Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 147: Listener Questions Answered

In the latest episode of the Paddock Pass Podcast, Neil Morrison, Steve English, and David Emmett take on some of the questions sent in by listeners, some serious, some slightly less so. Some of the subjects covered include whether it will be time or another rider which gets the better of Marc Marquez in MotoGP; whether race fuel gives you more horsepower than ordinary fuel; whether a shortened season will still count as a full championship; why the three Grand Prix classes practice in a different order to the order they race in; whether Marc Marquez would be willing to stand aside to give his brother Alex his first win; and what the prettiest bike is in the MotoGP and WorldSBK paddocks.

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JORGE MARTIN signed with Ducati to 2021 Pramac seat! Word just now coming out. Late Braking News...

Martin rode yesterday at Catalunya with both Xavi Vierge and Zarco. Zarco rode a V4 Panigale. The cobwebs have been blown out and bikes are back on track. Looks like ee have 12 Euro rounds to look forward to soon. Whew!

Commence the 6 months of puzzling out how Martin will do on the big bikes and the Ducati in particular. Congrats Bologna. Please keep getting the bike to carve, as well as have more set up range and consistency. May the new rear tire be a boon to your long bike and push Honda's front off your line.

Welcome kid!

(Back to usual programming. Listening now, good stuff guys)

WSS future? There is nothing poised to potentially replace it. Options might be making it cheaper via closer to Superstock builds. We nearly just had a defacto R6 cup. The market changes around sportbikes in general, and middleweights specifically? Many factors make sense. But still it bewilders, given that litre bikes have become monsters. 600cc 4's, our Moto2 gems, up through the orphaned GSXR750? These remain wonderful machines, and there isn't anything else on the horizon. We have slicks now. Electronics have arrived. But Euro emission standards are here too. Emerging markets buy smaller bikes. The global economy had 8 good yrs and looks headed for another big(ger) recession.

Heavy E-bikes won't replace Supersport any time soon. It just has to stay much as is for now. If Triumph gets a 765R and Honda makes a new middleweight it will be very welcome. The only other step between the "kids' bikes" 400cc and Middleweights? 650cc Twins. Aprilia or no, not a contender vs WSS.

Race fuel? Gives LOTS more power than pump gas. Enough that you can clearly feel it via the butt and wrist test! Even in a mild compression build. Ask any racer who runs both in production based bikes. (Plus, it smells amazing, eh?). David, you are not wrong that it enables higher compression, cooler temps etc. But it has been shown on a gazillion Dyno tests to bring significant power gains vs pump gas, even on Superstock to Supersport level builds.

I like the Suzuki GP bike too. Liveries now? It is hard to see a few bikes in their glory, since there is murky livery on it. Yamaha comes to mind. There is too much black on several bikes. Aqua upper please! Not very excited about ANY now. The new Honda Superbike is nice. When Crutchlow runs Castrol Green, isn't that a goodie?

Historically, the Red/bright Yellow Fortuna was nice.
The Orange Quattro Plant was good and unique.

Any other folks excited now? Seems we can let ourselves be. Vroom!

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