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  • Reply to: Monster Energy Replaces Movistar As Yamaha Title Sponsor   1 hour 6 min ago

    With Monster taking over as title sponsor of a factory team, maybe it's time MotoGP changed it's name to the MotoTT = Taurine Title


  • Reply to: Guest Blog: Mat Oxley - Dani's golden, uphill career   1 hour 11 min ago

    It's debatable, but I think it'd help if the support classes have a minimum rider weight requirement so that if they're under the min,  then teams would have to add ballast.  It might help small riders that are successful in support classes have less of a step-up shock when they graduate to MotoGP.   The logic being that you take away their advantage on the smaller/lighter bikes so that small riders wouldn't be so specialized.

  • Reply to: Kawasaki Part Ways With Tom Sykes In WorldSBK   1 hour 52 min ago

    How does a rider take it when a new one comes in and blows them away in "their" team? Pedrosa and Sykes stuck it out for a long time. 

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    I thought Rea had left, prompting silly season shenanigans. I don't know much about WSBK so I guess I'll just leave that there.

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    I certainly wouldn’t disagree with the first comment, that was the git phase. I don’t know about the tribalism though. I’d say he absolutely contributed by picking fights, but surely the media (and possibly Dorna) played a bigger part. It’s unpleasant, for sure, but I can’t help feeling it also widened the audience. I mean who had heard of Mick Doohan outside of the usual circles?