No 2018 Calendar - Our Apologies

The calendar has earned a loyal following and customer base through the years. However, for a variety of logistical reasons, it has proven impossible to put together a calendar for 2018. So if anyone was holding out for a Christmas present, we are very sorry to disappoint you.

We are hoping this is only a temporary hiatus. The plan is to bring the calendar back for next year. Fingers crossed we will not face the same insurmountable problems we did this year. 

However, we are currently investigating the production of other merchandise. We are researching reliable partners who can supply good quality material, and we hope to have news of that in the New Year. If you have suggestions for merch you would like to see - obviously there will be at least one T-shirt, and stickers are also high on the priority list - please let us know in the comments.


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Any chance your new vendors will be able to offer a 2019 calendar with a Sun-Sat format?  I'm aware of the arguments on both sides of the 'Sun vs Mon start of the week format', but the Mon-Sun just didn't work for me.  I would gladly buy a calendar next year if it is Sun-Sat format...
I would also be interested in a large coffee mug with MM graphics.


Not to be confrontational, but the original format worked beautifully for me. Just my .02.

And a large coffee mug sounds sh*t hot! :)  Now that I'm retired, it sounds like just the thing to sit around and have a cuppa joe while perusing the Motomatters website. Or for watching MotoGP!

Sorry to hear you've had production issues. Looking forward to next year!

The idea of a paddock-full of people in replicas of David’s hat makes me giggle; like the climax of ‘V for Vendetta’ or the 2nd Thomas Crowne affair’. Merry Christmas all!

A Fidel Castro-style cap with a discrete logo would certainly be a nice thing.

Simple with logo on front, with ‘Kropotkin thinks’ across the top of back of shirt (between shoulders).  

I believe there was a tweet suggesting there might be a new batch of T-shirts to look forward to? Hoping my old one lasts long enough to meet its replacement... The hint there might be more than one is intriguing.

Being in America, I'm not even sure what a proper hat is, but since I'm not a fan of baseball caps, I'm curious.

This means I'm going to have to fend for myself in 2018!   No more excuses at work as to why I am always off by a day (European vs American calendar format) !    LOL!