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    Yes he was Suzuki's test rider during their time away the grid. Then he had a miserable year in WSBK for them. Then he was KTM's test rider until Mika signed on with them. Now as you say he's doing quite well in the Endurance series (Pole at LeMans this year). But let's face it, while his contract could be inexpensive, his equipement costs... prolly not so much. ;)

    I view him as a more personable and entertaining version of Sam Lowes at this point. :)

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    Pt 1 and 2 have a lot of gems

    If Ducati is able to find that mid corner grip they will have the best bike on the grid next year. The power, the brakes, and the corner speed.... they almost won the championship with only 2 out of 3

    Will be interesting to see if Yamaha gets their stuff together next year though. That definitely helped Ducati a lot.

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    It must be hard for Folger, really really hard. You need to suffer a lot when you take this kind of decision. Hope he'll find a way, on a bike or not.

    Poncharal will recover, the pain will disappear faster for him than for Folger. He has the power to make a pilot happy, very very happy. A bike with potential podium!

    Sad and interesting.

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    I like this one! West has been so impressive in his ridiculous amount of wildcards and spontaneous rides in various championships.  I don't know what the stigma is surrounding him. He is clearly still competitive. 

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    That is a half truth, fortunately.

    In extreme hyperbilirubinemia phenobarbitals may be used until the condition is under controls.
    Phenobarbitals being not being your average OTC medication have fairly serious and common side-effects and are reserved as a temporary and last resort measure.

    Now I have voiced my doubts about Jonas' disability stemming from Gilbert's in another post, but for the purpose of this reply, I will treat is as a defintive truth.

    There's no easy fix for raised blood levels of bilirubin which is the main outcome of Gilbert's.
    Long story short, our livers (me being one Gilbert's happy bunch) do not produce enough glucoronyltransferase.

    What is glucoronyltransferase? An enzyme geared towards conjugating bilirubin.

    See, bilirubin primarily comes in a fat soluble form, called unconjugated bilirubin or indirect bilirubin, and our bodies have a much harder time expelling fat soluble things than water soluble ones, so glucoronyltransferase - the liver produced enzyme - conjugates it into cojugated or direct bilirubin which the body can more easily discard.

    My next point is this: every functioning organism can function better or worse depending on external factors.

    So, while there is no direct response to Gilbert's in form of a safe, non side-effect inducing pill, there is a managment path. Overloading your liver less will most likely result in better bilirubin conjugation, this means abstaining from overly fatty foods and alcohol amongst other thing.

    Sunlight can also help, as UV rays help conjugate bilirubin with winter sunlight interestingly enough being more effective. In case you happen to live in a particularly dark area, phototeraphy is also effective.

    So you see, it's not a clear case of "deal with it", but rather a case of finding a way to deal with it.

    That being said, as a person with constantly raised bilirubin level, and a blood-based diagnosis of Gilbert's, I am fatigued when I haven't been able to catch my regular 8 hours of sleep, or on a particularly drizzly, dreary day and not much else.

    I am not fully convinced that Gilbert's is to blame for fatigue, and while there are people with Gilbert's who complain of fatigue amongst other issues, and there have been some theories around why it could be so, a direct link is yet to be found, but in any case I believe it can be dealt with.

    Personally when I am on a stricter regiment, I am able to almost get it under normal values, being just a few numbers off, but when I train harder, which usually is around 8 or sometimes more hours per week (with 24 hours per week being the highest recorded number for me) it does tend to go for the highscore. Subjectively however, I think it is more affected by poor sleep hygiene and stress rather than exercise. I have to say subjectively because one person does not make a case study, i take blood test sporadically, change too many variables and I am obserivng myself which not just opens the door for subjectivity, but knocks a whole of the room down.

    Am I some sort of authority on this issue? Of course not.
    However I am someone who is somewhat read on the issue and happens to have it (most likely) imprinted in his DNA.

    The most likely part is because most Gilbert's syndrome diagnosis are blood test based, a diagnosis which is satisfactory for the large majority but will never be definitive.

    Sorry for making a marathon out of this, but I reckoned I could be useful in explaining the condition if not anything else, and i don't often get the chance to be useful.