Assen - Friday Morning Update

The weather has changed overnight here at Assen, the sun hidden behind a thin layer of gray clouds. Temperatures are a good deal cooler than yesterday, and there's plenty of moisture in the air, but it doesn't look like it's going to rain. The 125s have just taken to the track for FP1, and the crowds are already starting to wander in.

The forecast is that it will stay overcast for the rest of the day, but the rain should hold off. Tomorrow is a different story, with a good chance of rain falling some time in the afternoon. Whether that's before, during or after the MotoGP race remains to be seen. 

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Latest weather forecast for raceday: Occasional sun, then heavy showers and possible thunderstorms, with hail and winds to develop. Source: Dutch weather institute (KNMI). I hope my umbrella wil survive the wind, hail and not attract any lightning. Bring on Assen! :)