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    Apparently Marquez got in the way of Vinales during a very hot fast Q lap and Race Direction has it under investigation right now.

    Iannone lap onboard, not sure which lap but fast. Kudos to Suzuki and Prince Shiny Balls. Note, you can hear the motor and see his butt bounce off the seat over some of the big bumps. A few are in spots that could affect the racing. Nice view of track conditions.

    Very unique crash-save-crash from Marquez, albeit a slightly shoddy video format. This is so uniquely Marc. Have you EVER seen a rider and bike make this sort of smoking elbows then pirouette the other direction around the FRONT?! He is really dynamically nailing the balance of the bike, and pushing fantastically.

    Yamaha and their electronics is the news of the day for me. Hooray! Keep it up folks! Dovisioso, dig deep my friend.

    v Una e due stelle? Lascia andare la guerra. È un triste e formaggio preoccupazione che ti lascia perdere la bellezza di MotoGP!

    Y no dejes que mi alabanza a la habilidad de un jinete conduzca a creer que soy un fan hijo realmente ha estado necesitando una lección de nuevo últimamente.

    En tant que fan de MotoGP en général, dernièrement ma passion est avec Tech3, un vélo client âgé de deux ans, et Zarco. J'adorerais Dovisioso en Rouge pour prendre le championnat, encore plus maintenant étant donné la vieille merde dramatique italo-espagnole 46-93.

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    ..impeding traffic, especially in the lower classes. Tom Luthi's fast lap definitely got scuttled by Pol as well, hence his grid drop. That being said, it's reasonable to think Marquez wouldn't have been penalized had last week never happened. 

    Regardless, now Dorna gets their wish for more potential on/off-track drama with 93 and 46 lining up next to each other for tomorrow's race.

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    I was missing some good stand-up comedy but thank god i found Race Direction!  What a brilliant joke that penalty....

    They are trying to make it up for all the worst possible decisions they made not later than 15 days ago and now suddenly they discover there are rules?   They probably think that this exxagerated decision will wash their past incompetence?  In my book this makes them evem more incompetent. 

    Absolutely ridicolous!

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    Thank you for this information. 

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    In the past, if riders ignored the marshalls commands (for example faiilng to come in for ride thru penalty), they were black flagged. Marquez ignored the marshalls on the grid, so why any different?