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    You missed the point.    I never made excuses for MM behavior in Sepang.

    The point is MM's reaction was foreseeable given his tempermant and past and Rossi's public statements after PI.

    I don't recall which broadcast it was (probably Eurosport) or which session, but one of the broadcasters said prior to the start of Sepang race (paraphrasing)  "well if MM wasn't going to be gunning for Rossi before,  he is now".   

    Again... Rossi made a bad choice in how/where/when to air his grievances.   He would have done much better to vent at Marquez in private, and perhaps in public after the season was over.

    Again... his strategy backfired on him and where did it get him... the back of the grid in Valencia.

    And finally... nothing MM did was illegal or dangerous... it was unsportsmanlike, and limited to Sepang (in my opinion).

    Rossi really tied his own noose.

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    That broken metatarsal would be one painful (and debilitating) injury for a MotoGP rider. No wonder he's not coming back yet.

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    ...amazing, even on my phone

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    In 2010 Lorenzo could have ceeded his position in the race with virtually no damage damage to his runaway championship lead whilst Rossi was still fighting for 2/3/4 position in the championship with the race winner and also had the guy 5th in the championship being 2nd in the race.

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    I usually enjoy Mat's articles because they are reasonable. But this time I get the impression he gets a bit overdramatic over the fact that some very very few fans cheered over the crash of Marc Marquez. Watching the MotoGP-race again you can clearly see that the vast majority of australians were not cheering but looked scared and were shocked when Marc Marquez crashed. I refuse to believe australian race fans are such fools. Please check the MotoGP-Fullrace-Video at 32:44 min and really analyze the facial expressions and gestures of the fans. Maybe Mat talks about something else which we couldn't see on the video. But these images clearly support my argument.