Guest Blog: Mat Oxley: Jorge Lorenzo – as cool as it gets is delighted to feature the work of iconic MotoGP writer Mat Oxley. Oxley is a former racer, TT winner and highly respected author of biographies of world champions Mick Doohan and Valentino Rossi, and currently writes for Motor Sport Magazine, where he is MotoGP correspondent. We will be featuring sections of Oxley's blogs, posted in full on the Motor Sport Magazine website, over the coming months.

You’ve got to hand it to Jorge Lorenzo.

During 2012 he was the rock in a rough sea. This has been a stormy year of dizzying change in MotoGP: the arrival of CRT bikes, Casey Stoner retiring, Valentino Rossi changing jobs once again and finally the Bridgepoint bombshell. All year, only one thing stayed truly consistent: Lorenzo.

His results at the 16 races he finished on his way to the title were stunning – never outside the top two. First at Qatar, then second, second, first, first, first, second, first, second, second, second, first, second, second, second, second.

That kind of regularity is unique in the modern era and Lorenzo is certainly a unique racer. He has a very individual approach to the sport and he rides in a very special way.

During his early years as a GP racer he was a petulant teenager, famous for smacking one of his Derbi mechanics on an off-day. After that, he did calm down, but not much. After winning back-to-back 250 world titles he arrived in MotoGP in 2008 and began hurling himself down the road with frightening regularity. He got hurt rather too often and once admitted that he was scared of doing serious damage to himself. For a while, it looked like he might not make it.

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As much as I wanted Danni to win it this year I cannot agree more with Oxley (which of course is Oxley and I am just another commenter).

Everyone had their ups and downs even Rossi who used to be a regular ... Dovizioso doesn't have many downs but neither ups.

I am not a big fan of Jorge but right now I have to hand it to him. He is the most mature racer at the moment and when at worst you are second it's almost impossible for the others to beat you. He had a tremendous season and the fact that he's not involved in head to head fight so often shouldn't lower his achievements. Well done!
He could be in for some WCs in the next years.

I hope next year will be as thrilling for the championship as this one but with some more show at race time!

jorge was just amazing on the YZR-M1 all year long. He realy gets the most out of that M1 like Cal said.! clearly the best rider in motoGP

Some of the MotoGP videos "Fastest" etc, come to mind on how Jorge has risen up in the ranks. Although I do not like him (he's not very likeable imo), I do give him credit for being consistent. Dont recall anyone else being this consistent with every race. Apart from the race he was taken out this year, all others have been first or second. Thats completely outrageous frankly that someone can pull that in that competitive a field.

Lets hope Marc and Vale can join the fight next year and give a few more exciting races.