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    ... not a judgement.  I'm not sure it requires admiration either.  It's simply a result of the sport being a lot more popular than in most other contries (Italy perhaps being similar).  This feedback gives them dominance.  Although the organisations here in oz could be a lot more united it'd only make a small difference with maybe a more consistant showing in weekly roundup motosport shows on the little watched non commercial channels.

    On the race.  Lorenzo race narrative is unerringly similar now with his race lead from the get go getting longer and longer.  Not sure he's improving enough to maintain it for the full race distance before years end but some tracks will help him.  Love to see him do it.

    Unfortunately, I didn't think Dovi was unable to really fight for the championship race in race out.  He needs Marquez to have another dnf I feel.  Love to see him do it but don't want to wish a dnf on Marquez who honestly deserves the championship as he's riden so far.

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    Have invested, promoted and nurtured their talent and they are putting the other countries/organisations to shame.

    They thoroughly deserve this period of dominance, there is very valid reason for so many being at the front.

    If you don't admire what they have done and achieved as a country within the motorcycle disciplines, perhaps you could take action to help your own country out? Sitting and doing nothing is exactly why so many have fallen behind.

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    It must be a record to have 7 of the top 10 from one country on a track in the same country with the organisation running that championship from that country too?

    Interestingly Lorenzo did unusually well for this season really well as did Pedrosa and Aprilia's Spanish rider got their best ever result. 

    A full 40% of the top ten's in each class featured Spanish riders. 

    Not to take anything from Marquez who rode a ballsy race on his home track. 

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    Rabat clips the rear of Rossi's bike in warm up What the ? Tito Rabat, where's his head at ?

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