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    ... given what they're doing seems to be making results go backwards, try doing the exact opposite of what they've done in the first half of the season? :D

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    So all this big deal is much ado about nothing redding. He won once in 125 & 3 in moto2, he wasn't really close to 'winning' the championship. Pol had 6 wins on his way to claim the crow, not to mention his tussle w MM previous season.

    2 seasons in 125 - Highest of 11th overall

    4 seasons in moto2 - Highest of 2nd - (8, 15 & 5th positions respectively)

    4 Seasons in motogp - Best of 12th overall

    Scott has done nothing in motoGP (yes, 2 podiums) in the dry or in the wet or shown to be competitive during a normal race. He constantly whined about his size or the lack of horse power or something else.

    Yeah, he's a brit & the commentators love to see their countrymen succeed.

    Motogp is the premier class - deliver or make room. He's not gonna suddenly change & get competitive.

    So him being a hype train with no results isn't really a big surprise. Unless of course the FIA throws money to have a red coat in the garage.

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    I'd be more inclined to say Redding moved on from Gresini and Marc VDS, not the other way round.

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    And people thought Ducati (MotoGP days) were being cruel when they sent Melandri to one, but as it turned out the Ducati race directors should have gone, because they thought they had the perfect bike!

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    The Ducats should suit Miller, as his strengths should align well with bikes. Redding would be making a big mistake going back to the customer Honda I think, as it's a shit bike and has been for years. Especially if his issues have been rear grip!