Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 240: Misano Moto2 And Moto3 - The MotoE Thriller, A Moto2 Rivalry For The Ages, And What's Up With Acosta?

In the latest episode of the Paddock Pass Podcast Follow Up Show Fueled By ELF MarcVDS Racing, Neil Morrison and David Emmett take a look back at Misano. They start off with a look at a thrilling and controversial end to the MotoE season, and the collision between Dominique Aegerter and Jordi Torres which decided the title. They debate the merits and the future of the MotoE class, and where it goes from here.

Then they move on to discuss the rivalry between Raul Fernandez and Remy Gardner, and where it ranks in the history of intermediate class battles. We briefly discuss what the bumpy and physically demanding Austin track will have on the championship. And they take a look at Moto3, how Romano Fenati spread out the field to create an interesting race. And we ask why Pedro Acosta suddenly seems to be struggling, and who is now dominating the Moto3 championship.

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I'm a little bummed "The Fenatinator" nickname hasn't caught on. I was really hoping it would. Well, it's not too late for the Fogginator. Although, personally, I like "Fog machine." On another point, Neil and David together on the show make an awesome duo. 


Thanks for the MotoE discussion! I'm on Domi's side on this one if for no other reason than Torres exhibited a lack of racer maturity in fighting so hard rather than letting Domi go and savoring that, while he'd lost the battle, he'd won the war (I hope but don't expect that Torres' tears when he initially thought he'd lost were self-recrimination for having made that mistake). Domi for his part, as David pointed out, really had no other choice but to go for it. And we've long been told that last lap, last race, last corner antics are given a certain amount of leeway from Race Direction, and history has backed this up! I'm not 100% sure the standard was applied consistently in this case, at least with regards to the severity of the penalty.

Regardless, while I often miss the MotoE race(s), whenever I tune in I'm rewarded with such fantastic spectacle. The short format and the cast of characters (up-and-comers mixed with old-but-not-doners and everyone with something to prove) seems to lend an exuberance and chaos that's like a club race but with pro speeds. The difficulty in wrangling these bikes, with both huge torque and huge weight, makes for some wild riding. I plan to watch every race next season.

About Moto E. I've ridden a Zero electric and was astounded at the power, but until they figure out something seriously improved about the range and charging time I'm not interested. As for the race bikes, they're ridiculously heavy and are lucky to make a race distance. And yeah, I'm old, but the utter lack of sound irritates the hell out of me. When I was at the Isle of Man a few years back we missed the electric race entirely because it went by so quietly outside the pub.