2016 Mugello Moto2 & Moto3 Post-Race Press Releases

Press releases from the Moto2 and Moto3 teams after the Italian Grand Prix at Mugello:

Podium joy for Mahindra in Italian thriller

Mugello, 22 May 2016:

Aspar Mahindra rider Pecco Bagnaia took a third podium finish in the sixth race of the 2016 season, finishing only seven hundredths of a second from a first race win after 20 breath-taking laps in today’s thrilling Italian GP.

2016 Mugello MotoGP Sunday Round Up: Of Engines, Disappointment, and Blistering Battles

The 2016 Italian Grand Prix at Mugello was many things, but above all, it was memorable. It's not just that the three races ended up with incredibly close finishes – the margin of victory in Moto3 was just 0.038, and that was the largest winning margin of the three races – but how they were won, and what happened along the way that will leave them indelibly imprinted on the memories of race fans. There was drama, a bucketful of heartbreak, and plenty of chaos and confusion thrown into the mix. If there was a script for Sunday, it was torn up and rewritten a dozen times or more before the day was over.

The drama started during morning warm up. As the final seconds of the MotoGP session ticked away, Jorge Lorenzo suddenly pulled over and white smoke started pouring out of the exhaust of his Movistar Yamaha. His engine had suffered a catastrophic failure. This was a worry, as it was a relatively new engine, first introduced at Jerez, with twelve sessions of practice and two races on it. The other two engines Lorenzo had already used had 21 and 23 sessions of practice on them, and had also been used for two races each (including the flag-to-flag race at Argentina).

Though the engine allocation has been increased from five to seven engines for 2016, losing engine #3 at just the sixth race of the season could end up cutting things rather fine by the time we reach Valencia. Losing an engine so soon before a race seemed like a stroke of incredibly bad luck for Lorenzo. In fact, it would prove to be exactly the opposite.

2016 Mugello MotoGP Saturday Round Up: Of Improbable Alliances, and Saving Italian Racing

Every year at Mugello, Valentino Rossi and Italian designer Aldo Drudi come up with a special helmet design for Rossi's helmet. They vary in originality and ingenuity: my own personal favorite by far was the helmet from 2008, which featured Rossi's face on the top, wide-eyed with the terror he felt braking for the first corner at San Donato, one of the highest speed approaches on the calendar. Others have varied from the obscure and personal, to the entertaining or passionate. Most people have their own personal favorite, a few curmudgeons find the whole idea rather pointless.

Rossi's helmet for this year features a simple design, based on a pun in Italian. His AGV Pista GP helmet is yellow, featuring an outline of the Mugello circuit, and the word "MUGIALLO" around the front. "Mugiallo" is a play on the words Mugello, the name of the circuit, and "giallo", the Italian word for yellow. Rossi's tribal color is yellow, his fans call themselves "Il popolo giallo", or The Yellow People. The press release from Dainese described it as a tribute to the circuit, and to Rossi's fans.

Is that what it means to Rossi himself, though? On Saturday, Rossi made his helmet look more like an act of appropriation than a tribute. Rossi's searing qualifying lap laid bare his intentions: Valentino Rossi laid claim to the Mugello circuit. He came here to win.

2016 Mugello Moto3 FP3 Result: Antonelli Leads Tight Field

Niccolo Antonelli has topped the final session of free practice for the Moto3 at Mugello, the weather returning to typically Tuscan sun and warmth. The Italian put in a late push to take top spot from Gabri Rodrigo, who had himself taken first just a few moments earlier. Romano Fenati ended the session in third, ahead of Juanfran Guevara and Pecco Bagnaia.

2016 Mugello Moto3 FP2 Result: Ono Leads Bagnaia

Hiroki Ono took top spot in the first fully dry session of the day at Mugello, topping the timesheets of Moto3 FP2. The Honda Team Asia rider was over a quarter of a second faster than Pecco Bagnaia on the Mahindra, and four tenths quicker than the surprisingly strong rookie Fabio Di Giannantonio. Championship leader Brad Binder ended the day in fourth, just ahead of Jorge Navarro and Romano Fenati.


2016 Mugello Moto3 FP1 Result: Pawi Fastest On Damp Track

Khairul Idham Pawi topped a damp first session of practice at Mugello, the Malaysian youngster leading the Moto3 field in tricky conditions. Teammate Hiroki Ono took second spot, just under a hundredth of a second slower than Pawi, while Pecco Bagnaia and Karel Hanika were third and fourth on the Mahindras.

The times were fairly meaningless, though, over 12 seconds off the lap record, on a track that had been soaked by overnight rain. It is cold and overcast as well, which is not helping to dry the track. Better weather is on its way, but it won't be here for a few hours.


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