Guest Video Blog: Freddie Spencer's Rider Insights On Assen, in association with Motor Sport Magazine, is proud to feature the rider insights of 1983 and 1985 500cc world champion Freddie Spencer. Every week after each MotoGP race, Fast Freddie will share what he saw and learned from the race.

This week, Freddie Spencer takes a look back at Assen, and the astounding MotoGP race at the Dutch track. Fast Freddie considers the final balance that needs to be struck between judgment and emotion in every sport, but especially in MotoGP. He uses that balance to examine the way Cal Crutchlow approached the final part of the MotoGP race, the rather optimistic pass Johann Zarco tried on Valentino Rossi in the early stages of the race, and he compares Zarco's rookie season to Marc Marquez' 2013 campaign.

Naturally, Spencer spends some time talking about Rossi's remarkable win, how he managed it, and how he balanced his judgment and emotion to pull off victory.

For more insights from Freddie Spencer, his autobiography Feel: My Story is currently on sale.


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I think Freddie's getting better at this video blog thing.

A couple of his previous efforts left me a little underwhelmed but this one's excellent. I found the observations about Joan Zarco and Cal Crutchlow particularly insightful.

Great to hear Freddie's views on the races! In a very calm and clear manner, he gives an interesting rider's perspective from a quite unique former World Champion. So nice to see him involved again!

The first time I ever saw something happening on a bike that stopped me in my tracks was a photo of Freddie sliding both wheels on a bend. Don't know where or when but at the time, we all knew about powersliding the rear (and pretended we could, on our little fs1e's, as if), but the front? Never, unthinkable back then.

Anyway, a good commentary, insightful and interesting, I'll be back for more.