Editor's Blog: Austin Subscriber Notes Will Be Late

Apologies to our loyal subscribers, but logistics and a few other reasons mean that the Subscriber notes for the Austin MotoGP round will not be ready on Tuesay morning. Hopefully, they should be posted Tuesday evening.


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Reckon you could dig into Marc's comments on a fourth op and the humerus still not unioned properly? I can't help but feel like that one has slipped under the rug*. It's big news if true. 

There's plenty to disect across the paddock for sure, but if this quote isn't worth investigating then I don't know what is..

"There is a lot of talk about a fourth operation, but for now I don't have to do it, otherwise I would have another face. After three operations the mechanics of the body change a bit. Before Misano I did a check, and the bone is still not fully welded. There does not seem to be an infection, the doctor keeps me calm by saying that sooner or later I will be fine."

- Marc Marquez