Stefan Bradl Fractures Scaphoid, Uncertain For Sachsenring

Stefan Bradl is to undergo surgery to fix a fractured scaphoid in his right hand. The German had a major highside during the race at Assen on Saturday, being thrown from his Forward Yamaha on lap six at Duikersloot. Bradl landed heavily and immediately knew something was wrong. X-rays showed that he had fractured his scaphoid, with photos shown on the Speedweek website indicating that it was a fracture at the waist of the scaphoid.

Bradl was driven back to Augsburg in Germany by his father, former 250cc racer Helmut, where he was examined at a local hospital. He is to undergo surgery in Augsburg to fix the problem, but it is uncertain whether he will be fit for his home race at the Sachsenring on 12th July. Bradl may elect to skip the Sachsenring, as this would give him an extended break and a longer period for his wrist to heal in. The next race after the Sachsenring takes place in Indianapolis on 12th August.

Below is the press release issued by the Forward Yamaha team regarding Bradl's condition:

Bradl back to Germany for undergoing a surgery

Following the incident of yesterday in Assen, where he reported the fracture of the right scaphoid, Stefan Bradl tomorrow will undergo a surgery to reduce the fracture.

After the first diagnosis in the circuit at the Clinica Mobile, the German immediately left the Netherlands to Germany for further investigations. Bradl will be operated in Augsburg, the city where he was born, by Dr. Stefan Krischak, a hand specialist surgeon.

A press release on his conditions and the times of recovery will follow as soon as possible

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The scaphoid is notoriously difficult to heal because it receives blood only from one end. So if it breaks the other half doesn't receive blood and it cannot heal. I've had mine broken some years back in a lowside during a trackday and the doctor put a screw in order to hold the pieces together and "force" a heal.

Thankfully the alarms at the airports don't go off :)