Taking a Break: MotoMatters.com on Hiatus for the Holidays

With the year nearly at an end, it is time for MotoMatters.com to also take a break for the holidays, to recharge our batteries and prepare for another exciting season of world championship motorcycle racing. As a consequence, do not expect too many updates between now and 2nd January, 2016. There will not be too much news anyway, as riders, teams and organization all spend time away from racing. The final parts of our 2015 Season Review are still to come, and then, we shall be reposting some the highlights of the 2015 season between Christmas and New Year.

If you have enjoyed our coverage of motorcycle racing throughout the year, you can help us keep MotoMatters.com running by supporting us in several ways. The best way, of course, is by taking out a subscription. That keeps us going, and also allows you special privileges, such as commenting on articles directly, without waiting for your comment to be moderated, access to desktop-sized versions of Scott Jones' stunning photography, and a much nicer layout for the site. As a die-hard racing fan, you will of course be wanting to buy the beautiful MotoMatters.com 2016 racing calendar, to keep track of all of the races for next year's MotoGP and World Superbike series. Best buy an extra copy or two for your friends as well. 

You can also help by sending us money, either by making a donation, or by contributing via our GoFundMe page. Anything you can spare will allow us to make our 2016 coverage even better than you enjoyed in 2015.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, or whatever the reason for the season you choose to celebrate, and we wish you all a happy, healthy and enjoyable 2016, filled with great motorcycle racing!


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You mean February 2 David? While the winter duldrums bring me down, these two months remind me how important it is I give you some of my tax return. You are the only site I visit for motorcycle racing news and motorcycle racing is the only sport I follow compently.

a very well deserved break to.
it is plain to see how much time, effort, love and devotion you put into this site to bring us the very best information and news.
look forward to 2016.