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  • 2015 Donington World Superbike Race Two: Ding Ding, Round Two   35 min 7 sec ago

    What is driving the poor attendance at the british rounds? You would think that attendance would be at much higher numbers given quite a few british riders are performing at a high level. Are there economic considerations? Is it the fact that there are already the MotoGP and BSB rounds there, and three is just one too many? Is it the venue? I don't think so, the track looked spectacular on TV. Laguna Seca on the other hand is an example of a track that frankly is going to the dogs, and it is in a nice area that wants to jack all the prices come race time and take every penny you have, so I can see why attendance has gone down there. Do local vendors try to take advantage of race fans there too? I just don't understand. If there was a track that nice over here I believe attendance numbers would be soaring.

    Race fans everywhere need to take stock of this situation. I know that it's hard for a race to make money for the promoters these days. The gate is one of the main things that keep them working at it. but if we fans don't get off our arses and start supporting these race teams, they will go away forever. Then what? This is too good of a series to let slip away.

  • FIM Opens Consultation For Moto2 Spec Engine Supply From 2019 Onwards   2 hours 26 min ago

    Now I don't know if it was the switch to the Moto 2 format or if it is down to the riders themselves, but my point was that the riders progressing to Moto GP have been unable to hold a candle to those that came from the 250cc class (acknowledging Marquez Snr's brilliance as the exception). My opinion is that Moto2 is not preparing these guys as well as the 250cc class did, and that IMHO is down to the chassis/engine regulations.

    I know we will never go back to 250cc, and despite them being jewels of motorcycle engineering, they have quite rightly been consigned to the history books. What is now apparent, is that the Moto 2 class is not a technical progression from junior to middleweight to premier class, it acts as a bit of a gap year.

    I don't want to see the class removed or a reversion to the "good old days", I want to see a challenging, affordable and entertaining 2nd race of the day, that keeps the journeymen in Moto GP a bit on their toes. Currently, Moto2 does none of this for me.

  • 2015 Donington World Superbike Race Two: Ding Ding, Round Two   3 hours 59 min ago

    Jared is right to point out that yet again (2nd year in a row) race day only gated 15,000 odd spectators. This is serious because without the revenue, this event in the UK is in trouble.

    Last year, BSB had 30,000 turn up a Donington, so why does the premier division only get half that, when there's such a wealth of great British riders on their home turf?

    I attended Silverstone in 2010, when there were 65,000 of us on race day (sunny day and fast Brits including Cal Crutchlow getting a double win), 2011 = 64,000 (Carlos Checa double wins). Since then attendance has steadily plummeted. The demise started at Silverstone and carried on at Donington since Silverstone dumped it.

    What is going wrong I wonder?

  • Bradley Smith And Pol Espargaro To Race Suzuka 8 Hour   13 hours 38 min ago

    The last time we had GP racers compete in the same team was Edwards and Rossi i think???? Im wondering if Pol & Bradley competing at Suzuka will set a theme for years to come. I would love to see more gp riders in this race.

  • Bradley Smith And Pol Espargaro To Race Suzuka 8 Hour   21 hours 58 min ago

    I think it's on Eurosport, at least in the UK. I'm not sure if it'll be on the telly, but they've also got an online player and I think it'll be on that. Whether or not that's accessible worldwide is another thing though.

  • Bradley Smith And Pol Espargaro To Race Suzuka 8 Hour   1 day 27 min ago

    That's pretty cool. I just wish I could actually watch this race!

  • FIM Opens Consultation For Moto2 Spec Engine Supply From 2019 Onwards   1 day 12 hours ago

    I have this unfortunate feeling you are right.

  • 2015 Donington World Superbike Race Two: Ding Ding, Round Two   1 day 16 hours ago

    "yet only 15,904 spectators turned up to witness today's events"

    But they were all there because they love the sport Jared! Seems commentators seem to forget this sometimes. Friendliest people I've ever met! Shame that passion never matches commercial interests! P.S. People playing Status Quo repeatedly should be banned!

    Good day!

  • 2015 Donington World Superbike Race Two: Ding Ding, Round Two   1 day 16 hours ago

    If you're there early, you can get a bacon and egg roll. Breakfast of champions. 

  • 2015 Donington World Superbike Race Two: Ding Ding, Round Two   1 day 16 hours ago

    Great days racing today. Cheers Donington!

    Just wish these events would offer more to eat than just burgers or hotdogs, or chips with cheese! :-)

    Thanks for the roundup Jared!

  • 2015 Donington World Superbike Qualifying Roundup And Pictures   2 days 4 hours ago

    Excellent write up (as always) & outstanding photos.

