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    Dorna signed a five-year contract with the Circuit of Wales to host the race from 2015. Ha Ha.

    Who made that decision? and when will they be terminated

    more than Two years later still nothing, no doubt the directors of Heads of the Valleys Development Company have been paying themselves for all the work they have done.

    How long has this been going on ? I thought it was a scam right from the start. some comments from people in Wales suggested that the (usually wet) weather was totally unsuited to a race circuit. Shonky as a three dollar note.

    If it looks like a duck & quacks like a duck Don't invest in it!

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    the comments from readers on motomatters are always more interesting and considered, and less combative, than in other sites. Sorry Mat but that includes your publication...

    All I can say, is that after watching Federer's ridiculous win in the Australian Open, while supporting Nadal, I was just full of admiration for his competitive effort. As an older dude I also appreciated his effort relative to his vintage.

    I have thought that Rossi has gone too far in a competitive sense at times, but his effort this year to work through his challenges and deliver that performance just screams class, effort and craftsmanship. It was incredibly satisfying to see him win, even if you were supporting another rider.

    All that, and for those in OZ, we really enjoyed seeing that Miller ended up in a vertical position after the finish line, in a pretty fast race. Hope springs eternal.

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    Totally unsurprised by this news and only slightly amazed that the proposal dragged on as long as it did.

    Anyone with an ounce of financial and logisitic acumen would have taken one look at the costs, location, infrastructure etc., and concluded it was a non-starter. The fact that taxpayer money was required in order to underwrite this white elephant only indicates how the backers of this planned circuit also had little faith in their own project.

    6,000 jobs? I doubt that if you added up all the jobs at all the circuits in the UK you would approach this number.

    However, we should feel some sympathy with the local populace who would have been hoping for new jobs in what I understand is still a badly deprived area.

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    Regarding statement that MSV has purchased lease on Donington. Nothing has been completed on that front as yet, as the competition market authority are investigating whether the purchase breaches competition rules, and have made a temporary enforcement order ensuring both businesses stay seperate while the investigation continues.


    And is Donington really that unsuitable to host the race as it currently stands? Granted the spectator facilities are sparse but temporary structures and facilities can be brought in for the event and the view is far superior to Silverstone. Since the last GP in 2009 additional run off and a number of changes to the circuit have taken place and i understand the circuit already has a grade 1 license. As for the size of the paddock, perhaps DORNA should be asking themselves how a track that used to hold Grand Prix and supporting classes with up to 200 competitors cannot now hold less than 90 today..aah the price of progress.


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    Despite the naysayers he is still there, what, 7 points down mid-season?

    I could have made a lot of money betting with journalists.