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    If you check the Orders tab on your profile page, you will see that your subscription expired. You should have received an email a week beforehand telling you it was about to expire. 

    Thanks for supporting us!

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    less than 400 riders have ever won a race in 67 years in ALL classes, thats just over 5 a year. There are nearly 60 races a season now, in the opast there were fewer races but more classes. Even scoring a point is beyond the majority of Moto2/3 riders however much they try. I think the level of skill, commitment and intelligence to win a race is beyond the comprohension of most of us, as before you make it to the big time you must fight your way through the lower championships. which filters out most of the unsuitable ones, so its not just balls you need, it's application, understanding and above an undying beleif in your ability. Winners never quit and quitters never win.


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    Thought I *was* a subscriber. Checking to see if the Site Supporter flag appears ...

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    Hi David, finally subscribed!

    I am unable to recall exactly when but pretty sure that it was early days of motogpmatters before site changed to motomatter at some point when I find your site so...this is really late subscription but looking forward to read and support your site for next decades!


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    You do understand that this is David's job, right?  There's no real boss above him cutting him a salary (err unless Mr. Emmett is married?).  The internet has spoiled people for "free" content, or in the cases of public/private forums, free services that *someone* must pay for either through charity or through the raising of revenues through passive (to you) means such as advertisements.  Nevertheless, just because you weren't cutting a check up front, doesn't mean that it wasn't costing an often large expense for the people providing the service.  Some do it and don't put up ads because it's their passion and they're happy to pay for their passion, however, for David it's his job and the only way he can deliver all this content is by appropriately running it as a business.  

    In other words, everyone needs to eat, but that doesn't mean that the baker should give his bread away for free because "Hey, I'm hungry!  This shouldn't all be about money!"  And that's for food, you *don't* need free motorcycle leisure reading material.  

    Your lack of sense for economics is very worrying, yogi bear.