    Top work J.E

  • Talks Held On MotoGP Return To Sentul In 2017   2 days 11 hours ago

    As mentioned, the soul-sapping corruption of the Indonesians will ensure that this doesn't happen.

    Jokowi is a puppet of the Sukano dynasty. He can desire to push "brand Indonesia" all he likes, if it don't suit the Sukanos (particularly Megawatti) or if their cut isn't enough, it is dead in the water.

    It reeks a little of racing F1 in Bahrain - the invisible hand of B. Ecclestone and the lure of cash is too enticing. Given the genocide of the Javanese against pretty much every other ethnic group in the archipelago (in which, sadly, my own country is complicit - maybe we should not hold the Oz MotoGP either?) and the brutal, backward and corrupt elites, police and military, were I a team owner I would rather not go - too expensive.

  • FIM Opens Consultation For Moto2 Spec Engine Supply From 2019 Onwards   2 days 19 hours ago

    Modus operandi of the MSMA and Dorna is work hard for a few minutes, lose the plot, embrace fatalism and sloth, promise the private equity stooges that you'll stabilize the sport and invent a way to turn $100 into $120 by shuffling financial papers.

    Rest assured that none of them remember why they allowed manufacturer competition in Moto3 but not Moto2. None of them can remember what they were hoping to do with the 4-stroke MotoGP revolution in the first place. Dorna has probably already forgotten about Superbike and why they are propping up MotoAmerica.

  • Talks Held On MotoGP Return To Sentul In 2017   3 days 10 hours ago

    Looks like a mix of mega fast kinks and tight turns separated by straight bits, perfect for Honda.

  • 2015 Donington World Superbike FP3 Results: Sykes Tops Another Close Session   3 days 13 hours ago

    P1-P13 all within 1 second!

  • Guest Blog: Mat Oxley - Planes, trains, autocycles…   3 days 15 hours ago

    According to Kayak, if I sit in steerage, I can do a round trip to Rome from Dulles for about $2,000. I only need to pack a tent. Granted, I have a 10-day-old son, but he'd hardly remember...

    (On a serious note, I made it to Mugello 5 or 6 years ago with my wife and had the time of my life).

  • Talks Held On MotoGP Return To Sentul In 2017   3 days 15 hours ago

    Indonesia has a large group of very keen motorsport fans who would love to see world championship racing return.

    But as David points out, the levels of corruption make it very hard.

    In the 1970s, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia all hosted international motorcycle races on public road circuits.

    The Singapore circuit eventually got over built, Indonesia faded away because there was no concern for either rider or spectator safety and only Malaysia has continued.

    In fact, this year marks the 25th anniversary of the World Championship Malaysian motorcycle grand prix.

    So let's celebrate the Malaysian event while we wait (and wait) for Indonesia to clean up its rampant corruption.

  • 2015 Donington World Supersport FP2 Results: Cluzel Leads Sofuoglu   3 days 16 hours ago

    They may well be making use of local knowledge and the BSB round at Donington six weeks ago, but the current crop look like they could make some major waves beyond what they're doing now.

    In 2006 British Supersport had Cal Crutchlow, Tom Sykes, Eugene Laverty and Leon Camier...

    Kyle Ryde, Luke Stapleford, Andy Reid, Sam Hornsey, plus Joe Collier (not racing this weekend) and Josh Elliot and Mason Law in Superstock look like the next generation. (and Jake Dixon, Glenn Irwin, Luke Jones, Luke Hedger...)

  • FIM Opens Consultation For Moto2 Spec Engine Supply From 2019 Onwards   3 days 16 hours ago

    All very good points. But as to the engines you have to consider why are they frozen first. The answer is dead simple it is the outrageous cost of trying to gat a naturally aspirated engine to produce that much power. Which begs the question why is forced induction banned? Who knows, human stupidity, vested interests, something like that.

    Why is it that in Moto2 there are no electronics and MotoGP is drowning in them. "Oh I nearly crashed because my corner by corner mapping malfunctioned" What the hell is that garbage? IF there is one thing I hate about MotoGP it is the sea of "gamers" that are in the pit garage with their laptops.

  • FIM Opens Consultation For Moto2 Spec Engine Supply From 2019 Onwards   3 days 16 hours ago

    So why is Dorna not doing this to moto3 then? If everyone is "struggling" financially why choose the intermediate class and not the beginner class to cut costs? Why let moto3 and motogp have FULL protoype multi-factoried machines and not moto2? If they really wanted to cut costs then why not water down BOTH feeder classes? It's not fair for moto3 teams to have to spend more then the next class up. YES both support classes provide awesome racing, but like I said...there's no structured progression when it comes to the categories.

