Guest Video Blog: Freddie Spencer's MotoGP Season Review - Counting Down The Top Ten, in association with Motor Sport Magazine, is proud to feature the rider insights of 1983 and 1985 500cc world champion Freddie Spencer. Every week after each MotoGP race, Fast Freddie will share what he saw and learned from the race.

With the 2017 MotoGP season at an end, Freddie Spencer takes a look back at what has been a scintillating year. Fast Freddie reviews the performance of the top ten riders of 2017, working his way back from Jonas Folger, who finished the year in tenth, to 2017 world champion Marc Marquez.

Freddie Spencer starts off with a few words of what he has hoped to achieve with this series of podcasts, made possible by Motor Sport Magazine. The aim was to provide an insight into the mind of riders, something which we at believe he has done exceptionally well, adding a unique perspective on motorcycle racing.

After that, Spencer counts down the top ten one rider at a time. Spencer gives his view on how a rider performed this year, and what it means for the future. A fitting way to round out the year.

For more insights from Freddie Spencer, his autobiography Feel: My Story is currently on sale.

The transcript of Freddie Spencer's video blog can be found on the Motor Sport Magazine website.

And for those who can't watch the video, here's an audio-only version of Freddie Spencer's rider insights


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