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Climbing Mount Everest

MotoGP now has fewer rider controls, so once again we’re seeing riders getting all acrobatic. That’s why Marc Márquez was a sight to behold at COTA

That was quite a weekend and this is quite a photograph. It reminds me of the old days – Wayne Rainey, Kevin Schwantz and the rest – climbing all over their flighty 500 two-strokes, trying to get those deadly missiles-on-wheels pointed vaguely in the right direction.

It is Marc Márquez, playing the outer limits during COTA qualifying, climbing all over his Repsol Honda RC213V like Sherpa Tenzing used to climb all over Mount Everest.

When we talk about riders racing Grand Prix bikes, we usually talk about the corners because racing around racetracks is mostly about corners. The straights are just the bits connecting the corners, where racers can relax for a moment, loosen their grip on the handlebars and give their brain a chance to catch up and get ready for what’s coming next.

In fact it’s not like that at all. As you can see, there’s nothing easy about riding in a straight line when you’ve got a quarter of a thousand horsepower beneath you. And there’s no such thing as a moment’s rest on a MotoGP bike.

When I first saw this photo – shot by Márquez's photographer Alejandro Ceresuela – I presumed it was taken at one of COTA’s numerous direction changes, with Márquez accelerating out of a left-hander, crawling over the front of the bike to keep the front wheel down so he’s got the grip and turning he will need to flick into the next right-hander.

But no. This is Márquez working like crazy to fire his RC213V out of COTA’s final corner, hauling himself over the fuel tank to keep the front down, standing on the footpegs to reduce wheelspin and generally trying to keep the bike on the straight and narrow as he heads towards the finish line.

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Another great articlefrom Mat. Thanks to David for sharing it. I think we are lucky to be seeing Marquez bullride that RCV in our lifetime.

When I watch Marc Marquez ride at his best, he ALWAYS looks like he is trying to squeeze more speed from the bike. That might sound pretty obvious, but most riders have split second pauses where they are waiting for the bike to tell them what it's going to do. You can see it from the side of the track, they're not coasting but they're not really attacking either. Marquez on the other hand always seems to be dancing on the limit, constantly pushing the bike to the edge of what it's capable of. He's hardly ever 'waiting', but rather actively pushing against whatever obstacle there is to getting through the corner faster than before. Stoner had the same super aggressive body language, and Vinales is similar too