Editor's Blog: Experimenting With Instagram Stories - A Weekend At Aragon

Inspiration comes from strange places. I was arguing – sorry, "discussing" – with the ridiculously talented MotoGP photographer Cormac Ryan Meenan about the relative value of various Social Media outlets. I am, as you may know, a big Twitter fan, and a fairly prolific tweeter. Twitter allows me to quickly post updates and respond to questions from racing fans. As I have little affinity with the graphic arts (a euphemism for saying I take rubbish pictures), I have no real time for Instagram. My primary method of communication is words, not pictures.

Cormac disagreed. He strongly believes in the value of Instagram as a means of communication, and especially in the power of Instagram Stories. Cormac, together with others like top photographer Tony Goldsmith and On Track Off Road kingpin Adam Wheeler, persuaded me that plenty of people would be interested in an Instagram story telling the tale of what an ordinary race weekend looks like for a MotoGP journalist. When I asked people on Twitter if they would be interested in such a thing, the response was overwhelmingly positive.

So I have been officially convinced. Or perhaps bullied into submission, but the effect is much the same. This weekend, I will be attempting to post an Instagram Story documenting what a weekend at a MotoGP race is like for me. I will try to post regular updates with photos and (outside of the paddock, to avoid Dorna's still relatively draconian video rules) quick videos of what I am doing.

Of course, the moment I agreed to do this, the camera on my old phone packed up. So I have scored a cheap phone with a working camera, and am currently sitting at Schiphol setting it up. I hope to have the Instagram Story up later today.

If you want to follow my adventures (and Aragon is one of my favorite races, for reasons I will explain in the Instagram story, so it is always an adventure), then follow me on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/motomatters/The Instagram stories will not stop me from posting on Twitter, of course, and you can follow my Twitter feed at @motomatters. If Facebook is more your thing, you can like the MotoMatters.com Facebook page instead.

As this is the first time I will be doing an Instagram story, I have no idea how it will work out. I hope you will excuse all of my failings, and enjoy what I attempt to put up anyway.

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Well, with a heavy (seniors) dose of scepticism, for the first time I opened up an instagram (yours) whatsit. I don't know what others are like but your one really conveyed many of the little things that make up the atmosphere of a race weekend. I'm looking forward to Aragon & (hopefully) other races.

Are there enough hours in the day for me to follow Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Faceache, websites, blogs, podcasts etc related to my various interests?  No.  Even if there was I'd rather work on/ride/race my own bikes and live my own life rather than read about/listen to/look at someone elses.  So it's a question of setting a few favourite sites/mediums and just checking in when I have a spare moment.  And I'd rather not have my phone pinging away every time there is an updated feed/stream/tweet/post, effectively force feeding me information I may or may not be interested in.

For yourself David, it's a different numbers game: are there enough people going to follow you on (insert your social medium of choice here) to justify the effort in producing something for that medium?  Do you have enough time to put into said effort?  Will the associated clicks based advertising (I'm guessing this is how money is made?) make it worth your while? 

So I won't be following you on Instagram, I'm not prepared to spend any extra time, but there maybe a whole new market who will.  Good luck all the same.