Video: Valentino Rossi Talks About The Austin Private MotoGP Test

The private test which Yamaha and Honda held at the Austin circuit in mid-February was an opportunity for the media to provide freer coverage of the event. Free of Dorna's monopoly on video coverage of MotoGP - the test took place privately, outside of the auspices of Dorna, which runs most of the other tests - news organizations (and teams) were able to shoot their own coverage of the event.

Having sent Andrew Elder to the test, also had video footage of the riders. Andrew shot footage of the rider debriefs that take place at the end of every day, which we will be posting up over the next few days (despite being a couple of weeks out of date) in the run up to the season opener at Qatar. This is the raw material on which the journalists from around the world base their reporting of events on.

The first videos are of Valentino Rossi, talking after the first and second days of testing. Rossi talks in detail about the track, and about his expectations of the event at Austin. He also discusses where the Hondas appear to have the advantage over the Yamahas at Austin.

Day 1:

Day 2:

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