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    I'm not at all privvy to contract details, but I would imagine that Mr Stoner was able to negotiage a slightly different employment agreement as opposed to a 'regular' test rider. Being a 2 time World Champ and at least as fast as any rider on the grid would carry some bargaining power. Stoner himself is also somewhat 'unusual' as a rider goes. Not many riders truly go out on top when they could arguablly have accumulated several more world championships,

    As a fan i am dissapointed that i didnt get to see him race again, but as a silver lining it gave the opportunity for another young keen rider to show his stuff on the world stage, and Mike Jones did exceptionally well (fastest lap of any GP14.2 during the race)


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    Given the sensitivity around Sepang 2015, and the tendency for arguments to flare, I am disabling comments under this preview. I will also remove inappropriate comments in any other part of the website. The two camps in the events of 2015 are irrevocably split, and because of that, discussion of the events is almost impossible. This seems like the best option.

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    Differentiating bike parity and Alien. And subjective praise vs objective performance.

    We have seen young riders on relatively poorer bikes look to be on Alien trajectory, consistently over-riding the potential of the bike. It causes us to re-evaluate what we think is possible. We get very excited about it, and with good reason!

    Being on a "best bike" when there are FOUR of them in the world can be a part of a rider excelling in such an unequivocal manner. Rossi and the 990 Honda comes to mind. The rider and the bike are co-creating each other to a degree too - Rossi and the Yamaha and Stoner/Ducati come to mind. Sometimes this goes oddly, like Marquez and the 2015-on Honda over reaching in the "smash the front and unleash all the power" misstep. Paradoxically clarifying the Alien nature of Marquez who tempered his unbridled exhuberance WITH the bike that forced that. Much like Rossi/Burgess - Yamaha, Marquez taking the 2016 title on this bike is something...special. And we look now to Lorenzo with the 2017 Gigi Ducati with similar eyes.

    The top 2-3 factories are able to secure the services of the Greats of course. Gone is the last era in which there were only 4 bikes. And here is the interesting point. Bike parity increasing does not contradict the concept of Alien. Nor does the "merely Superhuman" performance of Cal Crutchlow winning in the dry at the pantheon of PI with the improving satellite/"factory" Honda.

    Rule changes have made something possible we can celebrate. It decreases the disparity in performance capacity between manufacturers and factory - satellite teams. It is fitting that we are specifically talking about Crutchlow. At Tech3 he had a struggle specifically with having had a handshake agreement to get a closer - to - factory bike with a big step up from Yamaha that didn't happen. Now the contrast is relevant. (Yamaha PLEASE for your own sake get Herve stronger bikes!).

    Consider also the similar matter of Ducati and Suzuki, able to be in the front of a dry race. The bike needing a rider just as the rider needs bike. And that synergistic more that can come as bike and rider co-create each other. We can now see more bikes and riders achieve greatness. And this is good. With weather and tires as they have been this year Yamaha have some work cut out for them. Rossi looks human. Eyes turn to Maverick. Honda with their design philosophy and these tires erred with their bike and look human. Suzuki found 20 horsepower and a rideable bike with mechanical grip that may lead a race, with so little finances and personnel that it amazes. There is no reason that little KTM can't build on their solid development with smaller bikes to do the same. The Moto2 formula is about to change, and they have a bike and rider poised to capitalize. Even Aprilia is now mid-pack and rising, and have A.Espargaro that has had superhuman performances (yrs ago on the CRT) and recent excellence. Yes. This is good.

    Iannone and Ducati, something special was displaying itself late last season. Phillip Island 2015 even had a bird poetically displaced while a rocketeer made passes for the ages. But it did not continue. And the opposite of Greatness manifested with red winged bikes colliding like bloody seagulls.

    Every sport has its Greats. We have a name for ours. Crutchlow has gritted his way to greatness, and right now is a top 7 rider. He has my admiration, and nothing is diminished there by the notion of Aliens that have my wonder and awe.

    If it was likely a mid-pack rider that has been on a bike that can win in the dry that first articulated the Alien notion, that is illuminating. Believe...they are unbelievable.

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    I think Alien means "untouchable on their best days, of which come often per season."

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    Goose bumps