Site Maintenance: Server Switch Planned For Today - UPDATE Changeover Complete continues to grow in popularity - a massively heartening phenomena, for which we are all grateful - but that popularity comes with a downside: at peak times, the site can become very slow, and provide a frustrating user experience. In response to this - and in anticipation of the further growth of the site - we are switching to a different server, with more powerful hardware and much more memory. The end result, once the changeover has been made, should be a much zippier site which loads and responds faster, especially around the busiest times on race weekends.

The switch has been a little more complicated than expected, but it looks like we have everything under control, thanks to the outstanding support from our hosting company who we really cannot recommend highly enough (and no, we are not being paid to make that statement). The actual switchover will take place some time today (Wednesday, February 8th 2012), once the new server has been fully tested and all of the data has been transferred. In the meantime, the site may go offline for a brief period to facilitate the switch. We are working hard to make the changeover as painless as possible.

Unfortunately, while we were concentrating on sorting out hardware and setting up systems, we allowed some of the discussions on the site to get out of hand. That situation has now been rectified, and once the switchover has been made, we will return to policing the site more actively. More importantly, once the server switchover has been done, we will focus on improving the site even further: a new site design is planned, to make the site more readable, and a new mobile site should also be launched before the season starts. We hope also to expand our team to provide better coverage of both the World Superbike and MotoGP series. We shall keep you updated as events progress.

Server Changeover Completed

The site is now over onto the new server, and everything appears to be running swimmingly. Monitoring will continue, and if anyone notices any problems, then please email with comments and suggestions. The site should now be a little faster, but above all, more stable.

Thanks again for your patience!

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As well as stretching the server, the site's deserved popularity is also stretching my ability to keep up with updates on the various topics.
One of the reasons for this is the split between the Forum section and the Comments sections on News items. Presumably intended to achieve different outcomes, often these generate similar discussions (or sometime unfortunately degenerate into similar discussions) or cover similar topics.
A consolidation of the two elements could make it easier for readers and posters to keep in touch with more posts (and would it also make moderation easier?)
The thoughts of others? How do you use the comments and the news differently?

Because of some problems with my sight, clear font on dark background is very difficult to read for me. An option to choose a different colour scheme would help a lot.

One of the changes scheduled for next week is to try out black text on a light background  for the body of the articles. Photo articles, and a few other things, will remain the same, however, but I hope to provide some kind of improvement here.

Thanks a lot for the suggestions, everyone, and please feel free to keep them coming. I can't promise that I will implement all (or even any) of them, but at least I know what is worth investigating and what isn't.

The new server will allow you to upload even more work for us bored race fans to read.. a few more opinion peices would be nice ;)

Like an article about what it is that made Honda better than Yamaha last year, taking into account races like Mugello and the likelihood Dani probably would have finished behind Jorge even without injuries?