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    Going by what Mav said on it was definately the front tyre that let go Very impressive blackie for a front end slide. If the two go together?

    I guess half way round lap two it may not have been fully up to temperature. like my thinker earlier. Or a dirty bumpy part of the track ?

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    Must be the best start to a season for Rossi in how long? Consistent when the young Spaniards are making rare mistakes.

    Sir NJ I agree, Valentino could be on his way to number Ten. Good luck to him. I don't agree that 2006 was "possibly the most crafted MotoGP WC". I respect your opinion.

    A most impressive job by Cal Crutchlow so far. Ahead of Dani on the factory HRC bike.

    Herve Poncheral is the smartest team manager in MotoGp, watch your back Lin Jarvis.

    Ducati, why spend so much money on JLo99? Jorge is 13th in the championship. Fifth Ducati! Behind three old Ducs, Gp16s or Gp15s, for fun's sake. Give the second factory Ducati to Petrucci or Scott Redding or A.B.

    You know what they say "A race tuners' secret weapon, Put a really fast rider on it". that means the metronome has not yet proven to be Really rapid. how can a so called Alien have trouble going fast for the entire race distance & full 18 races on the Ducati. well he is used to the Yamaha. those two bikes are very different. Lorenzo is fast but in another way.

    Excellent season so far. It would be great to get to Andalusia for the next race.

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    I didnt get a good look at Mav's crash, but He left a big blackie. Was that from the front tyre as he was holding it up with his knee, elbow & shoulder ? Or what, mechanical failure locking the rear wheel?. Just as well M. Vinales has plenty of points

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    That was tough luck for Canet, the red flag seemed pretty unnecessary but I guess race direction have to err on the side of caution.  I don't think it's right that a rider can trigger a red flag and then be able to restart, the dude crashed out right?

    Nice ride by Fenati, really pushed Canet into error.  Will be interesting to see how canet goes from here on, you get the feeling that once he can break through for the first win then others will come (if he can learn to keep his cool), a little like Binder going on a rampage last year after Jerez.  Fenati... he's a hard one to work out but rode a masterful race today.

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    I gotta feel for Alex Marquez, when so much is expected of you because of the success of your brother, at least he finished this time.  Anybody remember Chuck and Ken Springsteen?