Editor's Blog - Aragon Round Up Delayed Due to Ill Health

The round up from Sunday's three races at the Motorland Aragon circuit has been delayed. Ill health (nothing serious, just a severe bout of flu, and not of the 'man' kind) means I am unable to concentrate sufficiently to produce the quality of work my readers expect and deserve. The aim is to have the round up on the website on Tuesday.

My sincere apologies for the inconvenience and delay.

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And just like an injured rider: no point in returning before you're properly recovered.

Total votes: 15

... our favourite journalist is unwell.  Clinica Mobile are bound to have something to cure you instantly.

Total votes: 12

Better to recover your health than press the issue... We still have a lot left this season to discuss!

Total votes: 7

....join the chorus of get well soon. Lots of rest, herb concoctions and no watching exciting races.
Take good care. We want you at your best for the 3 fly away (is this the right word?) races :)

Total votes: 8

I hope your wife or partner is dutifully attending to your every need David! Hope you're feeling better soon 

Total votes: 10

Yeah, but he's an Android man. He hates Apples.

Total votes: 9

... Lorenzo's next helmet featuring Granny Smith?


All the best David, get well soon.

Total votes: 5

Get well soon

Total votes: 1

Maybe you need a magic sponge from one of the local football (soccer) teams...get well

Total votes: 3

Get well soon, David. Recover fully before stressing yourself ;)

Total votes: 8

Take care and get well soon mr. emmett :)

Total votes: 3

All of us here at Team Punkass Racing wish you a speedy recovery!

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...if we have to wait too long, we'll get Karel Abraham or Imre Toth to buy your slot (and do it pretty poorly, no doubt).

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Seriously, get better. I just had cleanup surgery for injuriers from a race crash 16 years ago. I'm not working tomorrow either...  8^))

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Get well soon matey! Get back when you're sufficiently recovered and thanks for letting us know.

Total votes: 5

and heal up, you have earned some understanding of you being human.  ;)

Total votes: 1

Take your time and be sure you've recovered.  

Total votes: 4

Starting to get worried now... Get wel soon!smiley

Total votes: 2