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  • Reply to: Opinion: Can Cameron Beaubier Revive the Stature of US Racing?   9 hours 17 min ago haven't watched BT Sports coverage and commentary as I can learn more about what's going on in the paddock or what's happening out on the track listening to Keith and Julies or what's going through the rider's mind through either Hoggy or Edwards in 10 minutes on BT Sports than a full day of coverage with MotoGp's own commentary with Harris and who ever is with him (I stupidly purchased the MotoGp package...don't waste your money). I get BeIn Sports over there and I have to admit that their in studio hosts are very good (and enthusiastic). I'd rather let them cover the actual race than Motogp's horrible "chatter". Besides we only get the race over pratices, qualifying or in depth "behind the scenes" stuff that BT Sports offers. I would gladdly pay for that but you can't stream any content over here through BT Sports (blocked)...As far as the orginal article about Cameron, I thought the same thing that Dave mentioned about a "washed-up" (he isn't) rider just spanked the best we have over here...Uh Oh!


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    Maria Herrera continues to show good form especially on her starts though having difficulties in qualifying. At Mugello Herrera stayed with the lead group, eventually finishing only 4.9 seconds off Binder, while Alexi Masbou and John McPhee (who both qualified ahead of her) were dropped and finished over 30 seconds back.

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    Nope.  I'm saying (not implying) that you're a slow rider if you don't use the front brake because there's no way you can slow down to corner speed in a reasonable distance without using it.

    The rear brake on sports bikes is mostly used to stabilise or destabilise the bike and performs only a small amount of speed reduction, and most of that is achieved by it's tendancy to squat the rear - if you apply it early enough you can use it to lower the bike a little and make it harder for the rear to come up which allows you to use more front brake.  It doesn't do a lot to slow the bike by itself.

    If you attempt to do an emergency stop to pass your riding test using only the rear brake (or engine braking) (at least where i live), you will almost certainly fail.

    Using the front brake means you can brake later and harder, which means you can stay on the gas for longer.



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    Of course I wake up today to see Cameron not finish, what a shame. Hopefully he'll better luck tomorrow. To be fair the guy who crushed superpole and won today has also crashed this season. These things happen in racing. Tomorrow is another chance and I hope Cameron makes up for it. 

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    Rea had multiple issues with the bike today and finished third.  When he doesn't win, doesn't have the bike, or setup, or both, he still manages to get on the podium.  That's championship riding.  Good luck to the rest of the guys.  If he rides like this the remainder of 2016 he will have the crown again.  Superb judgement, riding, nerves and patience in the face of adversity.