Suzuki MotoGP Video: Preparing For 2015

To kick off the first year of their return to MotoGP, Suzuki have released a video documenting the latest steps on their way back to the premier class. The video offers a fascinating view into the process of getting ready for 2015: it shows testing going on in the wind tunnel and on the dyno, covers Randy De Puniet's wildcard appearance at Valencia, and then the first ride of the 2015 factory pairing of Aleix Espargaro and Maverick Viñales. 

Lasting 7 minutes, it offers a few interesting glances of things fans do not often get to see, such as footage of the work going on in the wind tunnel, and the collaboration between test riders and engineers. Most interesting of all are the first reactions of Espargaro and Viñales once they get off the bike after riding it for the first time. As a MotoGP rookie, Viñales' first reaction is one of pure pleasure at riding a bike with so much power. For the more experienced Espargaro, it is not about what is right with the bike, but what is wrong, and where it needs improvement. It is a peek into the life of a professional motorcycle racer, and how they approach their sport.

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Was that at Ryuyo or Hamamatsu (sp) or...? Also, what advantage is gained by using the wind tunnel without the "smoke stream" for visible evidence, or was that considered proprietary information and only for factory use. Enquiring minds want to know.


"Reliability testing lab" in a dyno room obviously didn't result in sufficient data for Randy's race weekend to go well enough. Whatever specific problem they had re (oiling?) doesn't look to have surfaced w/o fore and aft g-forces or lean. Shouldn't that have surfaced in their qualifying and race simulations? Makes me wonder if they made a large tuning step or something for race trim that caught them out. Motors behaving like pinatas on debut race weekend was glaring.

Espargaro put together better lap times at the test than I anticipated which was fun. It would be so cool to get to hear the full of his feedback while watching his face for "tells." Significantly smaller bike than Yamaha is noteworthy. Seems that the Suzuki stands to gain much from evolving the electronics package as it is surely in an infancy. This has shown to be a weakness of Suzuki in the 4 stroke era. Their 800cc machine brought adequate but not exemplary all out power. If they can bring forth just that little bit more raw power and make a breakthrough in their data/software development we have a rider fully able to make it happen in A.Espargaro.

Most enjoyed the facial expression and comment of Maverick stepping off his first ride on a MotoGP bike. That never gets old to see. Rookies coming in for 2015 are a good crop. Maverick's performance relative to A.Espargaro will be the most interesting one for him from where I sit.

More interesting for me is Miller on the (what are we all calling the Prod Honda now? So many changes!) now competitive Open Honda. On a other site they just said "Fellow 20-year-old Jack Miller is jumping straight from Moto3 to the premier-class, where he will ride an Open class Honda for LCR. Having skipped the Moto2 category, how quickly Miller adapts to MotoGP will be seen by many as a sign of Moto2's relevance." What do you make of this? Seems a diservice to both Jack and Moto2 as it is MILLER it is more a measure of methinks.

May as well add that our English friends Cal and Redding on factory Hondas is a gem of a gift to follow for the year. Another site today also noted Crutchlow's "stepping down from factory to satellite" this season. Uhm, nope?

May as well also add #2 is anyone else wishing that the Factory teams were able to have another liter of fuel this year? I can't get my fixation off of the *#@&* anemic fuel limits and the Yamaha vs the Honda. It has been over represented in my mind for YEARS, like a splinter I can't get out. Watching the Suzuki entry and all new Ducati get a leg up with their fuel relative to Honda and Yamaha will hopefully bring some satisfaction lacking unless Yamaha continues to amaze with their power output and rideability.

Suzuki, any chance you can throw enough Yen at a Yamaha engineer to jump ship bringing you a gem in that department? Oh, and have them bring over a few shirts and hats to look at, you people look a bit shabby.