Alex Marquez Signs Two-Year Deal To Race With Marc VDS In Moto2

Alex Marquez is to join Marc VDS in the Moto2 class. The Spaniard has signed a two-year deal with the Belgian racing team to compete on their Kalex Moto2 bike for the next two seasons. Marquez will join Tito Rabat at Marc VDS to form a Spanish dream team in Moto2, with Rabat once again challenging for the title, while Marquez gets up to speed. 

The Marquez announcement will likely be the first of many in the weeks leading up to the Aragon entry deadline. Both Jack Miller and Alex Rins will also be leaving Moto3, with Miller widely rumored to be moving up to MotoGP, and Rins off to join the Pons team with Luis Salom. However, there were whisperings at Silverstone that Miller may not be going straight to MotoGP after all. LCR's new British sponsor is believed to want a British rider on the production Honda. In that case, Miller would go to Moto2 with the Pons team. Whether that would mean Sito Pons would expand his team to three riders is unclear, but with a title sponsor now on board, that could be a possibility.

Marquez' move to Marc VDS does reduce the likelihood that Emilio Alzamora will create a new Moto2 team via the Monlau structure. The Estrella Galicia 0,0 team will continue in Moto3, with Fabio Quartararo moving up along with Maria Herrera, in all probability. Whether the move of Marquez to Marc VDS reflects the start of a more formal collaboration between Marc VDS and Alzamora / Monlau remains to be seen, but is an intriguing possibility. With the Estrella Galicia Junior team also continuing in the Spanish CEV championship, that would provide a pipeline of talent for the Marc VDS team, and offer a stepping stone into MotoGP for Alzamora.

Below is the press release from Marc VDS announcing the Marquez deal:

Márquez to move up to Moto2 with Marc VDS

Gosselies, Belgium – 1 September 2014: The Marc VDS Racing Team is pleased to announce that Álex Márquez will join the team to contest the 2015 Moto2 World Championship alongside his compatriot and current series leader, Tito Rabat.

Spanish Champion in 2012, Márquez has impressed this year in just his second full season in the Moto3 World Championship, the most closely contested of the three Grand Prix classes.

The 18-year-old Spaniard has two wins and three second places to his name and currently lies second in the series standings, just 13 points behind the Championship leader with six races left to run.

Márquez joins the Marc VDS Racing Team on a two-year deal.

Álex Márquez

“I am so proud and excited to announce I am joining Marc VDS Racing Team in Moto2 for the next two years. It is very important for me because I am changing class with a fantastic team and a strong teammate. I have been working hard to be here and I want to thank the Marc VDS Racing Team for their trust in me. But now it’s time to focus on Moto3, we are in the most important moment of the season and our mission is to fight for the championship.”

Michael Bartholemy // Team Principal

“It has always been our goal to bring young riders into Moto2, and Álex Márquez is the perfect fit for us. He has shown he has both the talent and the drive to succeed with some impressive performances over the past two years, which are the attributes we want as we look towards the future. Having Tito Rabat alongside him and an experienced team behind him will help with Álex’s transition from Moto3 to Moto2 next year. I am confident that in 2016 he will be ready to step up and spearhead our World Championship campaign.”

Marc van der Straten // President, Marc VDS Racing Team

“Álex Márquez’s signature on a contract for 2015 has been the goal of many teams in the Grand Prix paddock, so I am proud that his first choice of team with which to move up to Moto2 was ours. Álex is an outstanding rider, with immense talent, but equally important is his work ethic. He is not afraid of hard work and that will stand him in good stead when he starts the transition from the Honda Moto3 machine he races now to the Kalex Moto2 bike that he’ll race for the next two years. I am looking forward to Álex joining us and I am confident that with the help of the team he will soon establish himself as a title contender in Moto2.”

More information and high resolution images are available on the Marc VDS Racing Team website at

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And where does Mika Kallio go? He's putting in a great effort this year

Hard to imagine Tito staying put in Moto2 for long. Having a competitive team leader that doesn't have MotoGP aspirations paired with a new from Moto3 rookie would make some sense.

..On the right side of page with Kallio says he is looking at moving on to MotoGP again!

He is a cracking rider, should have been 125 champion, and he deserves a top ride in Moto2 at least - would be a dreadful shame to see him moved out of Marc VDS.

This year I have been happy for Mika Kallio since he has been at the forefront of things. When he moved up to the MotoGP class last time around, he went to the Ducati that was destroying careers. I think it took him a couple of seasons to build his confidence up to where it is today. He says he wants to go to MotoGP and he probably will, but then he will be circulating at the rear given that with the exception of the one Honda which Gresini will be giving up (and that is almost certainly going to Scot Redding) there are not many competitive teams and bikes left. If he ends up on a Pramac Ducati again, he will inherit this year's troublesome bike and not the new one (which can also be troublesome) and that means he will just go back to where his downfall started in the first place. A place with the new Aprilia team on old ART bikes is no great solution either. If I were Kallio, I would stop looking at MotoGP and concentrate on Moto2 where he is beginning to show his class again. What is the point in going to MotoGP to do something eminently forgettable?

