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Next: the Rossi Museum!

It had to happen: VR is building his own museum in Italy

Knock down the Leaning Tower of Pisa and turn the Grand Canal into a car park, because Italy will soon have a tourist attraction to eclipse them all: Il Museo Rossi.

Work is already well advanced outside Tavullia (where else?) to create a museum that will house all manner of artefacts to trace Rossi’s career all the way from minimoto to MotoGP.

There’s no doubt that the museum will be to bike racing what Elvis Presley’s Graceland is to rock and roll: a place where devotees can gaze in wonder and pay their respects to (arguably) the greatest bike racer of all time.

“I’m organising a museum with all my stuff,” he told us recently. “We have worked on this for four or five years and now we’ve arrived very close to the end – we are 90 per cent there. The trophy part is very big and beautiful with a lot of important prizes and everything, so I’m very happy. I hope in the next few years we can open a good museum for the fans.”

The trophy room alone will surely be about as big as Heathrow airport; then there’s everything else. No other racer in history has worn as many different leathers and helmets as Rossi, so that’s probably another airport full. Although he gives away some of his kit for charity, it’s well known that he has carefully horded his riding gear and other memorabilia over the years.

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No need for the snarky tone, Mr. Oxley. Not the first museum, nor the last, intended to preserve or enhance a sportsman's profile and to earn a profit.

a shame if Mat is correct and the Ducati era is overlooked/played down. As much as a c#ck as I think Rossi can be he had the guts to try and the guts to admit he couldn't change his style that much. It would be like gluing two chapters of a book together and in which case it wouldn't be so much a museum, more of a place of worship. That would be sad.

...those that build monuments to themselves. I don't know why it happens but it always seem to be the case.

Hope its completed AFTER he retires.

Wonderfull, but to me it sounds like there is a lot of speculation involved. The only fact is that a museum is coming. Maybe it shoudnt be built anymore since it has already been dreamt up now.

"he’s got enough cash in the bank to buy whichever bikes aren’t already in his possession"

If only money could buy history

"The Ducati section will most likely be very small or non-existent; as in, erased from history" Sure? And Aprilia? Will it be a Yamaha museum then? Half of the career will be non-covered. Not very likely.

"Finally, of course, exit through the gift shop, which will probably be the size of another airport"

"One other thing we can be sure of: the whole thing will be very nicely done. "

"The next thing, no doubt, will be an extension to the nearby highway: 

"Rossi surely had a similar clause written into his HRC contracts, but maybe not"



Lorenzo's epitaph is already near completion. Rossi's appears to be following behind in Lorenzo's wake. Nothing new there then.