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    Wow, over react much?  

    David, I'm happy to reimburse you for MSS 58 supporter fee after you boot him.

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    Couple of things before I begin:

    I've played football (american) and rugby all of my life as well as being a track day rider for many years so I've seen my fair share of hits, concussions and even careers ending in front of my eyes. 

    I mention that because on Twitter Mat was mentioning that most of the people commenting him on his article had never been on a motorcycle so I figured it would make for a good preface. 

    That being said, my opinion is that we all have our favorite riders, we follow certain guys and we probably don't like a few and couldn't care less about some others and I feel that whenever I'm watching a race I will root for the guy that I like so if to the guy that's in front of him runs wide, has a mechanical failure or crashes my IMMEDIATE reaction will obviously be to cheer because my rider has just gained a spot. 

    That does not mean that I want the guy in front of him to crash, break his neck and die, I just think it's a natural reaction to express some emotion for something that has 'helped' your guy go up in the standings. 

    I even shared the example of Lawrence Taylor when he injured Joe Theismann and ended with his career. As a fan of the sport, you see your team get a sack, you celebrate but then when you see there's an injury you quiet down. It is why you'll see most teams take a knee as the player is getting treatment. 

    You never wish harm to someone else but I just think that everyones initial reaction would be to cheer. Now if you cheer while a guy is being carted out then you're definitively an idiot and perhaps those are the 'fans' that Mat was referring to in his article. 

    In the end, everyone is entitled to their opinion and we're gracious enough that David gives us all knuckleheads a space where we can vent our opinions but you can shoot the messenger for sharing the latest article of one of the greatest MotoGP writers, that's just silly. 

    But then again, maybe I'm just crazy...

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    My opinion is that I certainly dont believe MM interfered with Vale, he simply raced him harder which he is full well entitled to do and I certainly dont blame him given the circumstances, I too would have made every single effort to make sure he did not beat me in that race if he had to insult me in public, including whatever hard passes it takes, not my problem if he was fighting for a championship and why should it be MM's problem... There was no bumps up until Rossi kicked him off if my memory serves me correct, just a lot of passing which in turn slows the pace of both riders, not MM supposedly interfering, he was fighting for podium positions, Rossi could have chosen to sit behind him and make his overtake on the last lap OR he could have somehow made the pass stick and if he was fast enough pull away from Marquez but he attacked MM just as hard and straight away.. There is many theoretical ways that Rossi could have done much better in that race but the simple fact is he fought too.

    As for VR, he didnt lose the championship at Sepang, he lost it at a few places. Aragon he should have beaten Pedro for 4 points, PI he should have beat Ianonne for another 3 points but the fact is he didnt and not only that Lorenzo had a DNF in the season and still beat him to the title. Regardless the best man won the season.

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    considering the latest posts I guess your Sepang Motogp Preview will be written with extra-careful pondering ? laugh or, maybe, you'll just keep the comments section closed? laugh and no politics of course !

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    Marc's accident was legitimately scary. The bike got tossed in the air and landed very close to his feet. It could just as easily have landed on top of him.

    Lowside/Highside only tells you how the rider lost control... what happens after losing control is very variable. You could have a highside with a soft landing and come out unhurt and you can have a lowside and get your limbs stuck somewhere and get hurt in the resultant tumbles.