... there are several reasons one might want to race in MotoGP even on an uncompetitive bike.

1. To race the best guys in the world. Even if not on the same spec machinery, seeing what they do up close can only benefit your own riding.
2. To get a foot in the door and get noticed, perhaps as a stepping stone
3. Money?

Really, if you're at the pointy end of Moto2 and regularly winning on spec machinery, what are you learning? You don't learn from racing guys slower than you - and I say that with all due respect to the guys in Moto2 - the field has a massive amount of talent in it.

THis is why I think Tito should step up, irrespective of whether he wins the Moto2 championship this year. He clearly has the potential to do so, and the bikes and racing is so close luck good or bad could swing it either way. He's good enough to step up, as is Kallio.

I think they will develop more as riders in MotoGP. Kallio (or anyone else at his or Tito's level) may deem that more interesting/important to himself than just hanging around moto2 not learning as much purely in order to get a trophy.

Kallio seems to be out of a ride at the moment and he will know which bike he needs to be on to be competitive. He seems quite happy in Moto2 and possibly isn't that keen on an also-ran MGP ride.

MM93 and AM seem quite clear that some time in Moto 2 is a better career plan than rushing up to MGP, and it seems a more logical progression to me too.

Miller might be able to 'do an Elias' if he doesn't click in MGP, but.....

Rabat strikes me as perhaps being a little Sofuoglu-alike - a real 600 specialist. His training regime may be a problem in MGP too - he isn't going to be riding one of those every day, and riding his 600 isn't going to do much for his big bike technique. If he can stay competitive and healthy he may be happier in Moto 2. He seems to have plenty of support from his family and isn't doing it to make money, judging by appearances, so enjoyment has to be his main driver.

However, if Marc VDS get those HRC thoroughbreds, there could be the nice and easy progression that seems to be laid out for Alex and Tito. A very nice place to be. Who could resist that?

I think that Mika has been quite consistent about his comment for several years, stating that he would like to go back to MotoGP but only on a bike that you can get about top 10 results (not with a bike that is +-2 secs of the pace/ lap on race conditions). Otherwise he will prefer to stay on a not that favourable bike to ride but at least being to able to race for success.
He has been also constantly saying that his riding style suits a lot better to MotoGP bikes (and even superbikes) than Moto2. I think that possibility to ride against the best, combined with strong will to ride far better bikes is really motivating and makes him want to go back. I have no reason to believe that this wouldn't be the case as now he is riding a pretty underpowered bike that weights pretty much, also due to the ~7 kg of extra weight he has to put into the bike, compared to others, due to his small size.

Mika has still and has always had the talent to be succesfull also in motogp, but unfortunately he hasn't got a change with a decent bike and crew which is a must to be successfull, whether you are in moto2 or GP. I think it is and has been due to the business side as you won't be selling any more R1 or Cbr in nordics/Finland although you would give him a satellite, factory or even open bike :(. ( to give a picture in 2013 6 pcs of cbr1000rr, 8 zx10r and 12 bmw s1000rr were sold in Finland and s1000rr was the most sold supersport bike, What ajoke!) That business side is against him and on the second hand helps quite alot spanish, italian, uk etc bigger bike and business market riders.

Unfortunately I think that his changes are slim also for 2015 MotoGP as my hunch is that remaining open seats favour riders that are bringing money into the team at the same time. I really hope that I would be wrong in this one and Mika would get a change in open Honda, for example in Aspar. I think that then he might have the equipment to enjoy riding in Motogp and also to achieve top 10 places.

Good comments also about Rabat. I think that Rabat is one of the best moto2 riders in the series ever or even the best (well mika as well although i think his talents suits alot better with GP bike) due to the extensive training he is putting in with own moto2 bike. This season reddings and perhaps espargaros ass would be wiped on moto2 as on an absolut level the speed of the top has been better than ever, allthough I know that a will get a disagree vote flow from brits with this statement :)( on the second hand I also believe that, like in Kallios case, also redding suits a lot better for motoGP bike). What comes to Tito I think that he won't be able to be ever as good in motogp as he is currently on moto2 bike. He has only one prevailing small weakness in Moto2 class and that is riding with a heavier bike with full fuel tank, otherwise he is a trained maniac monster on moto2 bike.
In fact now that I wrote it it would be nice to see that how Tito would cope against my favourite rider Kallio, if he would also have to carry 7kg of extra ballast in his bike (instead of just gaining the extra benefits of being able to use his own weight more by placing the weigh optimally on front in corners etc with the spider style) or on the other hand that if Kallio could rid of his own ballast..