Guest Video Blog: Freddie Spencer On Silverstone, Rider Power, And The Race That Never Happened, in association with Motor Sport Magazine, is proud to feature the rider insights of 1983 and 1985 500cc world champion Freddie Spencer. After every MotoGP race, Fast Freddie will share what he saw and learned from the race.

Despite the fact that there wasn't a race at Silverstone, Freddie Spencer has plenty to say about the event. The former world champion starts off with a recollection of his own about the miserable weather at the Northamptonshire track, and about how he used terrible conditions in the 250cc race to his advantage in the 500cc race. He wonders why puddling on the track, which he saw back in 1985, is still a problem.

Freddie Spencer goes on to discuss where the problems came from, and how they should be addressed. He goes on to discuss the thinking behind canceling the race, looking at it from both sides, and expresses his sympathy for the fans who sat through the whole experience. But he also makes clear why the race was not run.

For more insights from Freddie Spencer, his autobiography Feel: My Story is currently on sale.

The notes from Freddie Spencer's video blog can be found on the Motor Sport Magazine website.

And for those who can't watch the video, here's an audio-only version of Freddie Spencer's rider insights

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Freddie mentioned that when he was competing, he rode a 250cc race followed by a 500cc race at the same track.  When did riders stop competing in more than one class (assuming that have) and how was this decision arrived at?  Fatigue (AKA, safety?) More riders?  Etc.

After Fast Freddie Spencer won both 250cc & 500cc world championships in 1985 the powers that be decided that nobody else would be allowed to race in more than one class.

We can still race in different classes in club days etc.

Yes indeed " how was this decision arrived at? " Don't know the process or the reasoning behind the decision.

I guess the thinking went something like, Freddie is so good he can win two world championships in one year, that is greedy & unfair to those with less talent. Lets stop Freddie Spencer doing that again. Have you heard of Harrison Bergeron the handicapper general ?