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    MV is just amazing. The sheer confidence and focused determination! And also DP, he might really surprise us. Dovi too seems ready....
    I'm less confident about VR clearly the new Michelin do not suit him nor his hard breaking style (and he is not the only one I think MM too might suffer this new softer carcass, much less than VR clearly, but still)
    But it's all about adapting and making the best with what you've got.
    It would be sad though to see VR drift in the back with no hope for improvement. Very sad indeed

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    David I've often wondered how touchy the rear brake is mid corner, and how easy it would be to accidentally lock it up.  That's why I've hesitated to try it myself on track, but after seeing Redding's video where it looks like he's practically standing on it mid seems like maybe it's not as dangerous as I thought? Tho I don't have those fancy MotoGP electronics either....hmmm, maybe it'll be on my "try" list this track season....

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    I think a LOT of the dismissal of Bautista gained momentum when he and VR crashed together, taking Rossi out.


    Despite race direcction statting it was a 50/50 incident and even Rossi accepted that, albeit admitting in the way he sort of does then continues to barrack his opponent. 


    His card was makrked from then.

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    Very interesting to hear about using the break mid corner to turn. They must be creating a bit of slide to point it in tighter. In the past this was done with the throttle, but maybe that lost too much drive out of the corner. 

    Thanks for the info David.

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    Your season is getting of on a good start. As expected,  an excellent review of the rookies class of 2017. I happen to agree with your choices for Rookie of the Year, but your insightful evaluation of their personalities and what they need to succeed is excellent. I do think the somewhat enigmatic Zarco will thrive and prosper in the French dominated Tech Trois environment. Maybe Folger can be consistent in 2017. French and German guys in adjacent stalls? Let's hope that they don't repeat world history and can co-operate towards a common goal. 

    It is truly intriguing what KTM might accomplish with their decidedly different approach to chassis construction. It seem that Michelin have "tous leurs canards dans une rangée" so tires won't be the big issue in 2016. Spec software will still be somewhat of an issue. I truly like the tire transponder info letting us all know who is using what tire compounds. If only we could also know the tire pressures then that would truly let the cat out of the bag. Not holding my breath for that one.

    My perhaps wishful(?) prediction is  10 winners in 2017, among which will be 2 rookies. Enjoyed the Paddock Pass podcasts during the off season tests. Someday, if I ever manage to break free and go to a GP again, I will try to look you up so I can buy you a pint. Have an enjoyable and productive season. Cheers.