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    Interesting times. We will see what happens over this weekend. FP1 will be top fun i'm sure. Qualifying gunna be awesome

    Saturday's race 1 start of a brand new season. Yeeha!!!

    Lokeend, talking about the cost difference between racing categories. I think we know there is a massive difference in cost between "one" WSBK motorcycle and one MotoGp bike. the difference in lap times is not as big as delta $. Difference in top speed a bit better. I'm sure David could give us some specific mumbers here.

    Befor I started road racing I thought about the cost of doing club days, state title rounds etc. 250 production was the cheapest. so that's where I started.

    Good luck to everyone at the races this weekend. Best of luck to the Aussies.

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    Just ok livery...the artist/designer could perhaps have drank a bit of chamomile tea instead?

    Too busy, and a rider on it breaks up what little continuity was there.

    Glad someone is trying something new, here's hoping their unique MotoGP formula works better than the paint job. Eager to see how the Moto2 bike performs, they have a rider.

    Does anyone love it? It is somewhat subjective of course. Kawi green, every Suzuki bike but the couple of years Roland Sands did the Rizla in solid light blue, this year's whiter factory Duc...someone has to like this crap.

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    Small Difference?

    Rea’s time would have been last in the MotoGP test, behind Karel Abraham’s 1:30.452.  He would have been 2 seconds behind Maverick's 1:28.549


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    I don't know where you are getting your time from but they are off quite a bit. The quickest WSBS time 1:30.545 Johnny Rea vs the slowest Motogp time 1:30.452 Karel Abraham.  These times are close. But if you compare Vinales to Rea-there is over 2 seconds difference.

    WSBK and Motogp are worlds apart in terms of the speeds of the top bikes and the top riders. It takes money to race. The 2.5 seconds difference between a prototype bike and a production bike costs. The Avintia Kawasaki CRT bikes showed the huge gap between a heavily modified Ninja ZX10 and a Motogp prototype.



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    I think the question is not whether streetbikes will follow this trend. It is the oppposite, these airducts are common on street bikes and are just old becoming kind of old fashioned when minimalism became hot. See here a perfect example of the much spoken "revolutionary" Yamaha technology: kawasaki z1000sx