  • Talks Held On MotoGP Return To Sentul In 2017   3 days 16 hours ago

    Apart from the two points you mention, David - I'd add a third. Bureaucratic commitment. I do a lot of business in Indonesia - I made 30 visits there last year. They are some of the nicest people around. Jakarta has an rough, edgy energy and buzz both Singapore and KL lack. But even when all the desire and money-talk is sorted, there is still a soporific approach to actually getting it done.

    Jokowi is a man on a mission. He desperately wants 'Brand Indonesia' to be respected. If MotoGP can give it that respect, it will happen. If it is only tourism and salience, it will run into further trouble down the line.

    (Sorry, just realised I should've posted here instead of on FB.)

  • FIM Opens Consultation For Moto2 Spec Engine Supply From 2019 Onwards   3 days 19 hours ago

    Where exactly do you expect the money to come from?
    Last time I looked the "current" model GSXR1000 was 6 years old, the CBR1000RR basically 7 years old, the R1 has only JUST been upgraded after 6 years, the ZX10 is 4 years old. The R6 has had only minor upgrades since 2006, nearly 10 years old! These are flagship bikes that used to be upgraded on a 2 year cycle. Take a look at the big picture: the motorcycle industry is still struggling. If the Yamaha MotoGP team have struggled for years to secure a title sponsor what hope do small teams have of finding serious money in the multi millions? You guys are just dreaming.

    I also struggle to find the relevance of the 250GP to Moto2 comparison. The strokers are NOT COMING BAAAAAAAACK. No up and coming talent from Moto2 vs 250GP? Seriously, how am I supposed to disregard the fact the most exciting talent in decades did 2 years in Moto2 before dominating (as a rookie) in MotoGP? There may be a lull at the moment, but I could have argued exactly the same "no talent coming through" when Rossi was head and shoulders above the rest and got so bored he changed manufacturers just for the hell of it. Hell, I could argue (tongue in cheek) that the Moto2 field is "obviously" stronger than the MotoGP field, after all the Moto2 field never allowed Marquez (or any rider) to win 10 in a row, and he couldn't win Moto2 at his first attempt.

    That engine tuning should be part of GP racing is also a furfy. MotoGP, the highest echelon of our sport has an engine development FREEZE and the engines are sealed to ensure the engine limit rule is not broken. Save for a geek with a laptop and a mechanic changing gears there are no adjustments. So the tuning trackside gig is a thing of the past, that all happened in a surgical suite next to a dyno in a land far far away. I couldn't care less what algorithm the geek used to calculate optimum cam spec's, I just want to know that the best rider on the day won the race.

    Jack Miller has absolutely no place in this discussion. Sure he can ride a MotoGP bike but he has been far from a revelation. No way would I take his performance as vindication that Moto3 is all the preparation one needs for MotoGP.

    Forget the Moto3/Moto2 machines and concentrate on what the classes are designed to do: prepare and groom riders for the big show, MotoGP. Sad but true: 90% of the fan interest and media coverage is about MotoGP. If there was an issue at Mugello where the Moto2 or Moto3 race had to be cancelled there would be barely a ripple......but try the same thing with the MotoGP race and there would be pandemonium.

    So we need to concentrate on cost structures that allow the best riders to get the best grounding possible before they progress. The alternative is an expensive arms race where teams are forced to take on riders who can buy a ride and part fund the team. The teams will have no choice, if MotoGP teams are struggling for cash then the minor classes will be even more cash strapped. So many people here lambast the rider who pays for his ride yet here you are creating the exact situation. Take a look around at the big picture and cold hard financial reality.

    So pick the way you want it:
    1/ The very best bikes with a field diluted by "financially talented" riders, or
    2/ The very best riders on lower tech bikes.
    There is only a finite amount of money to go around so you can't have it both ways.

    MotoGP can be the all singing, all dancing, technical extravaganza complete with the best riders on the world, the feeder classes are just there to create those riders.

  • 2015 Donington World Superbike FP3 Results: Sykes Tops Another Close Session   3 days 19 hours ago

    Wow, seven manufacturers in the top 9! Is that some kind of record? I guess it would be if this was the final qualifying.

  • 2015 Donington World Superbike FP2 Results: Sykes Leads Another Close Session   4 days 37 min ago

    I'd love to see camier on the podium, I know it won't happen but he deserves it.

  • FIM Opens Consultation For Moto2 Spec Engine Supply From 2019 Onwards   4 days 2 hours ago

    Going by the sample of comments here the Moto2 class is not doing well. I watch the racing on MotoGP's subscription. If I do look at the Moto2 race I usually fast forward and then close it. Sorry, the CBR600 Aeros don't do anything for me. There is already a 600c Supersport series that runs with WSBK and they have a variety of machines. What do we another one for?