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    There are a couple of significant points about Motegi and the season overall.

    1. Dovi. I have been a fan of Dovi for years and have felt that he always ended up with the wrong end of the pineapple. Dropped from Honda when he had accumulated more championship points than Pedrosa, promised a factory ride with Yamaha after joining Tech 3 - a promise that was not kept. Now at Ducati and Ducati to their credit have kept the faith in him - even when critics suggested they should have kept Ianonne instead. I think that question has been satisfactorily answered. Dovi has been able to learn and adapt to the vagueries of the Ducati and at last he is being able to show what he is capable of. 

    2. Suzuki and the Ianonne experiment. The Maniac has really not done himself any favours. The fact that he beat his team mate at Motegi - only just - might appear to be a good omen but to me it is confirmation of a bigger problem. The only reason The Maniac placed 4th at Motegi was because his team mate placed 5th. Ianonne has shown very little this year with some appauling results. But he knows he has to beat his team mate. Unfortuantely he seems to think thats ALL he needs to do. To me, Rins has shown far more promise this season than the  more experienced Ianonne. The Suzuki looks to be a competitive mount and is easily as good as last years bike which found its way on to the podium a few times. So the bike is there, but where is Ianonne?

    So in 2017 we have MM93 doing what only MM93 can do - ride over the limit and still stay on. A great spectacle and likely to result in another championship for Repsol Honda. He is making the Honda look a lot better than I suspect it really is. Dani and Cal can't get close on the same bike. But the Ducati I believe has come of age. With Dovi and Petrucci frequenting the podium it is clearly a great all round package. Yamaha on the other hand have dropped the ball and I wonder if there are any thoughts of the factory boys swapping bikes with Tech 3 because the 2016 model looks to be a better machine.

    Lets put out for fine weather at PI. I was there last year in the rain and it was beyond miserable. It would be great to see a dry weekend as the track is sublime and the fans and the riders deserve some dry time after a particularly wet season.


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    Dovisioso has just acquired something very special. Not just momentum. And he wasn't just measured/calculated/Professor Desmo. He found something more. On the last 2 laps he had rather violent head shake from what he wrung out of the throttle while alongside Marquez. The limit feels...flimsier in the rain. Look at the safety car shot from the helicopter on the sighting lap - it looks like a boat casting a wake!

    Yes his race craft was excellent. The last corner inside line grab by Marquez, Dovi was not intelligent - conscious analytical thinking literally does not function that quickly. Marquez came through so aggressively, on a line that passes through Dovi's front wheel as they approach the apex. Dovi was at lean, and rolling off the throttle further loads the tentatively adhered front tire. He was under attack. Again. This one was cleaner than the previous "use him as a berm to carom off of" hip check or run off track one of recent memory. Dovi had a masterful subtle microadjustment within the kill lunge of a knife fight. In the wet.

    Dovi has experienced himself at 11 10ths triumphing over the scrappiest rabid dog of a gifted motorcycle racer in the circus. He was overriding his Ducati without making a misstep. He conquered Marquez. This confidence, courage and faith via unheralded experience bestows him with something very rare indeed. Forged greatness.

    Rins deserves note for his pace and performance - after getting punted nearly to the rear on the the opening corners he really excelled. And I think tore through too much rear tire in doing so. Welcome back! And yes, Iannone looked settled in to riding this bike he has finally. Hoping that continues in Australia.

    More could be said. The weather conditions were really horrible. Even with the best of tires and set up it is quite a tribulation to race in so much standing water and cold. What we just saw amongst Dovi and Marquez was something special. And I am aware that this is the Ducati we are talking about, it gets around like a proper MotoGP bike and Bologna has done wonderfully.

    We're you not yelling aloud and getting out of your seat?!

    Off to beloved Phillip Island. Hoping for good weather and expecting a Yamaha return to form. The racing is BEAUTIFUL this year!

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    great write up as ever,this race will live in the memory,thanks for your work

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    Except for FP2, Dovi seemed a step behind Marquez all weekend long, until the race. So even if the race conditions were perfect for him, he certainly played a very smart game and kept his best for when it mattered most. It's odd, but also incredible, to see a rider become a revelation at this stage of his career. Dovi has been surprising and shown all the credentials of a champ. Marquez will have to dig even deeper than imagined.

    Roll on Phillip Island.

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    Firstly I hope everything is OK with you

    Please give us the roundup, I'm sure it's not just me who keeps looking for it!!!!

    Love your work