Rossi: "I Think Lorenzo Has His Own Jorge Beside Him Next Year"

Valentino Rossi was far from happy with his qualifying position at the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix, his worst position since Valencia 2008. His attempt to improve his qualifying position had been hampered by a crash with just a few minutes left in the session, the Fiat Yamaha rider going down at Turn 6, a corner that has caught out a lot of riders so far this weekend.

Speaking to the Italian press after qualifying, Rossi complained about the surface of the track in that corner, saying "if it hadn't have been for that hole in Turn Six ... We asked for that hole to be filled in two years' ago in the Safety Commission." The crash was Rossi's second of the day, something that hadn't happened since his first season back in 1996, Rossi claimed. The cause, Rossi explained, was the rear suspension being set too hard, making it impossible for Rossi to catch the bike once it started to slide.

Despite the crash, Rossi was happier with his preparation for race day, and the support he was getting from Yamaha at the first race since he announced he will be leaving the factory he has been for the past six and a half seasons. "I have everything I need," he said, going on to say that they were still working on a setup, and needed three tenths of a second to be on race pace. But the team had made a big step forward, Rossi added, and he was confident that there was more to come.

At the end of the debrief, Rossi touched upon the surprising make up of the grid, with neither himself, Casey Stoner or Dani Pedrosa on the front row. Speaking of Ben Spies' stunning debut pole at Indy, he complimented the American on his fast lap, then hinted at one of the reasons behind his own decision to leave Yamaha. "I'm happy for Lorenzo because now he has found he has his own "Jorge Lorenzo" in his team to be be a nuisance to him next year!" Rossi commented. And he was probably only half joking.

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Rossi's move to DT is fenomenal, he's worth the weight of Italy in gold if not more..however he should stop complaining and keep on proving he's the one and only! Complaining starts when things don't work the way they used to do..

"Complaining starts when things don't work the way they used to do"

That sounds like one of those motivational captions you see super-imposed against a photo of a misty mountain range.

Come on... nothing ever is worth complaining about?

And if you think that's complaining... I wonder what you'd think of what Casey said about the track:

"It’s pretty bad. The surface definitely isn’t as world class as the venue. You go for a walk up to that last corner, you look at the entry point and looks like we’re going through someone’s garage."

Whole lotta love between Rossi and Lorenzo... Rossi may have written the book on mind games but Lorenzo has read and understood it. Still, NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition.

I think both Stoner and Lorenzo are very savvy and mentally far stronger than SG, MB and Co. They've sussed out Rossi and can play him on equal terms.

Who are "SG, MB and Co"......? 'Cos they're not the initials of any current MotoGP racers.

I've probably missed something really obvious, but can't work out who this is referring to....

Told you I'd probably missed something really obvious.....


Next year Valentino will be back in his comfort zone with Nicky alongside.
I just get the feeling that the pair of them are on the slide,while the Yamaha and Honda teams have riders yet to peak.
Cheeky,but very clever 'pot shot' at Jorge.

Rossi has shown himself to be half the man he expects his competitors to be when his gamesmanship (on or off track) is in full effect.

I think both Spies and Lorenzo will just ride harder if they're being beaten, not throw up walls, take to the press, or play the worlds smallest violin while they sulk...

I put Rossi at #1 all time, but he's kind of a Nancy too.