2016 Spielberg MotoGP Race Result: On The Wings Of Change

The highly-winged machines managed to finally change to predominant colour on the top step of the podium. A predictable result did not make the race any less tense though, especially for the Ducati garage, the Italian team waiting for twenty-eight laps to take their first victory in six years, with the last victor, Casey Stoner, waiting to congratulate Andrea Iannone on his first race win in MotoGP.

Andrea Dovizioso completed the 1-2 for Ducati, failing to win on his 250th grand prix start but gifting himself a bittersweet second place trophy. The Yamaha riders looked like challenging the boys in red for much of the race but Jorge Lorenzo had to settle for third, making a welcome comeback to the podium after several disappointing races.

The start was a good omen for Iannone, the Italian keeping the lead as Marquez ran Lorenzo wide into turn one but both recover in their starting positions. The Yamahas and Ducatis soon got embroiled in a feisty battle at the front, the four riders constantly switching positions, the pack keeping together closely behind them.

Once Rossi dropped into fourth, Marc Marquez forgot he was supposed to be injured and the two started to battle ahead of Viñales, the top six starting to get a bit of a gap to the rest.

At the top, Lorenzo was the one to take the fight to Iannone, the duo exchanging the leadership several times, before Dovizioso found a way around the reigning world champion to trail his teammate.

The race seemed to settle into a rhythm with twenty laps to go: the two Ducatis at the front, the Yamahas following, Marquez and Vinales completing the main challengers.

With eighteen laps to go, Dovizioso hit the front for the first time, Marquez and Viñales dropping out of the podium fight, the Honda rider holding off his fellow Spaniard for fifth position, as he started to feel the consequences of his shoulder injury. With Lorenzo in third and Rossi in fourth, the order settled for a while despite the Bologna boys failing to shake off the Yamaha riders.

With eight laps left, Lorenzo and Rossi started to lose ground, leaving the red bikes to fight it off between themselves. Iannone got back in front into turn nine, his teammate keeping close but failing to find a way around him. Despite using the softer tyre combination, the Italian did not fade away as the race progressed, setting fastest times and red sectors into the final laps, never losing the lead again.

Rossi narrowly missed on the podium but had a comfortable gap to Marquez. With Vinales taking home sixth place, Dani Pedrosa inherited seventh once Hector Barbera was black-flagged for failing to come in following a jump start penalty. The Spaniard built a sizeable gap in front of Redding in eighth but could not make up the lost ground to his teammate and Vinales.

The Tech3 bikes completed the top ten, Smith ninth and Espargaro tenth, the duo displaying good pace despite their struggles during the weekend, on a track they did not get to test. Eugene Laverty was the day’s unluckiest rider, crashing in the final turn on the final lap, after a good run inside the top ten.

In the title battle, the contenders kept close, Marquez’s exercise in damage limitations saving his advantage of 43 points ahead of Lorenzo and 57 in front of Rossi, Pedrosa 19 points behind the Italian.


Pos. Num. Rider Bike Gap
1 29 Andrea IANNONE Ducati 39'46.255
2 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati +0.938
3 99 Jorge LORENZO Yamaha +3.389
4 46 Valentino ROSSI Yamaha +3.815
5 93 Marc MARQUEZ Honda +11.813
6 25 Maverick VIÑALES Suzuki +14.341
7 26 Dani PEDROSA Honda +17.063
8 45 Scott REDDING Ducati +29.437
9 38 Bradley SMITH Yamaha +29.785
10 44 Pol ESPARGARO Yamaha +37.094
11 9 Danilo PETRUCCI Ducati +39.765
12 51 Michele PIRRO Ducati +39.766
13 76 Loris BAZ Ducati +44.284
14 53 Tito RABAT Honda +45.004
15 35 Cal CRUTCHLOW Honda +1'03.246
16 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA Aprilia +1'12.448
17 68 Yonny HERNANDEZ Ducati +1'14.517
18 50 Eugene LAVERTY Ducati +1'36.510
19 6 Stefan BRADL Aprilia 1 Lap
    Not Classified    
  41 Aleix ESPARGARO Suzuki 4 Laps
  8 Hector BARBERA Ducati 0 Lap
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Great race by Iannone. He did everything right. The race pace was a lot slower at the start than expected, could it be the Ducatis were actually holding station to save tyres, knowing they could get away from the Yamahas if they wanted to? I suspect so. Maybe that's why Iannone switched tyres on the grid. An inspired choice, great win.

