Fog Delays Sunday Morning Warm Ups At Motorland Aragon

A fog has descended on the Motorland Aragon circuit, and brought on-track proceedings to a halt. A combination of cool nights and moisture in the air causes frequent morning fogs here, but a near absence of wind means it is failing to blow away so far. 

So far, the Moto3 warm up session remains red flagged, but the most likely scenario (as of 10am) is that all morning warm up will be canceled, and the riders given extra sighting laps to check their bikes before each race. 


The fog has lifted, and Moto3 warm up is underway again. Moto2 and MotoGP warm ups have been shortened by 15 minutes, and the Moto3 race will start later than normal. No time yet.

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Moto 3 shortened to 13 laps: UNFAIR!
I do understand media coverage interests and the need to broadcast on time... still it's moto3 that always pay the price.

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