Editor's Blog: Another Update On Site Upgrade Progress - Nearly There

Dear MotoMatters.com readers,

First of all, sorry for the delay. Figuring out the site upgrade took longer than I thought, mostly because I chased a couple of dead ends and made some boneheaded mistakes. But that is how we learn, of course...

The good news is that the site upgrade is nearly finished. The migration to a newer version of the site software has been tested and works, and is ready to be done on the live website. The new layout is good enough to go live, and the remaining refinements can be done after the site has been relaunched.

A couple of things remain to be done. Firstly, a slightly different (and better) way of managing subscriber material. Subscribers will be at the heart of MotoMatters going forward, so getting this right is important. Fortunately, I have a very solid grasp of the logic I will be using, and so it is now only a Small Matter Of Programming. Then there is migrating the current subscriptions over to the new website. For this too, I have figured out the how, it's just a matter of implementing it.

I am currently at the Ducati Campioni in Pista launch, at the Madonna di Campiglio ski resort in Italy, where I have managed to combine a little bit of working on the website with the presentations and a couple of interesting interviews, which will appear on the site once it is relaunched. It is probably going to take until next weekend for me to finish everything up, so the target date (which is realistic this time, I promise) is Monday, January 30th.

Once again, thanks for your patience, and especially, thanks for your support.

David Emmett, Mediocre Programmer Extraordinaire


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Looking forward to the new site!

One question: will old comments migrate over to the new site as well? I’ve got some very important and 100% accurate MotoGP predictions to keep track of and I want to make sure I don’t lose them.

As a professional software developer of many years, your jargon link could not have been any closer to the truth! (See also The Pareto Principle: 20% of the work will take 80% of the time). Good luck! Looking forward to the new site

That was amusing. Good luck with your Small Matter of Programming. Here's hoping all goes well, looking forward to the "couple of interesting interviews" you mention. Cheers.

The greatest shock (a good one) is that you are doing this yourself. I define IT as Impenetrable Trouble and rely on experts (who sometimes are and sometimes are not). Pareto - extraordinarily pertinent in so many things. It probably takes 80% of the effort to get to the front in a race and only 20% will get there, be that riders or teams.

Is everyone else waking up every morning and hoping that Santa brings you a new website? Not that I'm impatient, but C'MON!! :-)


Hey David - Really looking forward to the new site and I think the timing is great!  As Twitter continues to implode with the recent news that API access is no longer granted to my favorite app, Twitterrific, among others, I will rely more on following you directly at the website.

Thanks for your continued work.

WSBK/WSS 2023 Test underway at Jerez. Just getting reports in the last hour. It is interesting, lots of rookies and riders on new bikes. Toprak top today. Beautista 2nd, one crash, and he has a nice hair cut thank heavens. Rinaldi 3rd. Rea was 4th, Lowes 5th. Danillo Petrucci 6th. Honda riders 7th/8th.

"Rookie" Petrucci happy and quick. Rea said he wasn't feeling mmotivated. Lots more to see, tomorrow will have more. Some riders were running 2022 bikes today and zeroing in on the 2023 tomorrow.

We made it!


At the Yamaha MotoGP presentation Boss Nishida was asked what happened at the last test in which Quartararo found zero improvement in power. Answer? Basically an apology that the bike wasn't set up well enough for the track and conditions, they just didn’t do enough w the bike after putting the motor in it. He apologized, said it was engineering's fault, they have that sorted, and engine/power improvement is going well. 

Again, hope he's right. Or we have a boring Red Armada season. (Last yr Ducati started the season faltering, and had 3-4 different disjointed bikes out there. This year, they hit Round 1 running).

KTM launched today. They should just put a huge ?QUESTION MARK? on the side of their bikes. With this front tire, there is NO indication of how the Orange bike arrives now. Only breadcrumb? That development and testing is more focused, methodical, prioritized and particular. No more "throwing many parts at it to see what works." Anyone have breadcrumbs yet? Binder Q pace at Round 1 will clarify, until then it is looking for wee revealing bits. Fingers crossed! (Luck wouldn't be needed if Dorna just brought the fookin front tire announced FOUR YRS AGO, still seething here).

Ok Mutterers. Did Rea saying he wasn't feeling motivated strike you as frigging extraordinary? And not in a good way? This is a bloke for whom professionalism has been a bottom line. And he says this? I wonder how the team who fettled and prepared his ride felt. I wonder how Kawasaki felt.This is one of those times when someone says 'taken out of context...' except there really is no context for this sort of a comment. IMHO. 

Hiya Tony! Yes, it struck me as unusual. Differently though.

As "wow, ok, Rea is aware that he has begun his decline." Didn’t think for a moment about criticism. I think he's a good bloke and Kawasaki is most grateful for having his exceptional lovely Green bloom so long. Everything wilts.

Many are eagerly eyeing the WSBK rider lineup - it holds exciting promise! Bikes too. There is quite a bit going on over there.

There have been multiple brief discussions bubbling up of WSBK meeting MotoGP in popular interest. Right now I am glad Toprak is over there for instance.

Supersport! THAT is of big waxing interest. I really like Moto2, but my head keeps getting yanked over to the other Paddock's middeweights.

Can you imagine what the Christmas party must have been like at Ducati Corse in Italy a month ago? Wow. Kings.

Wasn't he referring to the December tests when they had nothing much new? At 1/10 slower than Topcat in Jerez, he looks fairly motivated.

He said it again at this Test. He didn't do many laps, sat out the AM. Noting that Toprak and Beautista are fast, and saying that the newer riders arriving are strong. Still plenty fast! But he has... been bested? 


Our friend Petrucci has tires to adjust to, race pace is there but not yet pushing that Q hot lap. You know who is adjusting quickly? Expecting good things from GRT Yamaha riders Aegerter and Remy Gardner. That team must be excited indeed. Aegerter, coming from an R6, was just 6th and smiling. Some 2nd Teams are on the rise. 

I think it is healthy to have a bit of planful turnover of riders. MotoGP too.

Aside, I am still grieving our loss of Suzuki. Often. Sadness right now. It feels like a friend died, because one did. Keeping an eye on the GSXR750 arrival in Supersport as a small salve. I still have some old Zook stuff on the walls of the garage, even the old sticker package they would give you for your racebike to be elible for Contingency money. A small part of me holds on to them as important still, without thinking. Nostalgia is a bitter sweet echo. With that awareness, I turn to the bikes and racing we DO have here and now. As it is. And it is...good.

J Rea seems to be playing the modesty card, it suits him very well. He's not the reigning champion, just one of the fast guys, no ego in his interviews, all credit to him. I think he would like to be seen as the underdog, kinda like when he joined Sykes so many years ago. 

Still wish effing WSBK would consider an actual race in North America...


Throwing chicken in the deep fryers at KFC, 15 yrs old, paid for my first new motorcycle, a Suzuki. In college a used GS400 (with forks that did not move...), my daily non-winter commuter until it got stolen. Always a soft spot for Suzuki. Saw Schwantz, KR jr ride them and cheered loudly. Will they return to motogp again?