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    What a delight it is to read David's Race round-up! The long wait is worth it. It is more like waiting for your favorite rider to recover from his injury(read Rossi 2010) and get back to winning ways. Welcome back David :) Hope you stay fit and healthy and deliver us more exciting articles.

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    Go look for the specs on them. The standard bearer was the Ninja 300 as a benchmark. There are Cup series at several national levels. The 250 Honda is heavy and underpowered such that it is not possible to be competitive. The KTM 390 single competes and is more race worthy in Superstock form, and has also produced a solid Cup series. The Yamaha is a bit stronger than the others. It is hard to get parity amongst these, and the Honda 500 is a closer fit. Which shouldn't be a point of pride of course.

    The parts of the world where the market is swelling is after the small displacement bikes. They are primary transportation as well as a focus of cultural interest. The profit margin on them is much higher. The 600's make little money for the manus.

    Our tracks - they are big for Moto4. Kart tracks are more interesting to me w that scale of a machine. But this is the bridge class, and does provide for a need from minis to Moto3. I just don't see myself following it much outside of highlight film.

    If you want the stats on these bikes I can gather them here. The "CBR" 250 isn't even in the same class really. Here is all but the KTM.

    Another w the "CBR" 300 and RC390

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    is incorrect - the European Junior Cup was running the CBR500R, which is how it was referenced. My mistake.

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    so I assume the 500R reference may be an error

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    I think many people seem to be missing the point here.  The big attraction is that road going customers like and value the lightweight class bikes and are voting with their wallets.  Highly specialized supersport 600s are so far removed from their all arounder beginnings, are expensive to insure and boring to ride at street legal speeds that few want them anymore.  I love my ZX6R track bike, but watch as the Ninja 300, R3 and RC390 fly out of the dealerships and onto the track with me.  

    Kawasaki, Honda, KTM, Yamaha and others see high profit margins in these 1/3 liter machines, so of course they want to promote the sporting prowess.  Riders who own one (or disire to!) want to imagine themselves achieving racing glory when watching the pros battle it out.  Bring on the new class in WSBK and give young racers a platform that can transfer from club to national to international level.  I don't see any Moto3 machines for sale at the dealerships in the US!