2012 Aragon Moto2 Race Result: Smart Victory After Blood-Curdling Battle

Results and summary of a thrilling Moto2 race at the Motorland Aragon Circuit:

Pol Espargaro has taken a smart and hard-fought victory in a spine-chilling Moto2 race, which saw him take advantage of the battle in the last few laps behind him to edge away at the front. Espargaro's victory brings him five points closer to Marc Marquez, but the deficit is still large at 48 points.

Polesitter Simone Corsi led away from the line, taking the lead for the first few laps ahead of Marc Marquez, Pol Esparagaro and Andrea Iannone, but the three men who have dominated the 2012 Moto2 championship soon asserted their authority. Marquez took charge as the race approached the halfway mark, while Pol Espargaro started to chase down the Catalunya Caixa man. Behind them, Andrea Iannone took his time working his way past Simone Corsi, then closed on the leaders, bringing with him a larger group including Corsi in his wake.

As the race wound down, a fierce battle unfolded at the front. Simone Corsi opened the proceedings with a bold move to elbow Espargaro aside, but both Espargaro and Iannone were soon past the CAME Ioda rider and focusing their efforts on Marquez. Pol Espargaro, Marc Marquez and Andrea Iannone have developed a fierce rivalry through this season, and the race at Aragon turned into a showcase for that rivalry. No chance to overtake was passed up, no defending move was shied away from. The battle was hard, the passes were right at the very limit of the possible, but every move was clean and without contact.

Marc Marquez tried to exploit his superior speed down the back straight to get into the final corner first, but both Espargaro and Iannone had an answer to that, braking up the inside of Turn 16 to pass the championship leader back. Espargaro and Iannone battled it out in the first sector, Iannone having the upper hand in Turn 5, Espargaro braving it out in Turn 7 and Turn 12.

It would be Turn 1 that would be decisive. Espargaro dived past Iannone to take the lead, forcing Iannone back into the clutches of Marquez and the chasing group. The battle for 2nd was fierce enough for Espargaro to push for a gap, and once past he would not be caught. The battle for 2nd raged for two more laps, Marquez eventually coming out on top after a brave move round the outside of Iannone through the final two corners. The fight had allowed the group following to catch the leaders, and Scott Redding seized the opportunity to take 3rd from Iannone, demoting the unfortunate Italian to 4th. 


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 40 Pol ESPARGARO KALEX 40'25.260  
2 93 Marc MARQUEZ SUTER 40'26.707 1.447
3 45 Scott REDDING KALEX 40'27.003 1.743
4 29 Andrea IANNONE SPEED UP 40'27.085 1.825
5 38 Bradley SMITH TECH 3 40'27.453 2.193
6 5 Johann ZARCO MOTOBI 40'28.259 2.999
7 3 Simone CORSI FTR 40'29.577 4.317
8 81 Jordi TORRES SUTER 40'30.375 5.115
9 71 Claudio CORTI KALEX 40'30.779 5.519
10 95 Anthony WEST SPEED UP 40'30.891 5.631
11 12 Thomas LUTHI SUTER 40'31.111 5.851
12 80 Esteve RABAT KALEX 40'31.808 6.548
13 18 Nicolas TEROL SUTER 40'32.809 7.549
14 63 Mike DI MEGLIO KALEX 40'39.335 14.075
15 77 Dominique AEGERTER SUTER 40'42.582 17.322
16 36 Mika KALLIO KALEX 40'42.650 17.390
17 49 Axel PONS KALEX 40'42.752 17.492
18 60 Julian SIMON SUTER 40'43.097 17.837
19 92 Alex MARIÑELARENA SUTER 40'55.839 30.579
20 23 Marcel SCHROTTER BIMOTA 40'58.008 32.748
21 84 Steven ODENDAAL AJR 40'58.139 32.879
22 8 Gino SUTER 40'58.531 33.271
23 72 Yuki TAKAHASHI FTR 40'59.571 34.311
24 75 Tomoyoshi KOYAMA SUTER 41'01.823 36.563
25 14 Ratthapark WILAIROT SUTER 41'03.521 38.261
26 57 Eric GRANADO MOTOBI 41'21.280 56.020
27 82 Elena ROSELL SPEED UP 41'42.462 1'17.202
28 20 Jesko RAFFIN KALEX 41'42.930 1'17.670
29 10 Marco COLANDREA FTR 41'43.623 1'18.363
30 30 Takaaki NAKAGAMI KALEX 41'49.504 1'24.244
31 22 Alessandro ANDREOZZI SPEED UP 41'50.413 1'25.153
Not Classified
  19 Xavier SIMEON TECH 3 5'54.902  
  15 Alex DE ANGELIS FTR 3'11.409 20 laps
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I know its been tested many times and the endines are "sealed" and all, but what is the explanation for the very noticable speed difference/ advantage the Marquez seems to have over the bikes he competes against?
He just gets out of the corners better? Every time?
He doesnt just get a tow at the end of the straight, he accelerates up to the back of the bikes a quarter of the way down the straight and has to sit up to not make the difference look too obvious. And no one else seems to be able to get a tow from him. Cant hang on.
The speed difference of that one bike flies in the face of the formula idea.
He's such a good rider that I dont think he needs any advantage.
Good ride by Redding again... the whole Moto 2 formula is very watchable while the premier class struggles for relevance and direction.

Yes, Marquez gets out of the corners better every time. The only difference I can see between his engine and that of the others is that he has the gold heat-reflecting foil on the airbox where the others have nothing. That probably makes a few degrees difference in air temperature (and is not illegal, just expensive) which might provide a small advantage.

Most of it is in Marquez though. He gets out of the corners faster, on the gas earlier, and is lighter than most, which gives him an advantage. Compare him with Luthi, they both have almost identical bikes, yet Marquez is much further in front.

Once Marquez gets into MotoGP, we will see just where the truth lies. I expect him to podium quickly and get a win in his first year. That hasn't happened since Lorenzo entered the class.

...why is this being allowed to happen? Everyone knows that Marquez has an advantage based on his weight and yet nothing seems to be being done about it!! Redding has recently raised the issue and Rossi backed Simoncelli's call for some parity in the big class a couple of years ago. The whole issue of weight equivalency needs to be addressed if MotoGP (and this class in particular) is to retain any semblance of credibility. Should this not have a higher profile in the Racing press.....