Lorenzo closing in a few points on Marquez who once again showed how good he is by stopping the pursuit of the Yamahas once it became clear he could not hang on.

Can't wait for Brno!

Though I'm sorry for Dovi I'm really glad for Iannone I think he showed that had Ducati believed in him from the start we might have a different championship. What I mean is that from the beginning of the season Ducati management made clear they did not believe in the potential of the two Andreas and never gave them a chance. Even worse pitting them against one another....
Anyway a great mature win from Iannone.
I'm disappointed at VR race I don't understand what happened. Lorenzo definitely managed better the whole race. Can't wait for your write-up David

Great to see a Ducati win for the first time since 2010. It was an inspired and great ride by both Andrea's. Many pundits and myself being one, predicted that Crazy Joe was more likely to bring home the gold medal for them post Stoner era. Dovi could have dumped them both in the gravel at any time chasing the win. The bloke's self discipline is amazing, no wonder Ducati retained him, he is the ultimate team player.

Back to the championship and Marquez is just phenomenal. It was great to see Lorenzo back in the hunt. It can't be easy for him, knowing he is no longer top gun at Yamaha in terms of priorities, heading off to Ducati next year, but he did a stellar job.

Bummer for Laverty and Barbera.

Not the greatest circuit, but a great and memorable race. A big shout out to Michelin, they have done a fine job this season.

Pre-emptive strike. I look most forward to our scribe's take on their development later this week.

Brad and Pol next year and a year. KTM using good old pipeframe a'la Ducati of yesteryear mindset.

Naught wrong with that, never was.

There are rumours that Oliviera and Binder will be racing alongside each other in M2 for KTM with the spec Honda engine next year(chassis KTM). I would give the pair of them plenty time to ride the RC16 GP bike and step it up another notch.

Shame on BMW and Kawasaki not being part of the MGP platform. 

I watched the races on BT Sport. It was great to see Neil Hodgson, Mick Doohan and Casey Stoner having a laugh and a chat with Tardozzi in the Ducati box...(Mick in the Ducati box??!!).

I'm looking forward to that KTM effort next year.

It had been said by Stoner that the trellis ducati was very hard to swap bikes with, and swap settings, so there was something wrong with the idea then, at least at this stupidly high level.
Maybe ktm has found a way to get extremely consistent welds for the feel required, who knows.

Always reminds me of the people who poo pooed the beam frame ducati we have now...far easier to make changes to chassis and settings, rather than being stuck with whatever designs you put into your engine cases making up most of your frame.

What the Yamaha riders failed to do today is capitalize on Marc's miseries, while Marc hasn't really passed opportunities to do the same to them this season. 
Marc was a tough foe even when he went all out all the time, now that he usually has a plan and knows how to curb his own enthusiasm, anyone willing to dispute his command of the championship has a mountain to climb. 
I don't think the boys in blue will be able to do that if they effectively let him skate when he has his bad days.
The changes in tyres and software most certainly have shaken up the field.
10 races, no single man with more than 3 wins, and 2 new winners. 

So pleased to see a manufacturer other that Honda or Yamaha win again.

Very happy for Ducati it's been a long time coming. It's great to get a new winner in Iannone too since it happens very infrequently in the 'Aliens' era, especially in normal race circumstances.

In a pre-season post earlier this year I mused that there could maybe be 6 separate GP winners this year.  So I need a wildcard, because we already have 5 this season:

Marc, Jorge, Vali, Andrea and Jack.

The real disappointment for me this year has been Dani.  Only on the podium twice, which is not a true reflection of his talent.  Sure seems to be less than comfortable with this year's RCV on Michelins.

congratulations to all at ducati corse. most especially the top brass who finally decided to listen to someone who clearly knows what they're doing.

i love it. a suitable replacement for my dearly missed hockenheim.

If Lorenzo was going to have to chase a faster racebike all the way to the end of the race, he could at least have taken comfort in knowing that he was chasing his next racebike... bodes well for his 2017 season.

It seemed that in the post race conference one of the reporters was attempting to ask Jorge that particular question but I think it was lost in translation to English by the time it reached Jorge's ears.