinGO MTC Aprilia) RSV-4
    7. Eugene Laverty (Aprilia Racing) RSV-4
    8. Sylvain Guintoli (Effenbert Liberty Ducati) 1198R
    9. Jakub Smrz (Liberty Effenbert Ducati) 1198R
    10. Leon Camier (Crescent Fixi Suzuki) GSX-R1000
    11. Ayrton Badovini (BMW Italia Goldbet) S1000RR
    12. Leon Haslam (BMW Motorrad) S1000RR
    13. Maxime Berger (Effenbert Liberty Ducati) 1198R
    14. Michel Fabrizio (BMW Italia Goldbet) S1000RR
    15. Matteo Baiocco (Barni Ducati) 1198R
    16. Hiroshi Aoyama (Honda World Superbike) CBR1000RR
    17. John Hopkins (Crescent Fixi Suzuki) GSX-R1000
    18. Niccolo Canepa (Red Devils Ducati) 1198R
    19. Leandro Mercado (Pedercini Kawasaki) ZX-10R
    20. Federico Sandi (Grillini Progea BMW) S1000RR
    DNF Marco Melandri (BMW Motorrad) S1000RR
    DNF Loris Baz (Kawasaki Racing) ZX-10R
    DNF David Salom (Pedercini Kawasaki) ZX-10R
    DNF Lorenzo Zanetti (PATA Ducati) 1198R

    Race 2
    1. Max Biaggi (Aprilia Racing Team) RSV4 Factory 39’01.869
    2. Jonathan Rea (Honda World Superbike Team) CBR1000RR 39’07.224
    3. Leon Haslam (BMW Motorrad Motorsport) S1000 RR 39’07.600
    4. Marco Melandri (BMW Motorrad Motorsport) S1000 RR 39’08.873
    5. Ayrton Badovini (BMW Motorrad Italia GoldBet) S1000 RR 39’09.790
    6. Michel Fabrizio (BMW Motorrad Italia GoldBet) S1000 RR 39’19.160
    7. Tom Sykes (Kawasaki Racing Team) ZX-10R 39’19.220
    8. Loris Baz (Kawasaki Racing Team) ZX-10R 39’19.499
    9. Jakub Smrz (Liberty Racing Team Effenbert Ducati) 1198R 39’20.080
    10. Matteo Baiocco (Barni Racing Team Italia Ducati) 1198R 39’30.000
    11. Maxime Berger (Team Effenbert Liberty Racing Ducati) 1198R 39’30.276
    12. Hiroshi Aoyama (Honda World Superbike Team) CBR1000RR 39’39.929
    13. Niccolò Canepa (Red Devils Roma Ducati) 1198R 39’50.872
    14. John Hopkins (FIXI Crescent Suzuki) GSX-R1000 39’53.750
    15. Leon Camier (FIXI Crescent Suzuki) GSX-R1000 39’57.371
    16. Leandro Mercado (Team Pedercini) ZX-10R 40’08.230
    17. Federico Sandi (Grillini Progea Superbike Team BMW) S1000 RR 40’31.787
    DNF Eugene Laverty (Aprilia Racing Team) RSV4 Factory 32’16.723
    DNF Chaz Davies (ParkinGO MTC Racing) RSV4 Factory 24’34.477
    DNF David Salom (Team Pedercini Kawasaki) ZX-10R 11’39.370
    DNF Davide Giugliano (Althea Racing Ducati) 1198R 8’12.161
    DNF Carlos Checa (Althea Racing Ducati) 1198R 4’58.038
    DNF Lorenzo Zanetti (PATA Racing Team Ducati) 1198R 3’23.618
    DNF Sylvain Guintoli (Team Effenbert Liberty Racing Ducati) 1198R 1’43.649

    2012 World Superbike Point Standings (After seven of 14 rounds):
    1. Max Biaggi Aprilia Racing 210.5 points
    2. Jonathan Rea Honda WSBK 172
    3. Tom Sykes Kawasaki Racing 164.5
    4. Marco Melandri BMW Motorrad 155.5
    5. Carlos Checa Althea Ducati 150.5
    6. Leon Haslam BMW Motorrad 123
    7. Sylvain Guintoli Effenbert Liberty Ducati 103
    8. Eugene Laverty Aprilia Racing 95
    9. Davide Giugliano Althea Ducati 80
    10. Jakub Smrz Liberty Effenbert Ducati 75.5
    11. Michel Fabrizio BMW Italia GoldBet 58
    12. Ayrton Badovini BMW Italia GoldBet 50
    13. Leon Camier FIXI Crescent Suzuki 49.5
    14. Chaz Davies ParkinGO MTC Aprilia 49
    15. Maxime Berger Effenbert Liberty Ducati 38.5
    16. Hiroshi Aoyama Honda WSBK 34.5
    17. Niccolo Canepa Red Devils Roma Ducati 28
    18. Lorenzo Zanetti PATA Ducati 25
    19. Loris Baz Kawasaki Racing 19
    20. Joan Lascorz Kawasaki Racing 17
    21. John Hopkins Crescent Fixi Suzuki 10
    22. Leandro Mercado Pedercini Kawasaki 9
    23. David Salom Pedercini Kawasaki 9
    24. Peter Hickman FIXI Crescent Suzuki 7
    25. Matteo Baiocco Barni Ducati 7
    26. Bryan Staring Pedercini Kawasaki 6
    27. Mark Aitchison Grillini Progea BMW 3
    28. Josh Brookes FIXI Crescent Suzuki 1

  • 2015 Misano World Superbike FP2 Results: Biaggi Tops Red Flagged Session   2 weeks 1 day ago

    Guigliano is circulating right at the lap record pace, and there are more than a handful of riders right there with him. On motors of a lower state of tune than last year. Gzon I am seeing Biaggi on that Aprilia at Misano in better light, and the WSBK field too indirectly I suppose.

    It is amazing that Biaggi can break a lap record right out of the pits after all that time away! Max has managed a miracle at Misano.