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MotoGP’s new golden era?

Don’t believe the hype – it’s not what you think

What an amazing season! The most thrilling and unpredictable in recent memory and eight different winners in eight consecutive races, something that’s never happened before in almost 70 years of premier-class racing. It seems like MotoGP is entering a new golden era, the like of which we’ve never seen.

All thanks to Dorna, of course, for forcing the manufacturers to lease fully competitive motorcycles to independent teams and telling them to junk their priceless, tailor-made electronics in place of Magneti Marelli’s same-for-all unified software. Suddenly it seems like pretty much everyone has a chance of winning a race because the machinery is so equal.

Well, please allow me to pop that particularly fantasy bubble. Dorna has helped, no doubt, as has the rainy summer, but there is one simple reason for this enjoyably unpredictable racing; indeed, it’s all down to one single part of the motorcycle: the front tyre.

Michelin is back in MotoGP for the first time in seven years. During that absence all it could do was go endurance racing, because MotoGP was Bridgestone and World Superbike is Pirelli. There is a huge difference between designing tyres for an endurance rider and an endurance-spec superbike and creating tyres for a MotoGP rider on a no-expense-spared Grand Prix bike.

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From what i know sinds the last race which was told by the dutch commentator was that the front basicly didnt change but the teams know how to work with the front tires alot better after a talk with the michelin guy...... so who's right now?

tires and electronics being the same across the board have been helpful, but...

i am sooo glad engine freeze is in place, thereby preventing honda from, during the season, throwing bagfulls of money at their current problem. you built the problematic engine, now race it.