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    I don't see why you want to see Morbidelli on an under performing bike ?  

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    thank you Tony and David.

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    Morbidelli will love his 2019 factory!
    (Bike is coming good Sam)
    If Quarty get an updated motor and electronics he will too. Yamaha does such stuff (like Zarco now as I understand). And SIC has serious cash. LOVE the aqua blue back!

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    Love your articles Steve keep up the great work.  Coverage of Suzuka was a good read. 

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    ...some more complex issues IMO. There is the Z factor too. Let me explain: in the past - until 2016- I heard many interviews of Hervé in French (bearing in mind these guys very rarely talk to the press without an agenda, particularly Poncharal who is also head of IRTA). Speaking his mother tongue to "his" audience he never hinted at wanting more. 

    Most of  the time his riders were faring well and it always sounded that the deal was clear and both parties content. I remember a long interview of Pol Espargaro summer 2015 I think praising the data they were given by Yamaha factory after every FP  and how that helped both him and Smith. He was in awe when telling that they could not figure out how JL and the Italian could do what they were doing. 

    Then some major things happened : Smith never got around the Michelin. The 2017 Yamaha was a disaster. And Zarco managed to be in front of the factory boys a couple of times. And Poncharal with, no doubt, the help of Fellon, started looking at the whole thing in a different way. Expecting more from Yamaha despite the fact that their contract has always been clear. 

    That is when in his french interviews he started hinting at an unfair treatment from Yamaha. And that they don't get enough. And that Zarco deserved a full factory bike "because he beat both factory riders". My guess is that he used zarco's good results as leverage to obtain more from Yamaha. 

    But his plan was in clear conflict with Fellon's plan: Zarco wanted in in an official team. Somehow the KTM move came as a plan B considering that there might be a Yamaha VR46 team in 2022. 

    Was this a smart move? I honestly don't know. But I have the feeling that Jarvis was always very clear about the terms of the relationship with Tech 3. Less so Poncharal who saw Zarco as a negociating asset without realizing they wanted different things.

    The good thing is that Tech 3 will be growing with KTM and bringing to the table all the precious knowledge acquired with Yamaha....

    On a side note: I'm delighted that Morbidelli's struggle with the Honda will soon be over. Seeing how  well "pescao" is doing I'm fairly confident he can do better. I'm more puzzled by quartararo...