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    As an engineer, for me personally, bikes like the bizarre ELF Honda from the 80s are way more exciting than the same old telescoping fork inline 4 stuff. And you compare cars to bikes... bikes are in the stone age. Same ancient suspension, same (essentially) transmission with a human operated clutch, same port injected, single timing engines, same same same. I say, bring on the dual clutch transmissions, the direct injection, the variable valve timing AND lift, the parallelogram suspensions that could deliver the rear end traction factories need to put 260HP to the ground safely and effectively. If there's one thing I hate about motorcycle racing its the paralyzing conservatism.

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    If so, some "lazy eye" is only when the person is really tired and while not "in use" - when it is "go time" it can be non existent.

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    I know Lorenzo has expiremented with a handbrake / clutch lever combo before, maybe Ducati can find somthing that works for him there.

    Also intresting that Dovi still has the foot brake lever on his bike and with the same yelow spring on what would be the rear master cylinder clearly visible same as on Lorenzo's bike. 

    So it seems Dovi has an extra input to do Somthing at his option.  Curious what kinds of things you could do or signal to be done with a little bit of rider controlled hydraulic pressure.  

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    The hand wave is obviously the wings and their passing, but the that signaling Gigi's seamless one, or even indicating his forehead region and upper faring changes?


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    And conversely the Honda race bikes (4 strokes previous to the Marquez's 2nd season) were so turnkey and go fast that they had a "street bike" accessibility to them, right? Anyone could go fast on them straight off and the bike would conform to various riding styles. My production Hondas have been SO forgiving, easy to get along with, has been 2 yrs and I may have to go get another at some point.

    The Ducati on the other hand...with Lorenzo on it, and his style having narrower "operating parameters" that are so specialized. This is a REALLY INTERESTING venture. He will be at the front regularly. And off the podium often.

    Lorenzo will retain his DNA. So will the Ducati. But neither will remain unchanged by each other. Perhaps we can look back on the transition into and then settled in with the new -old electronics w Michelins as having book ends. The first being a catastrophe at Honda highlighting Marquez. The second bookend? Perhaps a combo of mechanical grip carrying "little guy" Suzuki to win high lighting Maverick, and this dynamic of Lorenzo and the Ducati high lighting each other. KTM may well come in with a bike that feels REALLY good in the handling dept and plenty of usable motor, then their pipeline gives us a Binder, and high lite the other end of this era. I think this intermingling of 99 and Red will be for the better for them both, even if Jorge has poorer results than he achieved at Yamaha.

    Yamaha - you and Maverick may be holding the second bookend in suspense. Much of my anticipation is upon your 2017 through 2018 bikes. You have already done several resurgent developments into greatness. Poised for another now?