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    So very sad. Sympaty, condonences, bereavement & grief. Thanks to Ducati corse for sharing how crap they feel to.

    I did not expect Nicky's death to hit me so hard.

    I can't believe it, cannot believe that the world keeps on going.

    The public roads are a lot more dangerous than the racetrack. The future is uncertain and the end is always near.

    RM400MAN, I am with you in spirit. maybe in Tuscany next year.

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    I didn't read any here, so just spare me the rest.

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    I will be attending the Mugello GP in 8 days time and will be proudly flying the USA flag along with my Australian flag,my companions and I intend to make the weekend a celebration of Nicky`s life in our chosen passion.

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    While we have no clear idea of what happened immediately before the crash, what does seem evident is that the car driver had no chance of avoiding any biker or car that pulled out onto the two lane highway.  (If that's what actually happened.)  Here's the driver's view of the interesection.

    Nicky was supposedly coming from the right, where the white van can be seen in the next frame.  (Use up arrow to move forward.)  If you 'drive' still further down the road, you can see the grassy area where Nicky's bike wound up.  

    Here's a view from Hayden's supposed perspective.  This isn't the sort of intersection any biker would blow off.  (And I can't imagine Nicky being the reckless type - he's seen and experienced too many examples of what happens when speeding objects collide.) Even if the hedge had been trimmed lower, or other modifications had been made to the landscaping, the view up the road is limited.  

    Gotta think Nicky suffered a brief distraction (bee sting, or other freakish event) or was possibly (?) punted into traffic by a car behind?  Maybe the stop signs were down due to vandalisim, or construction, or god-knows-what?  :(

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    I haven't seen any comment at all about Yamaha using their aero fairing at Le Mans.

    Might be making that little bit of difference. Be interesting to see whether they continue using it