2011 Aragon Moto2 Race Result: Breathtaking Race Sees Championship Shake-Up

Results and summary of the Moto2 race at the Motorland Aragon circuit:

Marc Marquez has taken huge strides towards securing the 2011 Moto2 World Championship, after a vicious battle with the chasing group to secure a comfortable victory. Marquez' title challenge was helped to a great extent by Stefan Bradl's problems with tires, the championship leader ending up 8th, the gap now closed to just 6 points.

From the moment the lights went out, the race turned into the kind of thriller that has marked the Moto2 class out as a firm fan favorite. The action began in turn 2, when Scott Redding barged his way past Marc Marquez, with Stefan Bradl quickly joining the fray. Marquez returned the favor, and Bradl did the same, setting the tone for what would become a gripping battle.

Marquez, Redding and Bradl were joined by Andrea Iannone, Simone Corsi, Aleix Espargaro and Alex de Angelis, and the intense place- and paint-swapping going on allowed the chasing group to catch the leaders. No quarter was either given or asked, and a giant scrap unfolded at the front. As the laps unfolded, the two main protagonists ended up being Marquez and Iannone, but every time one of them got ahead and tried to make a break, they would be caught by the other, and then the whole pack would pile up behind them. 

One or the other would have to break, and in the end it was Iannone. The Speed Master rider outbraked himself going into Turn 1, trying to put a pass on Marquez, and lost touch with the Spaniard. With Iannone out of his way, Marquez put the hammer down and pulled a gap, one that would not be challenged again. Marquez went on to take a comfortable victory, ahead of a gaggle of Italians.

Andrea Iannone came out on top of that battle, holding off Simone Corsi and Alex de Angelis to take 2nd. Meanwhile, behind the Italians, the battle from which the leaders had emerged raged on unabated, the group growing to a massive 14 riders by the end. In the midst sat Stefan Bradl, the German ending the race in 8th, with his tire shot by the huge battle and abrasive track.

Bradl's miserable finish blows the championship wide open. Now separated by just 6 points, the title race is now all about momentum. Given that Marquez' victory was his third in a row, and the sixth of the last seven, the Spaniard is clearly in control of the championship. It is now Marquez' title to lose.


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 93 Marc MARQUEZ SUTER 40'20.575  
2 29 Andrea IANNONE SUTER 40'23.041 2.466
3 3 Simone CORSI FTR 40'23.149 2.574
4 15 Alex DE ANGELIS MOTOBI 40'23.629 3.054
5 40 Aleix ESPARGARO PONS KALEX 40'31.406 10.831
6 38 Bradley SMITH TECH 3 40'31.445 10.870
7 12 Thomas LUTHI SUTER 40'31.580 11.005
8 65 Stefan BRADL KALEX 40'31.787 11.212
9 77 Dominique AEGERTER SUTER 40'32.385 11.810
10 36 Mika KALLIO SUTER 40'32.514 11.939
11 13 Anthony WEST FTR 40'32.683 12.108
12 63 Mike DI MEGLIO TECH 3 40'32.689 12.114
13 76 Max NEUKIRCHNER FTR 40'32.755 12.180
14 44 Pol ESPARGARO FTR 40'33.483 12.908
15 45 Scott REDDING SUTER 40'33.904 13.329
16 34 Esteve RABAT FTR 40'34.450 13.875
17 60 Julian SIMON SUTER 40'34.529 13.954
18 19 Xavier SIMEON TECH 3 40'35.826 15.251
19 71 Claudio CORTI SUTER 40'39.045 18.470
20 18 Jordi TORRES SUTER 40'40.703 20.128
21 4 Randy KRUMMENACHE KALEX 40'59.549 38.974
22 25 Alex BALDOLINI PONS KALEX 40'59.647 39.072
23 9 Kenny NOYES FTR 40'59.915 39.340
24 7 Tomoyoshi KOYAMA SUTER 41'09.270 48.695
25 88 Ricard CARDUS MORIWAKI 41'09.418 48.843
26 64 Santiago HERNANDEZ FTR 41'23.245 1'02.670
27 33 Sergio GADEA MORIWAKI 41'26.208 1'05.633
28 6 Joan OLIVE FTR 41'27.194 1'06.619
29 53 Valentin DEBISE FTR 41'32.407 1'11.832
30 39 Robertino PIETRI SUTER 41'48.087 1'27.512
31 72 Yuki TAKAHASHI MORIWAKI 41'51.977 1'31.402
32 95 Mashel AL NAIMI MORIWAKI 41'54.300 1'33.725
33 82 Elena ROSELL SUTER 41'57.123 1'36.548
Not Classified
  51 Michele PIRRO MORIWAKI 33'21.168 4 laps
  16 Jules CLUZEL SUTER 17'25.205 12 laps
  14 Ratthapark WILAIROT FTR 17'30.944 12 laps
  35 Raffaele DE ROSA SUTER 17'34.191 12 laps
  75 Mattia PASINI FTR 5'56.850 18 laps


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I don't like using that word too much, but that race was Awesome!

Hear, hear!! If only the premier class could be this good. I just wish Iannone could have hung in there a little bit longer.

What happened to Bradl, his rear tire was dead?
Now Bradl and Marquez are on equal foot for the last 4 races, the race is on!
Good on Westie and Di Meglio, hope they find some seats next year. Who knows, West might even find a competitive bike for once? 11th on a 2010 FTR bike is a pretty decent result.
Great ride, as usual, by Bradley Smith.

Speaking of tires, here's a twitter pic of Scott Redding's rear tire after the Moto2 Race today. I'm assuming that Matthew Birt an MCN MotoGP writer took the photo.


Wonder what Bradl's looked like? I'm guessing it was bad enough to start vibrating and that's why he was looking down at the bike...