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  • Reply to: Subscriber Interview: Guy Coulon Explains Why Johann Zarco's Unique Approach Makes Him So Fast   22 hours 25 min ago

    Interesting comments on the left/right brain characteristics of astronauts (and I'm sure pilots, in general...also interesting to note the analogy some have made of pilots and motorcycle racers, the bikes and the planes - I'm now summoning memories of interviews within Mark Neal's doc Fastest).  

    Also, to clarify, I don't mean to discount the need, fun, and spirit of analyzing, quantifying, measuring, etc, what makes people or things excel.  I like to do it as much as the next guy.  Perhaps even obsessively within my own personal life!  However, sometimes, IMO, it just becomes inexplicable.  Romanticism takes over and I get tempted to assign some majestic, unknowable quality to something I can't explain.

    I should add that for those "naturals" out there, I believe they also happen to be some of the most cerebral and intelligent within their craft - there's just something that separates them once it comes time to perform or carry out the actual act of their craft.  The mind turns off.  It's all feel from there.  Fascinating. 

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    Thanks again David, I haven't seen these anywhere else yet. Good to see Ant West has a ride for 2018. Lachlan Epis will be back again next season Epic!

    One blank spot, one vacant saddle on the grid up for grabs. Something still to speculate about. some rookies.

    The *ESS FIM Europe Supersport Cup riders, all eight of them. do they do just the European rounds ? Whats the go there David. Will we see some of them at P.I. next February ?

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    Only twentyone riders entered for next year. Three Hondas. Still only one MV, that seems like a lost opportunity to achieve better results. No Aussie again this year, although some in the paddock in other classes. Two permanent Americans, plus wildcards? does anyone know anything about wildcards in 2018? I am assuming SBK still goes to the USA. will have to look at the calender again.

    Oh yeah they go to Laguna in June, middle of June. Then they go to south America in freaking October! Three & a half months later??? the calender shows World superbikes are going to Argentina. assuming the track gets built. that is a big if in my opinion. It seems the nearest international airport to el Villicum is in Chile, but I'm no expert.

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    > If the gap between the two identical Mugens which finished first and second was 42 seconds then this isnt a problem with the bike, its a problem of rider calibre.

    The winner of the 2017 TT Zero was Bruce Anstey, his second placed team mate was Guy Martin. Both of them are at about the same high level as TT riders but Bruce has had a few years experience on the bike while it was Guy's first race on it. So a problem of rider experience rather than calibre.

    Dean Harrison who finished fourth is a TT winner and James Cowton who finished sixth is also a good rider (I think he's had podiums at the TT). So even further down the field rider calibre was not necessarily a big issue. The Energica Ego was being ridden by Adam Child, a tester for MCN who has some TT experience but is not a professional racer so its seventh place is probably down to both bike and rider.

    I can understand why Dorna think a single make series will work better but I am dissapointed by that and their choice of a manufacturer I'd never heard of before yesterday; their TT entry wasn't even run by the factory. I had hoped for someone with more experience like Mugen but we'll see how it pans out in 2019.

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    Morbidelli, the way he rode and the way he won races in Moto 2, reminded me a lot of Stefan Bradl. I'm expecting him to get similar results in Moto GP as Bradl.