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    As I watch most of my racing recorded off my DVR, I fast forwarded my way though many WSBK races this season as it was feeling eerily similar to late 90's Doohan GP races. And while I like J.Rea just fine and respect him greatly, he's just not one of my favorite racers. But alas, now that one of them will be back on the grid I will have a fully vested interest again for 2018. I'm anxious to see what his remarks (and times of course) are after the test next week.

    Bon chance Loris!

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    is Leopard finding a set-up for Danny Kent in 2015 that worked better than the pre-season Honda recommened one that all the other Honda riders were using as a baseline.  Without that advantage, Oliveira would most certainly have been 2015 Moto3 Champion, with the resulting higher reputation (a somewhat dubious thing, considering the hit and miss careers of lightweight class champions when they move up).

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    Thanks for mentioning Oliveira. While the talk about the future KTM MotoGP riders (including from the factory itself) pretty much always names Oliveira and Binder in the same breath, it then usually veers immediately to praise Binder extensively without ever mentioning Oliveira again. This includes several German-language interviews with Pit Beirer, despite Oliveira bringing them their first Moto2 wins and consistently performing above expectation. It's been very confusing to me to see him being "passed over" in discussions so often even though he is clearly an incredibly exciting prospect for MotoGP and in my opinion a bigger talent than some of the other riders listed for the seats. Maybe I missed something? I no longer follow every single detail outside the race track like I used to, but he certainly looks the red hot favourite for next year's Moto2 title and I would think he'd move up to MotoGP before Binder does, so I'd have expected more eyes on him at the moment than there seem to be on Binder, for example.

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    Ducati Wins

    Dovi - 6

    Jorge - 0

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    Lorenzo is not on a Yamaha.  Based on your "logic" he would be battling for the world championship, not still looking for his first Ducati win.  Lorenzo on a Ducati is not the same as Lorenzo on a Yamaha and the two cannot be compared.

    I'm a big believer in team play.  When you stack hands on something you are agreeing to a united effort via a common strategy.  If you aren't prepared to pull with the team and instead follow "everybody, let's compromise and do it my way!" you shouldn't join the team in the first place.

    Like it or not Lorenzo stacked hands on the common approach...and then decided he knew best, completely blindsiding the rest of the team.  When you stray from the team script you assume full responsibility for whatever happens next (no-one else agreed to what you are doing), so Lorenzo needs to wear the fallout for making the team look just a little ridiculous.     

    Contrast this with the way it could have gone down: run wide let Dovi through, Dovi makes no impression on the leaders, Dovi and Lorenzo issued "formation wheelie" team orders and they come across the finish line side by side with a couple of monster wheelies.  We'd all be going "Team orders aren't so bad after all!" and Ducati/Motogp would have a PR coup even in defeat.

    But Lorenzo knew better, so he needs to wear whatever flak arises.